6 Factors To Select Best Pen Drives

Introduction to Best Pen Drives

Development is now not only confined to a particular group yet everyone needs it similarly. Nevertheless, in view of endless decisions, it ends up being difficult for a person to have a genuine choice.

And when it comes to something like pen drive the market is flooded with options which eventually lead to confusion.

Therefore before buying a flash drive, you need to consider some factors.

Although before rushing into that if you are curious about the difference between a hard drive and pen drive then here is a small differentiation for you.

Hard Drive or Soft Drive

A USB hard drive is an external hard drive that associates by means of USB. It utilizes a similar structure as an inner hard drive, with the exception of comes in an external packaging that protects the drive. The case additionally incorporates a USB interface, which permits you to associate the drive to your USB port utilizing a USB cable. Most USB hard drives require a USB 2.0 association since USB 1.1 doesn’t have a quick enough data transfer rate as a matter of fact.

A USB flash drive or pen drive is also sometimes called a “keychain drive,” additionally associates with the USB port on your PC. Not at all like a USB hard drive, is a flash drive a “strong state” gadget, which means it has no mobile parts. The information is put away electronically, utilizing a huge number of little gateways having a value of 1 or 0. Hard drives store information utilizing spindles of the disc that spins a huge number of times each moment.

The hard drive is generally used to store bulkier files with a data storage requirement of 1 TB or 2 TB. On the other hand, the pen drive gives data storage capacity up to a maximum of 256 GB.

Since USB flash drives are strong state gadgets, they are rougher and less inclined to loss of information than hard drives. In any case, flash drives are essentially smaller than most hard drives and can’t hold close to as much information. The two sorts of capacity media stores their information even if the device is turned off. Although if you need to archive information for a longer duration, you should copy it to a CD or DVD, the two of which don’t require electronic charges to store information.


As it sounds cool to buy a pen drive of higher storage capacity limit we just let everything out without considering our necessities.

Basically figure for what reason would you require a 64 GB or 8 GB pen drive for taking care of some word archives or PPT? Or then again what is the use of an 8GB pen drive for specific movies or web courses of action?

In this way, it is necessary to buy a pen drive with a specific capacity and budget.

So if you need a pen drive for some basic paperwork, get one with 8 GB limit, but in the event that you have to move high-quality videos or play the high-end games or use for something bulkier by then go for one with 32 GB or 64 GB.

Compatibility (3.0 v/s 2.0)

After storage capacity, the second factor for the best pen drives is that you need to consider is data transfer speed.

The device with USB 2.0 has a speed of 15 MB/s and one with USB 3.0 has a speed of 100MB/s. pondering the cost, 2.0 is more affordable when stood out from USB 3.0. In any case, by then which one to go for?

Now here again the choice is up to you and the sort of activity you need your pen drive to perform. In case you have to move heavier documents, then you need a fast pen drive. In any case, if you need it for some basic use, by then 2.0 will work for you.

In addition, here is a tip: If you get one with a 3.0 USB make sure it offers the 2.0 in backward compatibility as well.

On the off chance if you are eager to go for a pen drive that you have to use with various devices like music system so you can enjoy music then check the pen drive’s comparability with these devices too. So you will get the best pen drive that can properly accomplish your necessities and



Pen drive with the amazing colour scheme may feel appealing but is it sturdy?

It is necessary to think about the durability of the pen drive. The one with a metal body has highly preferred the reason being it can be taken to school or college or office suitably. However, that certainly doesn’t infer that the one with a plastic body isn’t strong.

The one with a metal body and solid structure quality in like manner give protection from harsh use. As everyone knows electronics items are delicate and it is important to be used mindfully.

Despite the fact that pen drives are made in such a structure, that it will undoubtedly ensure you a warranty period of 4-5 years, although it is completely upon your use which will decide the time duration.

I have even curated a list of high quality and affordable pen drive. You should definitely check them out for the best options and great choices. Here is the list: https://www.grabbestinindia.in/best-pen-drives-in-india


I realize that design matters a lot yet there are additionally different things you should to think about this. Regardless, here what I suggested is the physical size and structure of the pen drive. You may have experienced that the flash drive with greater width makes it difficult to use the adjacent USB port.

So here you need to ensure this.

In like manner, you will get various other options, starting from Car design to one with stylish looks. In addition, as demonstrated by your occupation and coincidental use you should get one.

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Budget is a noteworthy factor since taking everything into account, you should not spend money on something without knowing is it worth spending that much on it. Nowadays you may have thought about pen drives with password and security structure. It sounds cool.

Furthermore, I think it is an exceptional facility. Regardless, the issue is do you genuinely require it? Such a security system is required to store some confidential files or substance.

Likewise, overall they are expensive. So if you need a flash drive with this specification then you should go for it, but if you don’t need all those things then go for a normal one.


Here I have mentioned some of the most important factors to consider while buying the best pen drive in India.
Now it will be great to hear from you that which factor do you prefer the most.
Also, tell me the other factors you will like to consider.

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