8 Best SEO Tips That You Must Know

Introduction to Best SEO Tips

SEO is the important chunk of digital marketing that intensifies the development of the small company in the swimming pool of rivals.

When you see the top-level websites, then the question emerges in your mind what techniques they use to rank in the rest of other company sites.

On this subject, the following conversation is rather valuable for you and your organization’s website. Using SEO [SEO] offers the method to rank your website and ensure visibility in the search engine pages.

So, let’s see some meticulous factors that help you in the growth of small companies. Likewise, these things are rather important for remarkable and seductive SEO services in Pakistan. Such aspects are involved below for your ease:

  • Perfect SEO
  • High-quality material
  • Customer engagement
  • Auspicious loading times
  • The site needs to be mobile-optimize
  • Equitable internal linking
  • Must add a blog site area
  • Add FAQ pages

Now it’s time to focus on the explanation of the above-listed points for information and thorough understanding.

It is very important to understand that there are two types of SEO techniques. The first one, called offsite optimization, and the second one is known as onsite optimization. Offsite SEO techniques include using high-quality and popular keywords in your URL. So your

  • a primary domain name
  • and in your title tag
  • on your headers
  • in your meta tags
  • and on the titles of your incoming links.

Onsite SEO includes using anchor texts, meta tags, keywords in the title, URL link descriptions and directory listings, etc.

Now let us look at advanced techniques such as the use of keyword stuffing. You can learn and master this advanced SEO technique by first understanding what keyword stuffing is. 

So the very first thing you need to do is to learn about keyword research. Next, you need to know and understand the concept of keyword research and its importance. Keyword research is collecting relevant information about your main keyword. For instance, if you are selling shoes,

  • you would want to learn
  • and understand the different keywords That people might enter when looking for shoes.

When you have a list of keywords, then it is time to optimize your website for that keyword. Now there are two ways in which you can go about this. The first one is by using black hat methods. This means that you will optimize your website for keywords that are not relevant to your site. This will only be a waste of your time and effort. You can also use white hat SEO techniques. So that atomic number considered being more effective. And will also help your website be placed higher in the search engine rankings.

Perfect SEO:

The site of your business should be SEO friendly. The best SEO is the combination of different things that is valuable to your business website.

You can utilize two techniques for SEO: one is the white hat and the 2nd one is the black hat. A white hat is a trusted manner in which is practical for the website for a long duration.

On the other hand, the Black hat is the worst manner in which gives immediate outcomes however is damaging in the long term.

Even it removes your page in indexing and affects your ranking. Add to this, here is the list of things that sustain the perfectness of your SEO:

  • Make your task long term and sustainable
  • Follow the Algorithm of Google
  • Search for ideal keyword and plan a task for ranking them
  • Familiar with the brand-new updates

All the above-mentioned points are important for digital online marketers who supply the best SEO service in Pakistan. Let’s see more elements of the finest SEO services.

How SEO Could Be Disastrous if you neglect them

In the globalized world, there has been a robust competition amongst businesses, and the inclusion of digitalization has soared this rivalry in almost every sphere of human life.

Since mankind is inclining towards digitalization, therefore, it is vital for every business to have its online presence.

Now, having an online presence, hereby, instigates the exertion for the companies to accomplish the top search engine position and more organic traffic, in contrast

to their counterparts.

It makes sense too because merely improving the ranking by one position could elevate the CTR by more than 30%.

How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous

But this race, sometimes, leaves the user unnerved.

So, what’s the aid?

The solution, indeed, is an effective technical optimization of the user’s website for indexing and ranking, in accordance with the Google ranking algorithms.

This process is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Matthew Woodward is a perfect example here, who has been successful in elevating the organic search traffic by 14X for a health website, in merely 8 months by implementing simple SEO tactics.

Technically, the SEO entails various crucial aspects to be worked upon; which makes the overall process comparably sluggish in rendering ranking results.

A recent study conducted by Ahrefs stated that the proportion of 1-year-old pages that were ranking in the top 10 was just 22%.

