5 Best PUBG Mobile Players of 2020-21

Introduction to Best PUBG Mobile Players

PUBG Mobile has grown tremendously in the last few years. It has a player base of more than 50 million active users as of 2020.

With the highest peak of 100 million active users in May 2019. The growing Esports of the PUBG mobile attracted many users on monthly basis.

It is obvious now that many people want to know who is the best player out there right now. We have created a list of top PUBG Mobile players based on their K/D ratio and Rating points. You can also copy their Pubg mobile sensitivity settings based on the numbering of these players.

Biu Biu

Kow ‘Biu Biu’ Jiunn Jie was a professional Esports player for “Team Secret” and a full-time streamer and content creator on Youtube.

Biu Biu is from Malaysia. He started his Pubg Mobile journey by playing on the Chinese servers. Later on, when he became famous among the community, he shifted to the Asian servers for improving his gameplay.

His popularity can be judged from his social media accounts. Biu Biu has over 900K+ subscribers on Youtube as of 2020.

He is an assault-role rifler and is know for his 6x scope recoil controller. He was also the IGL of the Team Secret. His Pubg ID is – 5223109594. His playing style is four finger claw.

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Naman ‘Mortal’ Sandeep Mathur is an Indian Pro Pubg Mobile player. He is the owner of the famous Pubg Clan of India “Soul”.

Mortal is the IGL as well as the assaulter role player of the team. If you are an Indian and you follow Pubg Mobile then Mortal is the name that everyone knows about it.

He was born on 22nd May 1996 in Maharashtra, India. He is very famous among the Indian gaming community. His YouTube channel is over 6 million+ subscribers as of 2020.

Not only YouTube his fan base has spread over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Mortal is a 4 claw player and DP 28 is his favorite gun. His Pubg game is 590211476.

Athena Gaming

Lee ‘Athena’ Hyeong Seob is a South Korean Pro Pubg Mobile streamer on Youtube. He is best known for his solo fighting skills against multiple enemies. He has more than 2 million subscribers on Youtube where he uploads his gameplays.

He is also a 4 finger claw Pubg mobile player. His Pubg game id is 694984807.


Asimaltan ‘Coffin’ Yucel is a Pro Pubg Mobile player and streamer on youtube. He is a Turkish player who has kept his identity secret till now. His youtube channel has over 1 million subscribers. He doesn’t upload videos now very frequently.

He is a two-finger Pubg mobile player. His character id is 510443661.

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Bawonchi ‘RRQ D2E’ Han is a professional Esports player for the ‘RRQ Athena’ team. It is one of the biggest Pubg Mobile Esports teams in the world.

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He was born on 31st October 1995 in Bangkok, Thailand. He has won many tournaments under the RRQ team including PMSC, PMCO, etc.

His role is the IGL along with the main Sniper in the team. He has led his team to win the Pubg Mobile All-Star Challenge Cup of 2018. It is considered to be the greatest win of all time.

He also has a YouTube channel of over 400K subscribers where he uploads his Pubg mobile gameplays. Due to the main focus on Esports only, he never kept his YouTube as the main thing for him that’s why he has fewer subscribers as compared to others.

He is a 4 finger claw player and his Pubg character id is 512269986. His total earning till now from every tournament is about 125K$.


We can say that more players are getting better and maybe better than the above list. Some players are strategically good or good team players.

But the list we made is out of the consistent performance that they show at the international level. Popularity is also an important factor that we have considered in the list. If you think there should be any other name to be included please let us know in the comment section.

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