5 Points BleachBit vs Ccleaner: Which Is Best For Speed Up Your Computer?

Introduction to BleachBit vs Ccleaner

Every personal computer after some time slows down. This is due to junk file build-up and background processes that increase over time.

If you are a computer expert then you can manually delete the unnecessary files and free up the memory to make your computer more optimized. However, the manual process may take lots of time and it is a bit complicated.

If you do not want to optimize the computer manually then you can use the applications designed especially for cleaning up your system.

We will discuss two programs that can help you to clean your system. We will compare BleachBit and CCleaner below to see which one is better.

Differences BleachBit vs CCleaner

Some of the differences between BleachBit and CCleaner are mentioned below:

  • CCleaner is a paid program that is available in Professional, Professional Bundle, and Freemium versions. However, BleachBit is free to use completely.
  • CCleaner is a single click and automatic program, whereas BleachBit requires some technical knowledge of a computer.
  • CCleaner also has a built-in file recovery module, but BleachBit does not contain a file recovery feature.
  • Customer support is good for CCleaner but since BleachBit is free it does not have an active and receptive customer support
  • CCleaner contains an active threat monitoring system and scan scheduler, while BleachBit does not contain these features

Features of both the programs:

BleachBit Features

Since the BleachBit is free we did not expect it to be loaded with lots of features, however, BleachBit to our dismay does contain lots of features that will help you to clean your system thoroughly. This program will delete the files permanently so the files cannot be recovered.

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One of the features in this application will delete the files so that they cannot be recovered using the recovery software.

This software is very simple to use and it is one of the best Alternatives to Ccleaner for windows and it also does not require any technical expertise. This software is available for Windows and Linux.

BleachBit being free doesn’t mean that it loaded other intrusive software that comes with the free applications. Another great thing about this software is that after installing this software your computer will not be cluttered with adware, malware, viruses and you will also not see any changes in the browser.

It is a simple system optimizer that is also available in 64 different languages. You can easily change the software to your native language.

One main thing to notice about this software is its file shredder feature. As we know that files deleted with this software become unrecoverable, however, it will make sure that it overwrites the free space on the hard drive so no one will be able to recover the files and they won’t know if any files are deleted from the hard drive.

Apart from cool file deletion features, this simple program contains different features that are worth mentioning.

  • A simple program that will help you to preview, check, and delete the files.
  • Compatible with: Linux and Windows
  • Free software, and open source that means it is Free to share, learn, and modify
  • Available in 64 languages apart from English
  • This application has command-line interface used for scripting and automation
  • Automatically import and update winapp2.ini CCleaner files providing Windows users access to 2500+ additional cleaners
  • Frequent software updates with new features
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Features of CCleaner

CCleaner comes with three different packages that have different features packaged together.

First, we talk about the simple and free version of the program that has the following features:

  • Optimization of a system and deletion of junk files
  • Includes privacy protection features that have browser security function, it will also help in deleting the history data and cookies
  • Start-up optimization that will kill unnecessary start-up processes to reduce the booting time of the system.

Now we will tell you about the features that are included in the Professional purchase, apart from the features mentioned below this plan also includes all the features of the free plan.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Cleaning job scheduling
  • Automatic updates
  • Technical support on a priority

Now the last one is a professional bundle that has all the features of the previous version and some other features.

  • Disk defragmenter
  • File recovery feature
  • Hardware inventory features

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the professional bundle of this program also has a free trial version that does not require any payment information.

However, in case you just want system optimization and normal file deletion then you can use the normal free version.

The free version of this program does not contain as many features as BleachBit. Both of these programs can optimize the system and delete the junk and unnecessary files.

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The shredding algorithm used in the BleachBit is good, whereas, the CCleaner does have a quality shredder algorithm.

However, paid versions of the CCleaner are far more superior to BleachBit. CCleaner also has customer support since it is a paid service.

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Apart from other features CCleaner also has real-time monitoring that will keep your system in good shape, you can also schedule scans according to your requirements.

The Professional Bundle of the CCleaner is way ahead of BleachBit. CCleaner also has a third party defragmenter that is a plus, however, every window Operating System has a default defragmenter. The file recovery option is also great in the CCleaner.


If you want free software that optimizes your system then you can use BleachBit which is the one you want to choose.

However, if you are willing to pay then CCleaner is the best option you have. Both of these programs have different features that suit the user of specific needs.

BleachBit being free has lots of features and the programs are free from any of the unwanted programs that comes with the free software.

Both programs are free from infection and both of the programs are safe to use. You can use any program to optimize your system.

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