5 Budget Friendly Best Portable Projectors For Home and Office

Introduction to Budget-friendly best portable projectors

Think about how it will be you are carrying a projector in your handbag wherever you are going. Before a few years, it was beyond our thought. But technology has been developed in the last 5 years. Nowadays you can own a portable mini projector in your handbag at a budget-friendly rate.

Wanna hang out or camping outside or instant projection is necessary for your work and presentation!  Want to find out the best budget-friendly projectors! Then you are in the right place. The competitive market has developed all types of designs with the most updated features. Are you interested to check their details? Let’s have a quick view of them.

Best Portable projectors

Our research team has made an analysis of the demand for portable projectors. And you will be amazed to know that the last 2 years portable projectors has been sold 40% of total projectors. The statistics show how people are craving for them. So why you wouldn’t own a portable projector into this craze! You might find them all on the projector verge.

Anker Nebula Capsule 2

Anker Nebula capsule 2 is called the allrounder projector. Its unique design is so much handy and stylish. Just grab it like a bottle of water and play it wherever and whenever you want. It also has a built-in speaker that is able to produce high-quality sound. Its shape is capsule-like and has a flat end so it’s easy to place on any type of surface.

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The model is able to produce 1280×720 resolution. That is so much better as a handy projector. This projector is perfect for those who like a ton of features. The best things we should appreciate about this model are given below:

  • Auto-focus technology.
  • Built-in google assistant.
  • Android 9.0 OS
  • Handy design.
  • Wifi connection is very strong.
  • Easy Setup

Viewsonic M1

Haven’t you listened to this model! I am going to discuss the cheapest most featuring projector. Viewsonic M1 would only cost you around 170-220 USD. But in this range, it will offer you so many features like :

  • Instant angular adjustment.
  • Type-C charger
  • Built-in high-quality sound system
  • Tiny shape
  •  Its stand will provide stability to the image.
  • Allows HDMI port
  • Grab and play technology

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Xiaomi Compact Smart Mi projector

The name “Xiaomi” always thinks about the best quality product with unique features.  In the market of the projector, Xiaomi has begun a new era. It’s more reliable than ever. It can produce 120 inches image. The device provides an HDMI port to connect with other devices.

Are you curious to know why? Then have a look at its built-in features:

  • Tiny, smart, and compact in size.
  • Can produce HD images.
  • Has about 30,000 hour lifetime of the light.
  • Built-in Dolby digital sound
  • 1080p Resolution.
  • Built-in android Tv
  • Autofocus adjustment.
  • Wireless connection with the auxiliary device.

Sony MP- CD1

I think it’s the portable projector today I am going to discuss. It is so much handy that it may take place within your pocket. Whether it is pocket-size but it is so powerful than any other projector. It is able to produce 120 inches image easily.

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You will be a wonder to see the image quality. It’s a short thrower model. And built-in with 1 W sound system. Let’s have a look into its key features:

  • Dynamic design
  • Auto angular adjustment. This will allow producing a flat image focusing from an angle.
  • Plug and play
  • Built-in 5000 mAh battery
  • Very lightweight like 9.9 ounces
  • Quick boot system within 5 seconds.
  • HDMI connection.

Optoma ML750ST

Optoma is a renowned projector manufacturer in the market. They always ensure product quality. Like other models, optoma ML750ST has a high price tag. But you will definitely agree that it’s worth it after reading all of its features.

Optoma ML750ST has a lamp of 700 lumens and can produce 1080p+ images. So the image would be sharper and beautiful. It also provides a high definition HDMI port. So you will be able to connect with your laptop or pc easily. But it doesn’t have any internal power source. The best features of this model have been mentioned below:

  • Handy and attractive design.
  • Can produce a larger image.
  • Able to produce a high-quality image
  • Allows many types of devices to connect.


The portable projectors market is getting much more competitive day by day. And all of the manufacturers are offering different and unique features. So before buying a portable projector, please make proper research on the market. Either you may invest your money into old less featured models. Just make sure that it is the updated model. Wish you happy buying.

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