How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous

If we conclude the above instance, the top-ranking of the 22% recently-built pages was certainly not the luck, rather it was an outcome of the well-implemented simple, yet, effective SEO tactics, which we will be discussing in the subsequent sections.

Introduction to Absolute Search Engine Optimization

Regular site improvement (SEO), also called natural website streamlining, is worried about boosting the permeability of a site by causing its postings to show up more as often as possible and all the more noticeably in natural list items.

Regular site improvement can give a lot better yield on speculation than other SEO company in coimbatore, for example, pay per click.

Characteristic website improvement (SEO), also called natural website streamlining, is worried about boosting the permeability of a site by causing its postings to show up more every now and again and all the more conspicuously in natural indexed lists.

With natural SEO administrations, you will drive more focused on traffic to significant in-site classifications and points of arrival.

Regular website improvement generally gives you a lot better yield on venture than other SEO techniques, for example, pay per click.

Regular site improvement is cultivated by streamlining your website pages and by expanding your “interface fame” by securing or paying for joins that highlight your site. This gives you top rankings at the Search Engines for your picked search terms.

The normal SEO results give a particular characterization to your theme that makes it simple for customers to discover you in the web crawler pages.

It likewise alludes to pages that are cultivated with watchwords by your clients, for example, pinged websites and discussions.

Natural SEO will, in general, be simpler for individuals to peruse, while the calculations are more amicable to the web index creepy crawlies.

Natural site improvement is an aggregate order of practices that yields higher natural internet searcher rankings.

These practices incorporate registry accommodation, web crawler similarity examination, arrangement of meta labels, article entries, site intensity investigation, connect ubiquity advancement, content improvement, and watchword showcasing research.

Natural SEO blossoms with content; it hence requests more imagination and more importance than some other technique.

The different natural SEO techniques incorporate itemized investigation into watchwords and navigate rates, contender examination, adherence to web crawler rules, and a review of the website content, code, design, and connection structure.

Regular SEO can likewise target various kinds of search, including picture search, neighborhood search, and industry explicit vertical web crawlers.

Natural SEO strategies are the savviest technique to arrive at your client. Notwithstanding, the greatest shortcoming of normal website streamlining is the time needed to create connections and “change” your pages and catchphrases to get those valued high rankings you so want.

In light of the over two boundaries, you have to verbalize a USP (Unique Selling Point) and make imaginative showcasing materials around the same. Keyword Analysis:-

This is the most significant advance when working with SEO. You have to follow the well-known phrasing that is being utilized to distinguish the item to be sold on the web.

In the place that you are trying to showcase “ROSE” online, you have to comprehend what’s regularly composed been composed by an online buyer who purchases rose.

Web researcher Companies like Google.com will promptly give you all the famous watchword states that are composed of their guests. “Catchphrase Tool”, is a significant component that is accessible at Google.com under its Adwords program.

On-Page Optimization:

After you have distinguished the famous key expressions that could bring out deals, you have to put those at the correct spots inside your HTML record.

The title tag is one of the significant-top spots where you have to put the watchword phrases. There are many other significant issues like Document structure arranging, Keyword thickness Planning and so on that help increment the estimation of an archive when you begin promoting a site.

Off-Page Optimization:

After you have complete your on-page enhancement, you have to take a shot at expanding the site’s notoriety. Web index Algorithms consider site notoriety as a critical factor to decide a report’s significance while raking it.

The more famous the archive, the more significant it is for a web index. So, exercises like search engine optimization companies in coimbatore referencing and registry entries will enable a report to accomplish prevalence.

Research your keywords

You must have gone through tones of listing about SEO, about what steps should be followed, which tools to be used to get the accurate traffic to your website. But HAKUNA MATATA! Here, we will see long-term techniques that are never going to result in you getting a Google penalty.


So, different search engine optimization strategies that are going to work essentially forever.

Research your top 100 keywords. You can pull more keywords, but I would start with 50 to 100 keywords group them together, you want to take them by theme essentially what the topic is, and group them by topics and subtopics and start planning some of your content.

You must add the top five keywords on your landing page, you can check the volume of keywords on Google Keyword Planner keyword, research for Google ads, and competitor keyword research.

