Ensure the Best Seamless Payments Experience Beyond 2021

 Introduction to Best Seamless Payments

As the number and variety of payment devices grow so does the complexity of keeping up with your customer transactions. 

Managing growing volumes of transactions is a challenge faced by companies across the globe. IR’s Transact is a transaction monitoring solution that is designed to bring transparency and visibility to a streamlined payment process, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best – growing your business and providing exceptional service to your customers.  

With customers using Paypass, mobile banking apps, Eft-Pos, and more, it can be difficult to follow transaction pathways.

IR Transact’s monitoring solution provides a seamless transaction experience to help your business keep track of payments and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. 

End to end payment tracking under your control 

Receiving payments successfully is obviously essential to any business.  Installing a transaction monitoring solution allows you to follow transactions from start to finish and enables a quick response to denials, stand-ins, and reversals. 

Comprehensive analytics allow the identification of trends and patterns, so you can fine-tune your system with ease. 

IR Transact allows you complete control, with the full authorization of access and the make-up of data that is retained.  Mobile Apps provide an extra layer of security, allowing real-time visual monitoring, even on the road.  

Transaction monitoring to suit your business 

Use the systems transaction metrics to organize your system according to your business needs.  Data analysis allows you to assess historical norms and seasonal trends to adjust and manage payments accordingly. 

Visual representations provide an immediate snapshot of data sets and you can choose the most relevant data and monitor it in the way that makes the most sense for your business. 

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Turn your transactions into knowledge

As well as monitoring payment deposits, IR Transact will analyze your transaction data, turning it into valuable information that you can use to increase sales. 

All interactions are tracked and closely managed, allowing customers to receive personalized service.  Any issues that arise can be proactively addressed, even before the customer is aware of them. 

Irregular transactions are tracked instantly.  Patrons can be confident that their payments are monitored, tracked, and recorded, and are visible to both parties.  Data is retained securely with easy access in case of disputes. 

Monitor transactions on each and every platform

Easy to read, detailed analysis of all payment environments is provided in real-time, which lets you successfully add new payment types at any point. 

You can take advantage of the insight a transactional monitoring solution can provide into interconnected technologies and channels giving you the assurance that you are in compliance across ATM, branches, PoS, and any other payment platforms. 

A transactional monitoring solution operates across a range of platforms.  IR transact currently supports ACI BASE 24, ACI BASE 24-eps, ACI Proactive Risk Manager, ACI Postilion, ACI Money Transfer System, FIS Connex, and FIS IST/Switch.

Contact IR Transact to discover how installing their advanced transaction monitoring solution can streamline your transactions and bring seamless payment monitoring to your business. 

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