Best places to visit in Neil Island

This post (Best places to visit in Neil Island) is part of the post on Honeymoon trip to Andaman. Please check out my plan for your honeymoon in Andaman.Neil Island is perfect for romantic and peaceful time off with its charm and unique Vibe.

Neil Island is now known as Shahid Deep. It is a triangular shaped Island with very nice Sandy beaches with exotic greenery. No doubt the beauty of Neil Island is really crowd puller.

Neil Island The beaches are ideas for campers.Neil Island is all about beaches hence we can do all water related activities diving,snorkeling,water sports,jungle treks,fishing and Roaming

Neil Island map view
Neil Island map view

Why will you go to Neil Island?

You may want to visit Neil Island if these condition matches

  • To go out of this hustle bustle life and want to experience out of galaxy feeling with no or very limited cellular connection(BSNL sometimes work though.)
  • You want to have more peace and quite place to mingle with yourself or your beloved.
  • If you wish to experience a beautiful tropical Island that serve awesome sea food.
  • You want to see the green basket with excellent landscape,paddy fields and memorable sunsets.
  • Or you want to actuate your body clock as per sunrise to sunset way.
  • You want to experience a super slow paced life style.

How to reach to Nail Island?

Neil Island is about 36 KM east from the capital PortBlair. Neil Island is well connected with govt ferry service and other services. There are ferries available from PortBlair to Neil Island. The ferry service may take 1.5 hours to 3 hours depending on the weather condition. For our case the ferry started sharp at 7:30AM and reached Neil Island at 9AM.

There is a special seaplane service available.If cost is not a big factor for you,you can enquirer about it at Port Blair. The Aerial view of the sea and surroundings will be nice.

But if you have taken the boat , go straight to the deck, the cheap govt ferry will not disappoint you with the sightseeing. Port Blair to Neil ferry costs was Rs- 150,It may be around Rs 200/- now.

As per economic times Four islands (Swaraj dweep, Shaheed dweep,Hutbay and long island) will be connected via seaplane.

Apart from these service private Cruise- Catamaran,Makruzz,Green Ocean also available from Port Blair. They offer best in deck facilities and a comfortable stay on the ship.They are faster cleaner but little expensive.

Best places to visit in Neil Island

The moment you get down from the ferry, you will be amazed by the beauty of the 180 degree panorama in front of you. Keeping sky on top, mangroves at the back, crystal clear water everywhere with fishing boats near the shore you awestruck you.

Neil Island is a popular island in Andaman and it’s located at the south of Andaman. The island is full of dense tropical forests, coral reefs, and white sandy beaches.

Bharatpur Beach Neil Island
Bharatpur Beach Neil Island

Neil Island is an ever green and peaceful place and is commonly referred to as the vegetable bowl of Andaman. The deserted shores are great for those who want to have peaceful relaxation or chill in the beaches. You can have an evening walk along the island with your lover at utmost peace.

Best places to visit in Neil Island
Beautiful NeilIsland

If you love underwater adventure activities, you can participate in snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing fun activities within the beaches on the island.

You can watch the rich collection of marine lives and coral reefs while having a thrilling scuba dive at the island. Other activities in the area including cycling, bird watching, and swimming.

Best places to visit in Neil Island:

Inspired by Hindu Indian mythology all beaches and villages are named after the characters of Ramayana.

Bharatpur Beach

This is one of the most frequented beaches by travelers to Neil Island covered with pristine white sand. The beach has a wide variety of coral reefs and marine life. You can have a glass boat ride on the beach and have a fantastic view of the beach and its underwater world. The beach is very beautiful but commercialized.

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Bharatpur Beach Neil Island
Bharatpur Beach Neil Island

Bharatpur Beach is the best beach among all the beaches due to its gentle tide and gradual slope.The beach has a lagoon with shallow water which makes it a great place for family to have fun on the beach.

It is good for swimming and ice on the cake-there is a coral watching facility.You can swim with the guide or you can hire glass bottom boat to venture the same .You can also watch hundred of different fishes.

Bharatpur beach is a great place to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling as you watch various marine life species and underwater plants.

You can watch the sunrise at the beach and have a fantastic view of the beach turned to multi-hues by the sun.