Start by pulling in some of these top keywords for your business. And then what you can do is start creating content around all these different keywords.

So something like landing page examples could be 10 awesome landing page examples, you can learn from you could do landing page Word Press plugins.

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Take a keyword and create content that would satisfy the user intent, when someone would search one of these keywords directly into Google your content will automatically pop up in the first place!   So take all that into account as you’re creating your content after you do your keyword research.

Top-quality content:

The distinct and creative material improves the ranking of the site in the sea of competitors. If you learn about upgrading and internet marketing news, then you are aware of content advancement and marketing.

The quality material is a virtuous thing for both your website traffic and online search engine. The more material with high quality compels the visitors to be stuck on your website.

Contrary, if you can utilize copy, paste, and spin material on your website, then it comes down the ranking of your domain in search engines.

However when you embrace the quality content, then it keeps your site on the leading place in the online search engine rankings list. You can use the content in different types but not stuck on the enlist points and also choose other things.

  • Post
  • On-site material
  • Off-site Articles
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Tutorials

Create or update keyword-focused content:

If there’s anything that you can get across to you, it’s that consistency with creating content as you do your keyword research and you start to come up with your content strategy. The next step is to consistently create content every day.

BEST WAY to come up with some sort of content calendar. So the most basic look at a Content calendar would essentially be you creating different types of content. You want to create your top keywords.

In this step, you could do something like five landing page designs that you can learn from landing page tutorial for beginners. So you can start coming up with what your content is going to be about date each piece of content and you want to do this throughout the entire year.

So, let’s say you’re starting January first start coming up with a calendar so you can remain consistent because that’s going to be the best way for you to consistently increase your rankings as well.

Something new every single day and keeping everything relevant and up-to-date. If I have a landing page builder that people can no longer use just remove it from the article.

Maybe put a new one in there that people can use if there’s a new landing page Word Press plugin. Just go back to each of these articles and make sure you’re keeping them relevant over TIME IS THE TIP  is to be consistent as you’re creating content because if you create five Posts this month and then you go three months without creating anything.

You’re going to start losing rankings and I can tell you that’s exactly what’s going to happen. And on the flip side, if you stay consistent, you’re going to gain rankings you’re going to get in search engine traffic.

Creating comprehensive content :

Create use of this one topic and create a comprehensive guide page. And then create new pages for each individual subtopic. So if we come back a few steps. And we look at this example and step one what you would want.

How to do is create a hugely comprehensive guide to landing pages and then create each individual page of content here and Link all these pages together.

So you have this comprehensive guide maybe rather than doing a ton of landing page examples in your comprehensive guide, you do one or two examples and say if you want to see more examples check out the 10 landing page examples we have

Create supporting visual content like videos :

Giving content through videos make it more interesting or adding infographics. So if people need to see screenshots of how to do certain things or if I can create an infographic to give them just a quick overview of exactly what I’m creating content about for a quick example.

Create something which people can easily learn, especially if they’re not familiar with using Google search console. It’s helpful to have a visual there. So, make sure you’re creating this supporting visual content if it makes sense for your business videos.

It’s really difficult as a business to create blog post videos images infographic. So if you have to outsource some of these things that might be something you want to do, but when you’re getting started I would say focus on just one or two things.

So maybe you just want to do blog posts. Make sure you have images there as well or if you’re doing videos make sure that you’re doing blog posts along with your videos.

Maybe you just want to focus on a couple of things at first and then start to enhance your content with infographics with more images and screenshots.

Some people prefer videos some people prefer to read so you want to make sure that you’re creating content for every single type of learner. So that’s going to be the number four SEO technique.

Effective meta title and description

Both the meta title and description are usually a part of on-page SEO. One of the most important Advanced SEO techniques is creating

  • good meta title tags
  • and working on keyword density for your title tag
  • and image tags.

These two HTML tags contain your website’s title and a description of the content on your site. The meta title tag should contain relevant keywords. Specifically related to your business and website so that the search engines will easily find your web pages. 

