Find the Ideal Blush for Your Skin Tone – Best For 2 Types Of Skin Tone

Introduction to the Blush for Your Skin Tone

Blush has a bad rep among makeup lovers. Most makeup users do not know how to pick the perfect blush for their skin tone, and thus, whenever it is used, it ruins the flawless look they had in mind. Choosing the wrong blush makeup can transform your look from classy to Halloween party-like in seconds. It is always daunting to select the right blush that goes with your skin tone as there are so many gorgeous shades and blushes to pick from.

Importance of using blush

Blush is generally used for making a person look beautiful by enhancing their natural skin color and making them look brighter and rosy. This is why women should look for a perfect shade that will match their skin tone. Once you select the appropriate shades, other factors like powder type and formula become a much easier decision.

Importance of using blush
Importance of using blush

Powder blush works perfectly on people who have oily skin or on the ones that are prone to breakouts. As per makeup artists, creams and stains work beautifully on clear skin and dark complexions. If someone wants a bolder look, then, in that case, try layering the powder formula over stain and cream using a blush brush. This gives a long-lasting finish to your makeup.

Fair skies are more for


For a fair-toned more when it comes to blush. Extremely pigmented products should be used sparingly in such a way that it gives the skin a natural, healthy glow. Women with fair skin must select pale pink or baby pink shades for a subtle look. Dark tones like orange, peach, and bronze stand out on fair tones giving an unnatural look, which is undesirable.

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Wheatish skin

Research shows that 80% of Indians have warm-toned wheatish skin. The best thing about this skin tone is that slight enhancement with blush can make their warm skin more beautiful. Women with wheatish skin must opt for rosy pink and deep pea for shades. Apart from this, a tinge of apricot and orange will flatter wheatish skin the most.

Dusky skin

It is advised that dusky skin-colored individuals must use pigmented blush as these are considered their best friends. Dark skin holds pigments beautifully, and these blushes give them a natural-looking glow. Light-colored blushes may come out looking powdery and muddy on dusky skin. Thus, it is said that this skin type must stick to warm tones that flatter their skin.

Wrap up

Women must select the perfect blush based on their skin tone. They must use baby pink and rosy pink if they are fair and must use deep peach with a tinge of apricot if they have wheatish skin. If the skin tone is on the duskier end, pigmented blush provides the best finish.

Get a makeover done based on your skin tone and enhance your beauty with the right blush.

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