Laxmanpur Beach

The Laxmanpur beach is a secluded beach. This beach also offers gentle slope ,less tide,good swimming option along with the live coral.

Laxmanpur is a silent beach on Neil Island and outshines all the other beaches on the island. It is ranked as the third best beach in Andaman due to a combination of its azure water, tropical trees,white sand beach and its secluded long stretch.

It is very popular for shell hunting,excellent for honeymoon destination or marriage photo shot.

Lakshmanpur Beach-Neil Island
Lakshmanpur Beach-Neil Island

The beach is 2km from Neil Island and great for tourist who wants to walk on the beach and watch the beauty of its surroundings. You can also go swimming in the shallow clear waters. The water in this beach is very neat and clean.

There are lots of food stalls,shopping carts available near the beach. We can find beautiful local design crafts at a throw away price. (Do not give the exact price the seller is asking,bargain hard!!)

This beach is surely going to astonish you and take you out of this world.Do not miss the sunset here.The sand on this beach is not going to stick to your feet,so you can enjoy the end to end of this beach barefooted.(watch out for the sharp object like broken glass,bear bottles or sharp corals.)

Sitapur Beach

Sitapur is located 5KM from Neil Kendra which is the largest village market in the island. and the end point of the Island. The beach offers a perfect spot for viewing sunrise in the early morning. This is why it is called sunrise point of Neil Island.

Even though the beaches are accessible through out day or night,I urged my viewer not to venture beaches after 7PM or before 5 AM.  There are rocks everywhere and there is undercurrent. Venture into sea if your local guide permits.

There are palm trees which provide shade to those who want to have a calm relaxation at the beach.It is indeed a very calm and relaxing Beach. Very clean and sparsely crowded. So enjoy it more time here.

Sunrise at Sitapur beach-Neil Island
Sunrise at Sitapur beach-Neil Island

The beach is less crowded making it an ideal place to have intimacy and peaceful holiday. This beach is exposed to actual sea,the tide is high.

However on can opt for bi-cycle or car to go to this place. The journey through green green fields and paddy fields are very refreshing. The journey is as good as the beach.

Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar beach is very close to Ramnagar village. It offers deep Blue Sea with expert snorkeling facility. It is not ideal for beginners ,normal swimmers as there are plenty of  sharp corals.

Festivals at Neil Island

Isand tourism festival is one of the major festival. Other than Durga Puja,Subhas Mela, Sankranti and Bengali new year.

Island Tourism Festival

You can attend the tourism festival which is held every year during the winter season on the island. Tourists get a chance to interact with locals, dress up with their traditional attires and taste the traditional foods.

The islands locals celebrated in great passion. It is a 10 days long festival during winter. They dress up like an ancient people, cook food and meet and greet people.

Subhash Mela

Subhash Mela Neil Island
Subhash Mela Neil Island

You can also attend Subhash Mela cultural festival held in January at Neil Island. This is a great time to learn about other cultures as the locals organize various cultural programs and events.

That will be rush at time of the festival. Visitors from different countries visit during this festival to enjoy the Neil Islands special dance and music. It is named after the honorous Netaji subhas Chandra bose. It is celebrated at the birthday of great Subhas Chandra Bose.

Other important places worth Visiting at Neil Island

Neil Market

Neil market is one of the go to place for anything you want on Neil. It has restaurants, travel agents,ticket booking center,STD/ISD booth,internet cafe and other necessary shops.

Neil Kendra

Neil Kendra is the largest village market on the island where you can go shopping for local products, artifacts and food. When you look at the Neil Island beach from the market, it appears like a beautiful long arc making the market look unique.

You can also learn the history of the island and other tips from the villagers in the market.

Sir Hugh Rose Island

The Island is located at the south of Neil Island and the locals named it as a wildlife sanctuary because of its turtle nesting background. The island can only be visited during the day and with permission from Deputy Range Officer.

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Howrah Bridge

The rocky beach and coral formation is visible from distance. More you reach near this point,more you see the beauty.

Coral Bridge Neil Island
Coral Bridge Neil Island

The bridge is a natural attraction site in Neil Island. It is formed through the rock formation and it is decorated with creepers and flowers. You can watch marine residents and beach combing from the bridge.