Similarly, working on keyword density within your article titles and body is another advanced new technique. So it will allow your site to reach the top of the search engine rankings. Remember that there are different techniques for implementing these advanced SEO methods. And know which ones apply to your website to reap maximum benefits from them.

The meta title; which is also known as the title tag, denotes the title of any page or a document.

The title tag is usually the first impression of the page and is shown on the SERPs as the concise clickable headlines for the users to open that page.

Keep in mind a few considerations for a title tag:

  • Keep it within 70 characters range for enhanced readability
  • Keep the primary keyword at the front side of the title tag
  • Keep a separate descriptive title tag for every page of your website
  • Keep your brand name in the title separated with a hyphen or colon
  • Avoid keyword choking in your title as there is no reason to add the same word multiple times.

Whereas, the meta description refers to a concise outline of the webpage.

This brief paragraph acts as an advertisement of the content for the users, and allure them to decide whether they are looking for the same information as described.

Consider these key points for meta descriptions:

  • Keep the word limit to about 150-160 characters in length for an adequate reading
  • Keep the description brief to the merely create a short summary for larger websites
  • Keep a separate meta description for every page of your website
  • The description may include factual information about the company, author name, important dates and so forth.

Although the title tag and meta description are not among the deciding factors for the Google rankings, however, it should be noted that a promising elevation in the CTR and user interactions could be experienced, if the title and the description are effectively written.

Customer engagement:

Big and strong companies have their place in the ranking due to quality material and research study. However small companies face a lot of issues to stable their ranking.

For this purpose, the packing time of your site is rather significant. If the clients click to open your website and it takes excessive time in packing or opening.

Then your website bounce rate becomes high and that is not an exemplary alarm for you. Moreover, the look of your site needs to be attractive and able to bind the visitor to stay for more time.

This method decreases the bounce rate of your website that is a fortunate charm for you and makes them credible.

Schemas markup

Another one of the advanced SEO techniques is the use of schemas markup. You will optimize your website by using the proper coding that is used to format your web pages. Make sure that you use the best coding that is available so that your page will receive traffic. You will find many blogs on the internet that will give you all the instructions on

  • how you can optimize your page?.

Auspicious loading times:

The exceptional loading time that makes your website as much as the mark is less than 3 seconds. Add to this, if your loading time is regular and not taking excessive time then it intensifies the ranking of your domain. Google placed the domain in the top area due to the rapid opening time.

To enhance the user experience, web page loading speed is crucial, as suggested by Google, and the site speed has been included among one of the signals in Google search ranking algorithms.

Faster the site, the happier the users will be.

Basically, a loading speed determines the amount of time it takes a webpage to load. There are several factors included in the pure determination of the website loading speed such as the website’s server, image size, and page size.

Of all methods to measure the website loading speed, the three most commonly used are:

  • Fully loaded page
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • First meaningful paint
How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous

TTFB is a widely used method to measure the correlation between decreasing search engine ranking and increasing “time to first byte” of a web page the above graph clearly represents that the websites having lower “time to first byte” usually attain higher search engine rankings in contrast to the sites having higher TTFB.

Therefore, despite the other factors to enhance the search engine ranking, the site speed should also be considered as a paramount aspect.

And all the relevant measures should be implemented in order to improvise the overall website loading speed for favourable outcomes.

The site ought to be mobile-optimized:

Nowadays using cellphones extends like blood in our body. The majority of the individuals do their job on mobile instead of opting for desktops.

So, the beautiful and remarkable user interface of a domain in mobile is likewise significant. On this subject, you require the perfect outlook of the domain for the mobile users.

If your website is not enhanced well for mobile, then it has the threat of under-ranked by Google. So for making your website mobile-friendly, you think about the employing below points:

  • Your site can fit and resize based on different gadgets.
  • It facilitates navigation to utilize a manageable menu.
  • Adopt a plus size font style for simple exposure on a small screen.
  • Do not use too many advertisements that conceal your domain content.

So, without a mobile-friendly site, you cannot improve your ranking for the preeminence outcomes.

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Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Optimize Your Web Content

Advance SEO techniques are just nothing but some very latest and unique web marketing tricks that work on various online platforms, including

  • social networking pages,
  • blogs,
  • and even websites.

