5 Best Water Purifier Under 15,000

Introduction to Best water purifier

If you are looking for a water purifier under 15,000 for your office or house then this is a good place for you. All the water purifiers on this list are rate between Rs 9000 to 15000 and are from brands like Eureka Forbes, Bluestar, Aqua-guard, Kent, Moonbow, Live pure, and AO smith. We have covered the best RO water purifiers under 15,000 in this list as strong.

All these water purifiers have hundreds of goods purchaser reports because of their performances and condition.

The list has a different bag of water purifiers with technologies like RO+UV+UF, UF+UV, RO+UV, and so on. The RO water purifiers are selected for areas that have huge total dissolved solid as the RO membrane can cut the TDS in water to levels safe for drinking.

Water purifiers without the RO technology should be used only for range with low TDS levels and the input water expert must be the municipal water supply instead of overhead tanks or borewell.

Most of the water coming out of the tap in the house is either salty bore well water or slightly murky and strong with hidden impurities. The water is hazardous for cooking and drinking, it has made water purifiers a must-have gadget in every Indian house.

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List of best water purifiers under 15,000

[1] Blue star Majesto 8L RO+UV water purifier

Bluestar with its big brand value and has introduced itself in the water purifier market. With majestic RO+UV water purifier, blue star introduces a big balance between the condition of water purification and the brand amount.

This water purifier consists of a 6-stage purification process with water passing through different layers like a pre-carbon filter, UV lamp, RO membrane, pre-sediment filter, and post-carbon filter with aqua taste booster. The UV lamp and RO membrane, together are main layers responsible for reducing the TDS to make it safe for drinking, cooking and to remove disease and other harmful.

Key Features
  • Storage – 8L
  • Output storage – 22L/hr
  • Goods – clear ABS plastic construction
  • Colour – black silver
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • 6-point purification
  • Aqua taste
  • Huge purification capacity

[2] Kent Ace Mineral RO TM 7L RO+UV+UF water purifier

Kent holds a big brand name in the water purifier market and has a large variety of water purifiers available in the market with different amounts range, different purification mechanism, and different designs. Kent Ace Mineral RO TM 7L RO+UV+UF water purifier, Kent introduces a big cost to value product with an elegant design. This water purifier has a double purification system of RO+UV+UF and keeps all the important minerals intact in the water.

The well-fare thing about Kent Ace Mineral is that It is suitable for all brands of water sources, whether it be overhead capacity tanks, municipal tanks or borewell, and water tankers. It has a food condition non-breakable ABS plastic making it strong, highly true and safe to use

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Key features
  • Storage – 8L
  • Output storage – 15L/hr
  • Goods – ABS food condition
  • Colour – white
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Weight – 8.40 Kg
  • Fancy Design
  • Double purification
  •  Food condition
  • Failure alarm

[3] Eureka Forbes Aqua guard Superb 6.5L UF+UV water purifier

A Eureka Forbes trademark in the water purification industry has introduced an Aqua guard superb UV+UF water purifier. This rare thing about this water purifier which the company claims is the Mineral Guard technology, through which it contains important minerals like calcium and magnesium which other water purifiers remove.

This is a UVUF water purifier so through its multiple purification technologies it ensures complete replacement of contaminants, viruses, and heavy metals. This purifier does not have an RO layer is suitable for areas that use municipal water and not the borewell. It can fun with water that has a total dissolved solid reading of up to 200 PPM.

Key features
  • Storage – 6.5L
  • Output storage – 1L/min
  • Weight – 5kg
  • Colour – White and black
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • 5-point purification
  • Solid build
  • Surety features
  • Not suitable for huge TDS water

[4] Pureit Marvella 10L RO+UV water purifier

Pureit Marvella 10L RO+UV water purifier comes with 6-point purification to remove particulate impurities, pesticides, chlorine, and dissolved salts. This water purifier has a taste enhancer with a new sediment filter and no annual maintenance charges. It can remove 1 crore of diseases in 1L of water.

With its RO technology, its sufficient for water from borewell, water capacity tanks or the municipal water supply and can treat the water with TDS up to 2000. It cut the TDS water with its RO layer to a level that is healthy or safe for the body.

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Key features
  • Storage – 8L
  • Output storage 15L/hr
  • Weight – 8.5Kg
  • Colour – blue and white
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Heavy build quality
  • Six-point purification
  • Taste enhancer
  • 15 days advance alar, system

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[5] Hind ware Moonbow Achelous 9L RO+UV+UF water purifier

Moonbow Achelous 9L RO+UV+UF water purifier, come with 6-point purification a afford germ-free clean water. The 6-point consists of a sediment filter, RO filter, carbon filter, a post-carbon filter, a UV disinfection and completely an ultra-filtration.

This water purifier has a 9L of the storage tank which is detachable, it has inbuilt sensors for auto shut off, auto-start and overflow protection. It has a front LED screen to indicate purification level, health and filter life tank full and no input.

Key features
  • Storage – 9L
  • Weight – 9.5 Kg
  • Goods – food safe
  • Colour – black
  • 6-point purification
  • Strong build

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