Best Property Loan In UAE – 4 Points

Introduce to Best Property Loan In UAE

An arrangement under which a financial organization lends money in return for taking the debtor’s title unless the debtor repays the debt is known as a mortgage.

Best Property Loan In UAE , UAE is surely one of the golden lands in the world when it comes to property and real estate developer. The city comprises some of the most coveted, luxurious and high-profile residential and commercial projects. Investing and living here, though an attractive prospect, is a very expensive affair for most. Especially for the expats moving in from around the world, instantly owning a property here can be a challenging prospect.

Best Property Loan In UAE
Best Property Loan In UAE

But as there is a solution to everything, buying a home in Dubai and other emirates can also be achieved with the remarkable financial services available here. Properties can be bought through mortgage financing, with top real-estate companies like DAMAC offering highly convenient in-house solutions for those seeking best living standards.

Types of Mortgage

There are different types of mortgages. Each type serves different yet beneficial purposes to the customers.

Conventional Mortgages

A conventional loan is usually offered by private financial organizations. This loan is not funded by the government hence all the responsibility lies in the lender. Those with good credit, stable jobs, income, and the ability to make a down payment determined by the lender usually have a right to a conventional loan.

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Conforming Mortgage Loans

Best Property Loan In UAE , Conforming mortgage loans have a set limit. This limit is set by the federal government following the geographical area. These limits may vary from one area to another.

Nonconforming Mortgage Loans

Best Property Loan In UAE , Nonconforming mortgage loans have no set limit. These are also known as jumbo loans for their huge amount. Since the risk is high so the lender asks the borrowers to show the capital larger than the loan amount.

Fixed-rate Mortgages


Mortgage terms, including maturity periods, are an important element in how the debt and interest rate are valued on a mortgage. In fixed-rate mortgages, the interest rate and installments are fixed and consented to by the parties.

Adjustable-rate Mortgages


Adjustable-rate mortgages are not fixed and their interest rates are dependent on the market value.

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Mortgage Brokers in UAE


There are many mortgage brokers in UAE. These mortgage brokers  serve different sectors. They connect borrowers to the lenders. Banks make the process easier for the customers.

Property Mortgage Loan in Dubai


Mashreq bank offers the best property mortgage loan in Dubai. Mashreq bank offers you to process your application within 10 minutes without any complications.

Mashreq Bank Property Loan in Dubai

High Loan Limit


Mashreq bank offers a high loan limit which may exceed AED 10 million.


Flexible Payment Periods


Mashreq bank property loan is the best example of a property loan in Dubai for its convenience and flexible periods. This period may exceed 25 years in total.

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Low-interest Rates


Mashreq bank provides low-interest loans to its customers.


How Mashreq Bank Property Loan in Dubai Evaluated?


  • Borrower income stream
  • Work and stability background
  • capacity to comply with existing and new commitments
  • The paid or refinanced value of the land.
  • savings to test the willingness to pay down

Eligibility Criteria Mashreq Bank Property Loan in Dubai


The criteria are simple and easy to understand.

  • Work Status

The proof of salary and self-employed

  • Residence Status

Residential documents for residence and expats.

  • Proof of Funds

There must be a three months proof of funds.

If you have a dream to build your own house but you are not having sufficient funds then you can rely on the Mashreq bank property loan in Dubai. With a smooth procedure, UAE nationals and expats can get a mortgage loan at low rates. Simply download the application, fill it and submit it to process the funds. There is no processing fee.



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