Almost all of us know that. Over 80 per cent of all industry searches by various search engines are based on keywords. Keywords serve as the primary key to any online marketing campaign. We cannot ignore the importance of choosing the right keywords at any cost. It is also important to mention here that search engines have been making their move in recent times. And there have been many mergers and collaborations to make life easier for online marketers.

Linking to other websites; Backlinks

Inbound links are referred to as the backlinks, which generally means linking one website to the other.

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Having a number of backlinks enables the search engines to concede that your website is rendering high-quality content to the viewers so that it could ease the ranking process along with enhancing the organic search traffic.

How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous

More referring domains, more organic search traffic.

However, it is always advisable to have high-quality backlinks rather than focus on increasing the number of poor quality backlinks.

What benefits do Inbound Links hold?

Inbound links are advantageous in numerous ways:

  • The foremost benefit of having quality backlinks is the enhancement of google search ranking. Consequently, having a higher ranking in the SERPs will allure more traffic to your website, and aid in generating higher revenues for your business.
How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous

As shown in the image, the traffic volume is maximum for the higher-ranked websites, and it decreases with a decreased SERPs ranking position.

  • Another benefit of the quality backlinks is the referral advantages that your website would have while possessing links backlinks over high-quality authoritative websites.

The backlinks are the main source of generating external traffic sources by getting more clicks on your backlinks.

  • Quality backlinks on renowned websites, as well, assist in suggesting to Google that your website is a prominent source of relevant and legitimate information, which adds credibility and brand awareness for your business.

last but not least is to increase backlinks to your website and use external links to other websites as well. So backlinks are a really important Google ranking factors and the best backlinks you can get our people who are writing their own pages of content and Link back to your page naturally.

So if someone’s writing about competitive analysis and they find my article helpful, they can link to this page and that’s going to be a great backlink for me. So the best types of backlinks are ones that are completely natural once you’re not paying for

Find ones where people are choosing to put your link in their content. Now, there are other ways to get backlinks a couple of ideas. You can do guest blogging.

So if you blog on other websites, you can link back to your website. I would say it’s not the best long-term strategy. It could be a good strategy, but you might be better off just creating a lot of content on your own website.

You can go to zebravo SEO agency for the best SEO techniques and services.

So, it is always safe to go with experts with advanced SEO techniques. Experts will tell you two things the right way to build backlinks and the wrong way with building backlinks. So, what exactly are these advanced SEO techniques used by most of the experts? Backlinks can either be natural or artificial. While natural backlinks are

  • great to drive better traffic to your website
  • and help you rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs),
  • artificial ones are equally beneficial to many online businesses.

However, building backlinks using the wrong ways can lead to severe consequences.

So, let us discuss some advances in techniques that are used these days. They call one of the most common forms of advanced SEO techniques deep internal linking. This is nothing but linking your website’s URL from one of your older pages to one of your recent pages to improve your SERPs.

Website architecture, internal links, and content hub :

Your website architecture, your internal links, and creating these content hubs are really vital for the success of your website. Starting with content hubs, create your content hub, have a large comprehensive overview, and then all of these list out all the different subtopics. Basically, you have separate articles for each individual subtopic.

Even using the landing pages example earlier and the keyword research example earlier, those would be examples of content hubs. If you have one of these large comprehensive guide pages, and then you also have sub-topics as well that Take off from that content Hub that you created internal links. So that’s the same exact thing.

However, many experts suggest that it is not a good idea to use deep internal linking with your website’s URL. Why is this so? To optimize your website for search engines, you need to build a niche strategy. You need to make sure that your target audience will find you among the top 10 websites that use the keywords you target. If your target audience cannot find you, it does not matter how many times you push your Google keywords. You will never rank at the top.

LINKING IS MOST IMPORTANT PART to all the different relevant pages on your website. It not only helps Google index and crawls your website, but it also helps people who are visiting your website to see some of these supporting Pages if they want to continue to enhance their knowledge more and more about the topics that you’re creating content about now website architecture.

You want to make sure you’re staying is organized as possible as you’re creating more and more pages of content and just pages on your website.

