4 Best React Developer Tools For App Development

Introduction to Best React Developer Tools

There are so many tools and frameworks that are based on JavaScript. We hear about these frameworks coming up every other work. React is amongst those and one of the most ones as well.

However, it is not easy for new developers to start using these frameworks in their projects. They need to first understand how it works and should also know about the different tools that are available to them to make their job easy.

When it comes to choosing the right stylesheet or IDE for that matter, there are several options available at their disposal. But the decision is often quite tough.

When we talk about React, it is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries out there. It is developed by Facebook and offers you the ideal way to build UIs for web applications.

React has components that are reusable building blocks for creating UIs in your web app. React’s an ecosystem of tools that include IDEs, boilerplates, component libraries, web browser extensions, and others is quite huge. Web and mobile app development services often use these tools for better results.

In this post, we will discuss a few of those tools in some detail and mention others as well to help you understand how you can use them to make the most out of the React framework.

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Create React app

Best React Developer Tools
Best React Developer Tools

Create React app or CRA is one of the most popular of React developer tools available today. It helps you start your React development project faster than usual.

Just a single command is enough to get you started with your project. To use this tool, you would be first required to install Node.js on your system.

There is no need for installing any other thing if you already npm. All the support modules required for the project will come in from these two.

Now if you want CRA to be more effective, you need to ensure that you are following a project structure. Well, this is the case with almost every React developer tool.

This is how you make CRA work wonders for you – it also helps in making sure that CRA works well with other tools.

CRA is great for those developers who like their JavaScript strongly typed as it helps them in creating TypeScript projects without requiring them to manually type the language into projects that are already there. They just need to use the right template while creating the project.


Bootstrap is a front-end framework that a lot of developers turn to for help. It is amongst the oldest React libraries out there that is still doing so well.

It is mainly used by developers that are proficient in native HTML. If you don’t already know, then let us tell you that the version of Bootstrap that is used with React is a rebuilt version. This one was specially built to React and has nothing to do with jQuery or boostrao.js.

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React Bootstrap comprises a bootstrap core and is dependent on its stylesheet. It is far better than the original bootstrap version.

For example, for accessibility-by-default components, React Bootstrap offers you more possibilities than the original version.

Bootstrap is primarily used for its JavaScript functions and CSS classes that work really well in creating beautiful UIs.


The main purpose of creating React was to give developers an intuitive way to create appealing UIs. This is why the role of components is so important to React.

However, creating visual components with the help of written code is not the easiest thing to do. That’s why see a lot of developers having to switch between browser and code windows so often.

This is where the Storybook comes into play. You can use it to develop UI components on your own. The storybook is much more than a code library. With the help of the UI editor, you can develop, inspect, and display your visual creations.

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React Sight

Developers working on the visual components of an app need to generate UIs to see how different components appear.

But is there a way that can help developers to manage the hierarchy of their app components? React Sight does this job.

You can use it to see your app’s hierarchy tree live. You can also use it to see the relationship that different components have with the other parts of the tree.

This tool is specially designed for React. And it is compatible with React-redux and React-router amongst other libraries. It helps you in clearly inspecting the visual components of your app.

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React Sight is a Chrome extension that needs to be installed after the installation of React DevTools. In case you are working on local file URLs, you have to take the permission of accessing these files by going to the extension settings. Make sure you take accessibility permission for both React Sight and React DevTools.


These are some React with developer tools that can come in very handy for developing apps using this framework.

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