Motorcycle Accident Nerve Injury: Best Treatment for Neuropathy In 2021

All About Best Treatment for Neuropathy

Riding a motorcycle is not an easy job, especially when abrupt-turning cars pose a constant threat. Well, being a motorcyclist, you should be aware of the causes and types of motorcycle accidents. And, let’s not forget the worst injury, Neuropathy.

Continue reading to equip yourself with a motorcycle accident and neuropathy essentials for better protection.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents 

According to a North Carolina-based research, approximately 3000 motorcyclists encountered motorcycle accidents annually. Plus, the statistics display motorcyclists suffer 29-times more injuries than car passengers. But why? Well, there are several prominent reasons for this.

Usually, cars weigh much more than motorcycles. While a standard passenger car weighs over 4000-pounds, the motorcycle weighs merely 400-pounds. Hence, when the two vehicles collide, the impact is overwhelming for the motorcyclist.

Unlike other vehicles, motorcycles do not come with structural protection. And, there are no seat belts too. As a result, when the collision occurs, the motorcyclist encounters a direct hit and gets ejected from the motorcycle.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The extent and intensity of a motorcycle accident injury depend on the collision. Hard blows and light clashes yield different impacts. It may be anywhere between a bruise to a head injury. Generally, these are the types of motorcycle accident injuries encountered by the riders:

Scrapes and Bruises (minor)

These minor injuries do not require medical treatments. Usually, they will heal automatically using simple first-aid items.

Legs and feet injuries (major)

Tears and strains, the lower body receives most of the damage from a motorcycle accident. In the case of leg injuries, you must contact orthopedic specialists.

Spinal misalignments (major)

Motorcyclists who fall on their backs are likely to develop spine problems due to the intense impact. These people might require chiropractors to analyze the damage and resolve it.

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Tissue damage (major)

As tissues are underneath the surface, identifying concerns can get difficult. You can easily mistake the pain caused by tissue damage for simple aches.

Bone fractures (major)

Your bones may crack or get fractured due to a car accident. Skeletal issues can be challenging as they come with prolonged pain. In case you’re suffering bone damage, immediately reach out to the hospital and seek proper treatment.

Neurological concerns (major)

Head and neck injuries can cause neurological complications. At times, these can be fatal. And, at times, these can cause long-term damage that changes your way of living.

Nerve Injuries: The Biker’s Arm

Biker’s Arm refers to the nervous system damage caused when the motorcycle lands on the rider’s arm or hand. The intense weight and pressure affect certain important nerves. These include:

  • Median Nerve – It is responsible for transmitting signals to the palm and front of the forearm.
  • Radial Nerve – It is responsible for controlling the movements of the triceps, wrists, fingers, and a portion of the hand.
  • Ulnar Nerve – It is responsible for the finer movements of the fingers.

Initially, in Biker’s Arm, an individual can easily mistake the slight pain in the arm as muscle damage. However, soon, the damage can lead to partial or complete paralysis. The situation can make it impossible to execute daily life chores and acts.

Therefore, the most dangerous form of nerve injury is the Biker’s Arm. Unlike head and spinal injuries, it stays hidden to show up later. Hence, making the problem complicated and difficult to treat.

Problems associated with Nerve Injuries  

Having nerve damage can come along with several other health problems. Usually, it is in conjunction with other problems, such as fractured bones and burning sensations. Below, you can find some of the usually experienced problems with nerve injuries.

  • Bowel and Bladder Issues (Constipation, bloating, and other intestinal concerns.)
  • Muscle atrophy ( Difficulty in balancing muscle mass)
  • Dry Eyes and mouth (Problem in glands and tears)
  • Fatigue and Paralysis ( Weakness and inability to move freely)
  • Burning Sensation (Immense pain and prickling or burning sensation
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Apart from it, nerve injuries can establish hurdles in carrying out simple actions, such as walking or sitting. An individual with a damaged nervous system might have to depend on medical assistance. And, the length of time may increase if the problem does not receive proper treatment and attention quickly.

How to diagnose Nerve Injury?

Usually, nerve injuries are challenging to detect in motorcycle accidents. It is fundamentally because a majority of people are busy handling other pressing issues, such as scrapes and leg injuries.

However, once you’ve catered to these visible problems, you’ll start to observe numbness or pain in the damaged area. You may also experience other symptoms.

To diagnose a nerve injury, your doctor will usually refer you to a neurologist. The neurologist will carry out diagnostic tests, such as Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Velocity. In case nerve damage gets confirmed, you’ll have to seek special treatment, called Neuropathy. Continue reading to know more!

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy refers to a critical condition when the peripheral nerves get damaged. These nerves play a prominent role in transferring commands from the brain and spine to the other parts of the body. Hence, affecting the entire nervous system. Even today, approximately 30-million Americans suffer from neuropathy.

This health condition does not have a direct root cause. Unlike other problems, the neuropathy gets triggered by the presence of other diseases.

For example, around 60 to 70% of diabetic people suffer from neuropathy. Idiopathy, HIV, and similar issues can also trigger neuropathy. Plus, people with constant stress, vitamin deficiencies, and alcohol consumption are also likely to develop neuropathy.

However, neuropathy may have a direct cause if the peripheral nerves receive damage from intense impacts, such as in motorcycle accidents. Arm and spine injuries in motorcycle accidents pose high risks of neuropathy.

People who suffer from neuropathy experience numbness, sharp pain, prickling, burning sensation, discomfort, cramps, restless leg syndrome, balance issues, and arthritis. An individual experiencing one or more of the above-stated symptoms must immediately seek treatment for neuropathy.

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Reasons to opt for Neuropathy Treatment

People are often skeptical about getting neuropathy treatment, considering the situation will become better with time and care. However, it is the wrong approach to the problem. Neuropathy is nerve damage, which can affect your daily life adversely. Also, it will only worsen without proper treatment.

Although opting for neuropathy treatment will lessen the severity of the matter in general, there are certain advantages too. For example, the treatment will reduce the pain in limbs and hands so that you can walk freely.

Plus, it augments relaxation, blood circulation, exercise abilities, and sleep quality. Hence, you can return to normal daily chores without much pain.

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Final Thoughts

As a motorcyclist, you should be on red alert all the time. Speeding up or riding while intoxicated can lead you straight into a motorcycle accident. And, while you do take precautionary measures, abrupt turns made by car drivers are a hazard.

Unfortunately, if you do come across a motorcycle accident injury, we strongly recommend getting a proper check up done at the hospital.

Regardless of the damage extent, allow a professional to examine your wounds and prescribe a treatment. After all, nerve damages can stay hidden for sometime before numbness and paralysis suddenly show up. Beware!

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