Say, you want to make sure you’re creating categories here just a simple example if I have a shop page, and let’s say I have a Furniture section in there. Some of the different pages below furniture or be accent bedroom and living room and then within each of those you’re going to have even more categories or subcategories pages that would go back to the previous subcategory. So accent Furniture, you can see accent chairs tables benches bookshelves bedroom furniture bed frames dressers headboards.

Each of these you want to make sure that your website Picture is as organized as possible because then as Google is ranking your website, they’re going to be able to say okay.

This website is very organized. If someone comes to this website, they’re looking for bedroom furniture. They’re going to be able to find exactly what they’re looking for because the website is easy to use for the user while this seems really straightforward.

Equitable internal linking:

As you understand a website needs 3 types of material for improved ranking. For instance, it contains inbound links, outbound links, and internal links.

Although all sorts of links are essential however most imperative is the internal linking. Making use of equitable internal connecting balances the requirement for all pages and boosts the ranking of your cash site.

The remarkable connection to your content helps in binding your pages for both Google’s addition to your important visitors. It makes navigation easy from one page to another page of one website.

The efficacy of internal links should not be underrated, as a study revealed the internal linking process adopted by Ninja Outreach has resulted in the upliftment of organic traffic by 40%.

Unlike backlinks, internal links are the links on the same website between two pages. Both the search engine crawler and the users use these links to navigate through your website in order to search for the relevant content.

Are they really necessary?

Well, simply yes!

The chief reason is the functioning of Google crawler. The search engine crawler usually crawls the websites for indexing by following the links.

By following a similar pattern, google determines the relationship between the similar content of the pages.

If you’ve published a new page, for example, and you haven’t linked it to any other page internally or externally, and haven’t mentioned it on the Sitemap, then Google will never know about the existence of your page.

Google usually refers to the pages with no internal links as the orphan pages.

The main aspect of Page Ranking is the internal linking of your webpages.

Therefore, experts would advise that you should focus on building links from popular sites. These days, many popular sites rank well on Google, and this is precisely what you should focus on. Another advanced SEO technique that you should try out to improve rankings is

and sharing them on social networking platforms like

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • linked in
  • and Twitter.

Experts would also suggest that you should keep on re-publishing your articles and blog posts so that people can find them again.

How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous

A page with a lot of links usually signals to Google that it is a high-valued blog, and certainly it will possess a higher page ranking.

Should include blog site section:

The blog area of the website is the most crucial part. The major function of blogging to endow the management and competence of the subject that is written informally.

In this area, sites utilize material that is informative and fashionable. An online search engine wishes to provide fresh and special content to the searchers and visitors.

When it delivers the eccentric content to searchers, it places the blog site material on the top area and improves the connecting of the site page. Here is the list of some points that show the significance of a blog site for your site impressive ranking:

  • It links the audiences to your brand name.
  • Enhance the way to build the relationship through novice and potential customers.
  • It produces the opportunity of sharing.
  • It resolves the problems of visitors and enhances worth.

Inculcate readable and descriptive URLs

THE website URL is something that the customer notices when on the Google search engine pages. Hence, it should seamlessly be readable and descriptive in order to let the users have a fair idea of what they are clicking for and why.

This will aid in generating targeted audiences as well.

How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous

The above-mentioned URLs in Blue is a perfect example to understand the readability of the URL to the user.

Also, it is proven and advisable to add keywords to the URLs, as the URLs that comprise the keyword possess 45% higher click-through-rates.

Other fruitful aspects to make URL descriptive by adding the keywords are:

  • Whenever the URL is posted over Social Media or is attached in any email, then it would be easier to indicate the users about the content topic.

Whenever someone will hover the cursor over the link it will display the whole URL along with the keyword as shown in the image below:

How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous
  • URL is shown in the search engine results as well, and research has shown that internet users consider the URL as a prominent factor for selecting which site to click. To be factual, it could alter a user’s preference in about 25% of the total searches.

However, it should be noted to use hyphens as the word separator while naming the URL.