No doubt,it is gorgeous,clean and lovely place.One has to walk over the dead corals to reach to this place.The structure is little different. Rock jotting out from the main Island with a giant hole created by the wind and wave.

Coral bridge at Neil Island
Coral bridge at Neil Island

The best time to go here is the early morning to till 12PM. Till this time it will be crowded and the approach road will be walk-able.Otherwise the high tide will make the road full of water. A local guide can come handy to take you there and show the live creatures around it.

Coral Bride from other side-Neil Island
Coral Bride from other side-Neil Island

You can also go during the sunset time.the chirping birds and viewing the setting sun through the hole looks awesome. No doubt it is a hidden treasure of Neil Island.

There are tropical human consumable fruits available nearby.If your guide permits,you can try few.

Jungle Trekking

Neil Island also provides a nice option for treak lovers called Forest trekking. You can go as long as your energy lasts.

Best Restaurants to eat in Neil Island:

Where to eat at Neil Island?

The Neil Bazaar a few kilometer from Jetty is having few restaurants.

  1. Gan garden restaurant– just opposite to football ground- it is a family run restaurant. Tea is must have along with roti and aloo curry.
  2. Green heaven restaurant– very friendly workers,serves tasty and great food. Must try pan cake or grilled fish or tandur crab.

Drinking facility at Neil Island

Must have drink is coconut water and coconut milk.If you want to drink alcohol,contact your resort manager.Most of the resorts are having alcohol facility.

Garden view

This is a great restaurant which serves Indian, Asian, seafood, and vegetarian food options. It has excellent services and awesome food served in a wonderful garden. The popular dish in the menu is grilled fish and chicken curry.


Dudong is next to Laxmanpur and a great place you can enjoy seafood, Indian and Asian cuisines. The hotel has a special menu for a vegan diet. You can have excellent table service, takeout, or reservations from the restaurant.

You can order alcoholic cocktails at any time and have fun with your buddies.

Sea food at Neil iSLAND
Sea food at Neil iSLAND

Chand Restaurant

Chand is a famous restaurant which serves multi-cuisine dishes like crab masala, fish curry, and fried rice among other tasty meals. Visit the restaurant and enjoy a tasty seafood meal at a reasonable price.

Moonshine Restaurant

Monshine restaurant Neil Island
Monshine restaurant Neil Island

Moon shine menu is worth the try. You can order Indian dishes, Asian or seafood from the restaurant at any time of the day. The hotel only offers seating and table service at budget-friendly rates to its customers.

Blue Sea

Grilled red snapper and tiger prawns are the most recommended dishes in this restaurant and you need to have a taste of this great seafood. You can also order Indian or Asian food cuisines on their menu and enjoy your lunch or dinner. The restaurant has direct access to the sandy beach.

OrganiKhaa Restaurant

This is an organic restaurant that serves Middle Eastern, Chinese and Afghani cuisines. The restaurant is opened from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM with delicious food on their menu. The food presentation is excellent and you can enjoy your lunch or dinner and be served with a drink from the restaurant.

Sea Sand Restaurant

Best places to visit in Neil Island"<yoastmark

Sea sand serves local cuisines to the tourists and has the best traditional foods on the island. They have excellent services and friendly staff. You should try their dishes on your next trip to the island.

LifeStyle of Neil Island

Life was very slow here. Ideal for your perfect honeymoon or vacation. They prefer to use sun as a clock like sunrise to wake up and sunset for lazy night.But that gave us a perfect holiday. No mobile, no Wi-Fi, no cable tv actually take you to the person to person communication. Best for gelling with your beloved one.

Best Places to enjoy the nightlife in Neil Island:

Once the sun sets ,Neil Island strats his night preparation.The whole island suddenly plunged into darkness,silence and laziness.Evening is truly a leisures here.

You can enjoy very memorable evening on a beach under the open sky with full of stars or moonlight with a bottle of wine or your favorite drink.

However if you want people around you and want company below are the few options available at Neil island.

Water Bar

Water Bar established in 2016 is home to a variety of cuisines and drinks. It ensures one has a great food experience. Water Bar is a 24-hour restaurant with a Bar. Those who love to enjoy nightlife can walk into the bar and select a drink of their choice as they enjoy cool music played in the lounge.

