8 Best Things to Do in Lockdown to Make Yourself Charming

Introduction to Best Things to Do in Lockdown

Since the coronavirus has infected most countries of the world, people have gradually begun to limit their social life, as various health care organizations, including the World Health Organization, have instructed that people Try to stay away from each other, in other words, they do not come too close to each other.

It is recommended that they limit their social interactions to smaller, smaller groups of less than ten people and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Restricting social contacts has resulted in a lack of work or business environment in your usual gathering places, offices, tea houses, restaurants, and movie theaters, and people are mostly confined to their homes or in other words, from home We will not face outsiders, which gave us opportunities to live a cohesive and positive life.

In fact, the man needs to be mentally and physically active and maintain certain social interactions. It keeps him busy, happy, and healthy.

In this regard, psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo (Ph.D.), author of Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love, and Gail Saltz, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at a New York hospital.

Asked what measures can be taken to keep our time at home while being isolated from society, he gave the following eight tips:

1. Avoid listening to the latest news

This is not a good thing if you are stuck on the screens to get the latest news of Coronavirus (COVID-19). By staying away from the stream of negative reports, you can reduce your stress and anxiety, so that positive thoughts and ideas can find a place in your mind.

Dr. Lombardo says that we hear news all the time, there are rumors and breaking news that is full of sensationalism in societies (like Pakistan), so we think about them and their narrations and analysis.

Yes, we constantly see how upset people are, we hear their worries over and over again, even though we know very well that people’s repeated worries and constant worries are not the solutions to the problem. Everything has a certain limit, it is more harmful than that.

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Dr. Gail Saltz says that you should also turn off alerts and notifications on your phone. She suggests that you listen to the news two or three times a day for a few minutes, just to know that the national level But what is happening in your area, however, you should stay away from predictions and rumors.

Make sure your TV doesn’t stay on for too long as it tries to provide less news and more excitement. If you have young children at home then you must avoid it.

And yes! You should not listen to the newsletter before going to bed at all, because nothing should be more important to you at this time than a good night’s sleep.

2. Physical exercise

Thanks to YouTube, Pinterest and other sites, there are many ways for us to exercise at home, just 30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise can help reduce stress.

You will be busy Even if fitness routines are not part of your life, you can still decide at home to do some exercise that will make you sweat and burn your calories.

Dr. Saltz says that if you can spend some time in a natural environment away from people, it will reduce your stress level and this process will ignite your creativity.

3. Make a to-do list

Sitting in front of the TV all the time and watching movies will make you feel weird. It’s best to stay active. To do this, make a list of all the things you always put on hold.

Many of us have been saying for years that when I have time or when I am at home, I will do something. Know that this is the time when you can do all the things that you have been trying to do for so many years but have not been able to do it due to the busy schedule.

Lombardo says that when you delay plans, it causes stress. So when you start implementing these plans, it will reduce your stress.

Secondly, you will feel happy and happy that you are doing something. While we can’t do big things because of the coronavirus, put small projects into practice, which you can do easily at home.

4. Learn a new skill

When you think that you wanted to do a lot of things in life but could not do it due to lack of time, you may think that you wanted to learn some skills but could not.

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Now is the time for that. There are numerous sites for online courses, and YouTube can be of great benefit to you. Doing online courses at home will give your mind a new lease of life.

Lombardo says there’s been a lot of research on when we have one. This is how our personality develops when we want to learn a new job.

Whether you learn the language, learn to cook, or learn the art of applying artificial eyebrows. There are many free videos of online classes and seminars for them, which you can easily sit on your sofa and attend.

There are also many institutions in Pakistan that offer you online courses from home. Bus! You have to decide which skill you want to acquire in the end.

5. Connecting with people outside of your social circle

The effects of social distance can be more difficult for people struggling with mental health problems and loneliness.

You have time to connect with them, talk face to face on Skype. You know very well that by helping others you are actually helping yourself.

You don’t have to do anything big for them, you just have to call them, say hello, and say after the prayer that we are going through a difficult time, if you come to my mind I thought of you Let’s talk

Dr. Saltz says there can be different ways to talk face to face with your loved ones, but video chat is the most important.

There is no doubt that the time you spend with your children and your family will be the best use of your time, but at the same time, you can keep in touch with your old friends or relatives whom you have met for a long time.

Now you have a lot of time to contact them and let them know about your well-being and find out their well-being and tell them that they are important to you.

6. If you want to do office work at home, create an office environment

There is no doubt that we get lazy when we are at home. Most of the time they spend their nights in their sleep clothes.

Conversely, if you create an environment similar to normal working days, you will feel good, such as getting up early in the morning, taking a shower, wearing special clothes, it will have a good effect on our nature.

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You don’t have to wear fancy clothes, that’s all! Wear clean clothes that you wear when you visit other people. Although not everything is normal now, make yourself feel normal.

If you can’t set aside a separate room for office work in your home, you can create a complete office environment by allocating a corner of your bedroom.

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7. Take care of yourself

Both Dr. Saltz and Lombardo agree that the only thing you can do now to take care of yourself is to meditate. Everyone says I have time to meditate.

Bus! Then there’s the best time to meditate these days, so you can keep your mind from being distracted. It is better to try to meditate than not to meditate.

Dr. Saltz says you should take five minutes off every day. In today’s environment meditation is not the only way to take care of yourself.

Write a daily diary or do artwork or try new make-up techniques. In addition, doing things like massaging yourself can give you the best benefits of taking care of yourself.

8. Follow positive things on social media

Social media is a hotbed of jealousy, competition, but since you can’t completely get rid of Instagram, Facebook, Tutor, etc., you should ‘follow’ the accounts where the things posted are causing you stress, anxiety. I suffer or you suffer from doubts.

We always hear how spending time on social media bothers us, so stay away from the negative people there, however, you can use the positive aspects of social media, find people who post positive things. Yes, follow people who are talking about ways to treat depression naturally.

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