Despite having a descriptive URL, it is suggested in Google webmaster central blog, that Click-Through-Rate could be also enhanced by rendering an accurate meta description.

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Let us find out in the upcoming section!

Significance of Web Analytics

Understanding web analytics is crucial for marketers to carry out SEO in an effective way.

Google web analytics is the most widely used yet user-friendly web analytic tool that enables the marketer to understand the user’s experience in regards to their website.

Google web analytics assist in determining the key problematic areas of the website, thereby allowing the marketers to make essential modifications in order to reap maximum results.

But how Google analytics influences SEO?

Let’s find it out how

  • Enable us to know the traffic sources to your website

Google Analytics will allow users to have a sneak peek in the data pertinent to the links that allure the traffic to your website.

In Google Analytics, check the Acquisition section to access the information regarding the traffic sources to your website.

How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous
  • Enable us to know the referring keywords

The referring keywords entail the list of the top-performing keywords, which is a prime contributing factor in alluring visitors to the website. The insights about the keyword efficiency will allow the marketer to decide whether or not to change the keywords for the SERPs results. Also, one can emphasize a specific keyword after analyzing the keyword report.

  • Enable us to recognize the best performing content

Use google analytics to identify the top-performing page or content on your website, which will be fruitful in altering the content strategy in order to reap exceptional outcomes in the near future.

Analyze the pattern and spot the important points over your website, then make efforts to modify all the content with respect to that hit pattern. You can also use various content curation tools to find relevant and good content on google that you can link to.

For example, after the personalization of the homepage on the basis of the data by Google Analytics 360 suite, the Sigma Sport has claimed a rise of 28% in their revenue and 32% hike in the e-commerce conversions during the experiment.

Effective Image optimization using Alt Tags

Images are, as well, an integral part of SEO, as the images aid in directing the image search traffic to the appropriate landing pages.

But what makes the image targeted?

Keywords included in the image file name are mainly responsible for enabling the image to appear in SERPs.

However, the optimum way to enriched website accessibility of an image is using Alt Tags, which are generally used to outline the appearance and the functioning of the image.

How SEO Could Be Disastrous
How SEO Could Be Disastrous

The above-mentioned sample image is a perfect illustration for both effective and ineffective image alt texts.

But how to write Alt Tag effectively?

  • The more descriptive the Alt text would be; the more likely the search engine crawler indexes it for the given keywords.
  • The main keywords

    How SEO Could Be Disastrous
    How SEO Could Be Disastrous
  • Keep it brief and relevant
  • Remember to avoid keyword stuffing

And for the images that require a longer description, use longdesc=” tag, which could be in the form of a URL either on a page of another website (external link) or on any page of your website (internal link).

Improve top pages

It’s to improve your top pages and optimized for your top search queries in Google search console, you want to make sure you verify your website with Google search console.

And once you have your website verified, you’re going to be able to see you’re the performance of your website in the Google search engine.

So right now we’re looking at beachfront to core.com. one of the best things to do is just come in here and when you’re in the performance report look at any set of dates, and I look at clicks and Impressions and I’ll scroll down and looking at Pages first here.

Rank the by Impressions and I’ll look at what my top pages are by Impressions. You can look by clicks as well. And then as I scroll down here I try to find areas where the clicks aren’t matching up with the number of Impressions.

Getting so you can incorporate average CTR in here and look for these low average CTR Pages. You can use some different filters. As you create filters here, you can create filters down here to look for pages that have a certain amount of Impressions and a low click-through rate.

So gently what I’ll do is I’ll just look down the list and I can quickly pick out. Okay, this page right here low click-through rate compared to these other pages keep coming down this page right here. You right keep coming down and I just try to find some of these low click-through rate pages.

So here’s a few more. So if I see something here with 934 clicks and fewer Impressions than some of these Pages up here at the top then that means that there are some areas of opportunity for me here where maybe I need to improve my title tag.

So as you start creating more and more of this content, you can always find opportunities for optimization here looking at pages and then looking at Queries here again.

So if I scroll down here nautical lamps over five thousand Impressions and only six clicks over the last three months. So this is a search query that I could definitely start to optimize a little bit better.

