Best Wireless Speaker for Traveller Beyond 2020

Introduction to Best Wireless Speaker for traveller

For the buyer, the definition of the best portable speaker, or any product in general, would be of higher quality with futuristic features of as low a cost as possible. However, it’s not quite possible, is it? Because neither the seller benefits nor the buyer is satisfied; so let’s look at the next best thing: better quality, reasonable prices.

Luckily for you, if you have managed to read this far, you don’t have to search anywhere else. In this article, we have managed to gather some of the most convenient and cost-effective portable speakers!

But before that, we need to understand what makes a certain speaker worth buying, especially if you travel for long epochs.

Buying Guide For Travelers/Notable Characteristics:

To determine the best wireless speaker, there are certain aspects that you need to take into account. The important specification is the size of the portable speaker. There is a variety of sizes and so you must know which size you can easily hold in your hand or stuff in your backpack. 

Further, you must notify the battery life of the portable speaker, preferably made of lithium. You can’t travel for four hours with a two hour battery time now, can you? 

The next thing that you should notice is the sound clarity of the amplifiers in the speaker; no distortion, higher amplitude, and enhanced bass that could thump your pulses to the rhythm of the music! 

Third: the Bluetooth range using radio-wave frequencies that can reach a better amount so that you don’t struggle to play good music. 

If you use a Wi-Fi speaker, the main character is power usage. With better features, the user consumes more power and so knowing which resistor is used for controlling the current often comes in handy. 

Last but not the least, the selling price of the portable speaker: now most of the time the price is higher but the output doesn’t satisfy you. You must make sure that the specifications justify the price range.

Once you have managed to understand what your requirements are, we move towards what type of a wireless speaker you need. 

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Types of Portable Speakers:

There are two major types of portable speakers that are broadly appealing: Bluetooth speakers and Wi-Fi speakers. 

Suited for introverted people, like me, Bluetooth speakers are widely used because of ease of installation, simple features, and low cost while being the best speakers for travel in terms of portability and usage.

For Wi-Fi speakers, there are many advantages where the Bluetooth speakers fall short. Although they are expensive compared to the Bluetooth speakers, they stand to be some of the best wireless speakers in terms of sound clarity and connectivity, especially if used for a vast gathering.

Brands Offering Best Portable Speakers:

Now in the variety of tons of brands selling portable speakers, some of the best portable speakers consist of the following:

  1. SONOS Move
    From any other average Bluetooth speaker, SONOS Move is well-engineered by its multi-room capabilities and smart audio-tuning. It consists of 2 quality drivers that liberate soundtracks from multiple wireless sources. 
  2. JBL Link Portable:
    Being one of the best portable speakers with Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity, JBL Link Portable is the best of both worlds and is an effective choice.
  3. Apple HomePod:
    A lot of work has been engineered in its sound quality with its woofer pointed upwards creating a rich bass. One of its features includes connectivity through iTunes making it quite convenient for Apple users.
  4. NAIM Mu-So QB:
    With a dial with touch-sensitive controls, NAIM Mu-so QB revels being advanced in the best wireless speaker category! Along with that, the audio quality resonates well with its superior physical appearance giving a classic and elegant touch for music lovers.
  5. UE Boom 3:
    This portable speaker allows longer Bluetooth range along with 15 feet of wireless connectivity. With waterproofing quality, this portable speaker is light and budget-friendly.


While there is diversity among portable speakers, the buying product depends on the customers’ needs. For a wide crowd as well as a wide range of connectivity and playback along with the expenses, using Wi-fi speakers is more suitable. If none of the former listed things is required, Bluetooth portable speakers are your go-to!

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