4 Best Tech Trends In 2021

Introduction to Best Tech Trends

Top strategic technology trends highlight some trends that will show significant disruption and opportunity over the next five to ten years.

These technology trends have the ability to drive significant disruption and deliver significant ways. Some digital trends like Artificial Intelligence engineering, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and cryptography are rapidly gaining maturity.

This kind of non-stop technological innovation will turn on the connection between the physical and digital worlds and make the best advantages.

The increasing potential of machines to learn new things and act very intelligently will obviously transform our world. It is also the reason behind a lot of other trends.

Technology-based careers and opportunities don’t change at the same speed, but they reform, and the IT engineers recognize that their role will not remain the same.

An IT worker of this era will continuously learn new things, technologies, fields of engineering to keep himself/ herself updated.

Here are some best tech trends you should know:

  • Gaming Technology

    Best Tech Trends
    Best Tech Trends

With the huge arrival of smartphones in the market, the game lover’s unseen dream becomes true in every moment. That’s to the technology.

Artificial Intelligence(AI), Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR) now are part of amazing games. “First I played a game in once or twice in a week.

But I love games as usual. But now I play real-time games (not addiction) regularly with my friends across the globe.

We not only complete the games but we also communicate with each other and express our thoughts with game partners at ease. Insane right?” says Aritra Pal, a gaming enthusiast.

3D scanning and facial recognition add some more likeness for the gamers to encourage the thirst for gameplay.

Intel®’s RealSense™ 3D camera is one of the best examples of this. It captures the gamer’s face from 78 different points.

Another thing is game graphics. In older days we used to play games in 8-bit graphics. But now the gamers can experience the game in a fully realistic environment.

Amazing Image quality and video quality creates a huge impression on gamers mind. They can feel that they are in the gaming environment.

  • Drone Photography

    Best Tech Trends
    Best Tech Trends

One of the greatest inventions in photo shooting is a drone. Before drones came into the market we had to use long sticks or helicopters to shoot anything from the sky.

A high-flying camera that gives you the scope to capture aerial shots of anything. Drone photography becomes the most trending in recent years.

This photography allows you to shoot any object from different views. Drones are easy to fly. And some of the drones can easily fly with heavyweight cameras easily.

Points to remember:

  1. The drone must be in the line of sight, which means you should fly your drones from where you can always see it.
  2. Respect the privacy of others.
  3. Do not fly drones near an airport or no-fly zone.
  • Navigation software

    Best Tech Trends
    Best Tech Trends

One of the best blessings of technology is navigation software. In older days if one wants to go to an unknown place, he just had to remind in mind the actual way or had to ask from the people on the road which is really problematic and risk.

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But navigation software allows us to find the best and fastest root, traffic on road, which road you should choose to save time and reach faster to the destination.

Navigation software uses a vector-based map to do so. This software shows not only roots but also real-time traffic in route.

“Once my bike’s speedometer was not working and I was in a city there was the speed limit on that road, I was so scared that how I will be able to check my speed, but suddenly I gave a look at my phone’s map and saw that there my speed was also showing. That day it was a savior for me”, said Nitin Desmukh, a rider.

  • Face recognition:

    Best Tech Trends
    Best Tech Trends

Face recognition is a technology that converts a human face to a digital image. Actually, this technology can capture a number of images, find different points on the face, and finally map into a digital picture.

Many software is using this technology. We all know about the face recognized attendance system in college, office, and several organizations.

In the traditional way, there come a lot of disadvantages like a proxy, duplicate things. But using a face recognized attendance system resolves almost all the issues.

Firstly this kind of software captures a number of images and stores them in the database with minimum storage occupying.

The next time when someone comes to use it firstly, it captures the image of the face and tries to map the data from its database.

If the data matches then it will decide that the person is authenticated or it will show an authentication error. One of the best use of face recognition systems is smartphones.

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