Munjoh Resort Bar

Best places to visit in Neil Island"<yoastmark

The Munjoh Resort has an in house bar to entertain visitors through live music. You can buy a drink of your choice and have fun as you interact with other people in the bar. The bar also offers room services to individuals on request.

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Silver Sand Neil

Silver Sand Neil makes your trip to Neil Island memorable. You can find good services extended past the bar counter. You can order your cocktail in the hotel bar or your favorite drink and enjoy a cool night. The hotel bar gives you a mix of relaxation and excitement during your vacation.

Where to stay at Neil Island?

Cocon huts resort-Just after the football ground in the right hand side.(Be careful –we had to book this from Port Blair.

Howabill Nest Guest House-My second choice .They have decant guest house and cook facility .(Book from Port Blair)

Pearl park Beach resort-My third choice.This resort is not have sea facing.

Tango Beach Resort –It is a nice beach faced resort with amazing view.The cafeteria is more beautiful than the food.Sunset from the cafeteria with a cup of tea will be much more romantic.During our visit it was not offering alcohol facility but the manager was ready to help .They provide AC and non AC rooms.

Kala Pani Resort– family own resort with little unique location. They offers fishing facility. They have a small restaurant facility too.

Holiday Inn beach resort– Neil Island- they have nice Garden, bar, and is shared lounge. Do not forget to explore private beach.

Hotel AmullyaNeil Island– when they offer AC and TV(basic one good for budget travelers)

Elephant and four Wiseman resort– They offer cycling and sitting in terrace facility.

Cocon hearts Beach Resort– They provides Garden and bar along with restaurant. 24 hours office support is also available. One can buy ticket from here(only for guests).

Hotel exotica square– 3star beach facing facility, offers great Restaurant. They offer great Garden and private beach.

summer sand beach resort– They provide bar along with Restaurant, room service and front office support (24 hours).

Purnima residency– an Asian breakfast along with garden.

sea shell Neil– multi cuisine restaurant and tour operator facility.

Sea Shell Samsara-adult only accommodation with swimming pool, Garden and gym facility.

TSG AURA– AC room, TV, satellite channels, private bathroom, electric teapot in every room.

Blue stone Lodge– cycling, gardening.

Silver Sand Beach Resort- Neil Island– wifi-room service- restaurants

How to travel around Neil? or Do I need to take two or four wheeler?

Staying in the resort exploring by walking will give you an unique perspective of Neil Island.Being very small, Neil Island can be covered by walk. People are more willing to help and show.

You can certainly avail two or four wheeler or auto rickshaw.

Is scooter available in Neil Island?

Yes there are several vendors who offer a scooter facilities but check about the petrol price. Petrol is costly here.There is no petrol pump or petrol outlet who sells petrol here.

The roads are not very wide but manageable for a pleasant drive.Load the google offline map for better understanding. The sightseeings are very straightforward here and well connected with main road.

If you are in trouble,seek help from locals. They are helpful enough to bring out of basic troubles.

Do we have ATM facility Neil Island?

Yes,Neil Island is having two ATM machines. But the irony is, they are more out of order than working. So if you are lucky, you can use this facility. So it is better to carry enough cash with you.

Do boats run on time?

Fairies are often affected by weather. Hence plan your trip with ample of time in Buffer.

Do I need to carry mosquito repellent?

Yes,do not trust on the resort about placing mosquito repellent. Mosquito is very common. Hence it is better to add a mosquito repellent to your bag.

How is the cellular network service in Neil Island?

There was hardly any cellular connection here. Not sure how it is now. I have heard one of my friend who travelled recently that BSNL and Airtel coverage was good.

How to carry more memory with you?

Apart from photo shoot,you can purchase Neil Island written t-shirt,hats,shells and other crafts to make your memory and collection large.

Special Note:

Do not collect dead coral or shell and try to fly without paying a fine.If you are buying something or some craft do not forget to collect the bill.


The picture perfect beaches and picturesque landscapes with vast blue sea and the different shedding of sky creates a pleasant landscape which will compel you to leave this place in a heavy heart. But the moments spend on Neil Island can be clicked and cherish forever.

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