HONOR’s High-Cost Best Performance Mobile Phone in 2020

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The smartphone market is developing rapidly. Smartphones are the necessary communication equipment in people’s daily life.

The speed of their upgrade is quite amazing. Changing mobile phones has become a common occurrence for the general public. Many users often change one or more smartphones a year.

All kinds of factors have formed the phenomenon of a jumbled environment. Inconsistent functions and large price differences exist in today’s smartphone brand market. Therefore, high-cost performance mobile phones and brands are popular.

HONOR, as a sub-brand of HUAWEI, has been producing and designing all kinds of intelligent equipment with high-cost performance.

The embodiment of smartphones is more prominent. For many consumers, the purchase of a different series of products will cause certain choice problems.

This paper combines multiple data and feedback information on the network and makes the following evaluation contents.

The products to be evaluated in this article are HONOR 8X and HONOR 10 lite.

HONOR 8X has three available versions. They are 4 + 64 GB, 6 + 64 GB and 6 + 128 GB. This is not much different from most mobile phones currently on the market.

The 6.5-inch screen specification and LCD full-screen design make it enough for daily use. The Kirin 710 processor can meet the mainstream needs of most users.

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In the aspect of camera shooting, more attention is paid to the specifications of the rear main camera. It is suitable for shooting photos of daily life.

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Compared with HONOR 8X, HONOR 10 lite has a smaller screen. It has a 6.21-inch LCD full screen. It takes care of many female consumers.

There are also the above three specification versions to choose from. For the processor, Kirin 710 is equipped. It is enough for daily use.

HONOR 10 lite focuses on selfies, with a front 2.4 million pixels to enhance the user’s selfie experience. The design of its waterdrop screen makes it beautiful and more popular in appearance.

These two products have high-cost performance. Their price and hardware equipment are similar. For consumers, it is hard to make a choice.

These two smartphones are aimed at young consumers. Their various performance indicators are enough for users’ daily work or games.

These two smartphones are worthy of consumers’ attention and purchase. There are many preferential activities for their brand series. For example, they have activities for HONOR 10 lite sim free.

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