Or so that I can increase this click generate and hopefully over time just continue to drive more and more impressions as well because that’s how you’re going to drive more search engine traffic back to your website.

So number 6, make sure you’re using the Google search console so you can improve those top pages and optimized for all those Search terms that you’re already ranking for.

Advanced SEO Techniques That Can Help You Improve Rankings

Advance SEO techniques are nothing but some advanced website marketing tactics that work on various web platforms

  • like blogs,
  • social networking pages,
  • and local sub-domains like blogs.

As we all know, 80 percent of all industry searches are driven by

  • organic search algorithms

from the leading search engines like

  • Google,
  • Yahoo!,
  • and Bing.

Therefore, it is always important to ensure that your website gets the best possible results according to organic listings. In this context, using keywords as content anchors is always a great idea. And will help you rank well on the leading search engines. To get maximum traffic and conversions from your website. You need to make a website competitive and informative for the audience that visits it regularly.

Today many companies like

  • Word tracker,
  • Overture,
  • and Advertiser

Offer the service of creating backlinks. They use various methods for creating backlinks like using

  • forum posts,
  • blog commenting,
  • guest blogging,
  • linking to articles from trusted websites, etc.

These advanced SEO techniques can cause getting a high ranking on the

  • search engine result pages
  • or SERPs

When done strategically. This can take your website to a whole new level. As it will be visible to a large audience, and it will also start driving more traffic to your website.

 However, the most important thing to understand about these advanced SEO techniques is that apart from driving traffic. So they should also remove the old content from your website and replace it with fresh and relevant content. Therefore, the most important technique here is the use of deep internal link building. 

These deep internal link-building techniques ensure that your website gets linked from authoritative sites in your industry niche. Ensuring that your website has a strong web presence within its niche. This ensures that your website gets a significant amount of targeted traffic, which is very important for any business in today’s competitive online market.

Append FAQ pages:

The addition of FAQ [Frequently Asked Question] is the Google update that all e-commerce businesses need to be including this section for the awareness of the target market.

This area is consisting of the concerns that consumers ask easily and get their answers on-time from the website support team. The FAQ conveys responses to massive amounts of concerns that are unclear for some visitors.

Article Marketing 

One of the most useful Advice SEO techniques that you can implement to optimize your website is article marketing. This is one of the best ways to generate more traffic to your site since articles frequently provide fresh content. It helps you build link popularity that will improve your SEO ranking. With content, write unique, informative, and keyword-rich articles that will be valuable to your target audience. It is also important that your content is targeted towards the keywords you are targeting.

Good quality video content

Another advanced technique that you can use to optimize your website is creating good quality video content that provides valuable information on your business and website. You can create these videos by using keyword tools and software like Google AdWords. So keep in mind that you should target keywords that will help your visitors.

  • Search for more information on your products and services.
  • Video content should apply to your target market as well.

Concluding ideas:

So, the above conversation is rather evident to tell about the nine elements of SEO service in Pakistan. The use of quality material and time to stay on the site improves the quality of any small business.

All steps endow assistance to make your identity identifiable and prominent in other brands. You can use these things to start your SEO on the ideal feet.

Search Engine Optimization has become a vital aspect to enhance the online business presence in contrast to their counterparts. Learning SEO usually entails a range of crucial topics. Surprising though it may seem, however, emphasizing the above-mentioned basic SEO rules would be a fruitful approach to generate favourable outcomes.

To use these new techniques to improve rankings in search engine optimization, you must follow certain rules. One of the important rules that you need to follow is. To make sure that you only use the codes approved by the search engine optimization. It would be best if you also were cautious with Meta tags. Although it is very important to optimize your web pages with keywords. Through using too many of them will not benefit you. Make sure that you only put in those tags which apply to your site.


  • Yash Chawlani is a Digital Marketing Specialist who has gained significant experience working as a freelancer for Industry regulars. He specializes in SEO, Link Building, Social Media Optimization, and helps brands and businesses out there with his top-notch content strategies. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Animesh Chatterjee- owner of techtravelhub.com
  • Ujala Rehan – Popular writer on SEO

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