10 Best VPN Services for 2021

Introduction to Best VPN Services

Where there is an SME(Small and Medium Scale Enterprises) or an MNC (Multinational Companies), the principal requirement is securing the data and ensuring privacy.

The encrypted key or connection which safely transfers the data from one location to another is referred to as a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

When you can seamlessly host your data on the cloud; ensure high-speed bandwidth; reliable security; conduct work on remote locations; the work productivity is guaranteed.

Let’s understand some of the best VPN services you can use for your business effectively:

#1: IP Vanish

It is backed up by three powerful benefits of online safety, internet privacy, and cloud backup. There is online security for every device connected. It secures your WI-FI connectivity encrypted backup, automated syncing, and remote wiping controls.

Save your 500 GB of data, servers in 25+ regions, multiple connection protocols, and a lot more.

It is a paid service starting from $27.99/ yr. The average download speed is 36.4 Mbps.

#2: SurfShark

It prevents hacking, avoids malware and phishing, gives ISP tracking! Hacking, malware attacks on data not being encrypted is bound to occur if a Smart VPN technology is not used.

The best advantage is that it can be manually installed on home devices as well. This VPN is billed by 162.70 INR/ mo. The average download speed comes to 40 Mbps.

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#3: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services that ensures complete privacy on huge chunks of data by keeping the IP address, access to a particular website or service, and the time when you access through VPN; completely safe!

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN services which has an average download speed of 58 Mbps when we connect to other devices. It is billed at $ 12.95 /mo. It connects long distances very conveniently where all the other VPNs suffer.

#4: Nord VPN

Nord VPN believes that the internet has a vast reach to all the devices across the globe. It gives anywhere access, 24/7 service, blocks malicious data, and works on all the devices. It offers security features, no-log policies, faster speed access to all the devices.

If you need double security, NordVPN is the best-suited VPN. Nord VPN services have an average download speed of 115 Mbps and this VPN is billed by $3.71 /mo.

#5: Cyber Ghost

When you need absolute privacy on all your devices, accessibility at any corner of the world, secured and encrypted data; Cyber ghost is the best VPN service you need. It helps to hide your IP addresses so that spoofing, phishing, or any other unethical malpractices doesn’t occur.

Nord VPN services have an average download speed of 55 Mbps across all the locations and this VPN is billed by 895 INR /mo.

#6: Private Internet Access

One of the world’s leading VPN service providers is Private Internet Access. You can stream on tons of platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, and more. There is no buffering while streaming your favorite show. So you can enjoy streaming at any time and anywhere.

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Private Internet Access VPN services have an average download speed of 34 Mbps across all the locations and this VPN is billed by 162.58 INR /mo.

#7: Tunnel Bear

You want to save your passwords from thefts all the time. Although hackers find a way for an unethical track of the data, tunnel bear is the apt solution for the best VPN service.

It helps to have access to all the global content leading to online privacy, IP based tracking, local censorship and a lot more.

TunnelBear VPN services have an average download speed of 50.6 Mbps across all the locations and this VPN is billed by $3.33 /mo.

#8: Windscribe

Windscribe is a VPN that has an absolute advantage of availability through all the devices like Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, iPhone, Android, Linux, FireTV, routers. Along with its paid service, this VPN has a free version that is attracting a pool of users with 10 GB of data.

Windscribe VPN services have an average download speed of 26.22 Mbps across all the locations and this VPN is billed by $9 /mo.

#9: Speedify

While using Speedify, you ensure improved performance, better connectivity, making it faster, reliable, and more secure.

For the sake of conference meetings and other related usages, Speedify prioritizes the network condition and ensures better streaming VPN Service.

Speedify VPN services have an average download speed of 11.2 Mbps across all the locations and this VPN is billed by $1.5 /mo.

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#10: Hide.me

Hide.me uses the latest VPN protocols by serving around the world with a 30 day guarantee period and no logging issues. Hide.me is also available to all the devices like windows, Android iPhone, macOS, Amazon Fire TV, Windows phone, Linux, BlackBerry, Router.

Hide.me VPN services which have an average download speed of 11.2 Mbps across all the locations and this VPN is billed by $3.33 /mo.

Key points:

VPN services have become very crucial not only for the telecommunication industry but also for the SMEs and MNCs aiming for business diversification and expansion.

Using the above-mentioned VPN services can result in encrypted digital security and privacy.

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