7 Best Things to Do Beyond 2020

All about Best Things to Do Beyond 2020

I think being alive in 2020 is very special just because this is the only year you are likely to live through the first two digits.

We all have most looked forward to college life & freedom. here everything is structured & schedule. But in college, we have got to be more & more responsible & you can get things done on your own time & I’m really looking forward to that…………

Life seems to limit & being if you just focus on the now, peace is sometimes overrated. dreams & desires leading to expectations & plans. which arouse anticipation in us. And that anticipation need not be far away. Life-impacting future. planning& anticipation of a holydays gives one almost as much pleasure as the holiday itself.


  • Run with your heart instead of your mind .when you think with your mind, you think of the things you can’t do & you just go out & do.
  • At least I can walk away knowing I did nothing wrong that I gave it my all & you failed me, I did not fail myself. if you have done nothing wrong with anyone & always get hurt by others, then you just wait & watch because god will take your revenge obviously.
  • I’m into nature & seeing whales.I want whale waching& I was really looking forward to that but when you see it on tv& you see the other tv programs do it. you are seeing closed-up of these creatures, music that added gives the certain very special feelings.
  • Often the difference between a successful person & a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas. But the courage that one has to be on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk & to act.
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Best Things to Do Beyond 2020
Best Things to Do Beyond 2020

A lot of people are desperately missing their parents,grandparents&partner.they have best friends & have had to make use of video calling like face time to speak like each other. I expect one of the first thing people will definitely do after the lockdown is to make the journeys to meet up.


We all have heard the sad stories of the people losing out their holidays trip recently because- of travel restrictions, closures of borders & we will all just have a hope that flight prices won’t be too expensive & if you are like me then you are desperately dreaming of your winter holidays.


You just think of that how happy everyone will be to actually be celebrating something, but the good thing is once this is all over we have all loads to go there, and who does not love to go to the n wedding party? a lot of people have unfortunately had their weddings canceled during this period…..


Best Things to Do Beyond 2020
Best Things to Do Beyond 2020

We all are being able to go out for daily exercise once a day is ok but there are many people who are desperate to get back to their gym. other people like to go to the gym for the social site and enjoy the classes and will definitely be missing these. when you are staying at home it’s very to consume all the food in your cupboard & will definitely need the gym after this.

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Best Things to Do Beyond 2020
Best Things to Do Beyond 2020

The palace of theatre provides a fantastic entertainment place for the local people whether it be a play or comedy nights. they also hold children’s events &shows which was another way of keeping them. shows are stilled planned for the rest of the year so get checking their website right now…..


After the lockdown situation is considerably eased, that there are a vaccine and a cure for covid-19.the other major fear that restaurants and takeaway actively work. many restaurants have started experimenting with temporary solutions & when the restaurants do open up, we may finally get to hang out with our friends &parents. while also helping maintain social distancing from other tables, could be seen a lot more in the future.


A new year means new beginnings, then the decade means? We have a whole ten years to shape the trends &events. we all are the makers of our own destiny & we have to let’s get to it.

So, here is finally on that day, a book which has grown close to my heart is going to published. It’s not just because I’m excited to read what’s in there.

        This dream in the form of his book & there for everyone to see, read &experience. I can say that I have never seen anyone so dedicated to a task, day &night.

when the book will get published, the readers will get to try to read something they have never read it before.

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And I’m quite excited for the readers to experience the same & for a guy to finally fulfill his most desire.

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