9 Best Ways That Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles

Introduction to Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles

There area unit some things that go hand-in-hand with being the last word book lover: drinking excessive amounts of low, taking a book with you where you go, perpetually having a web cart stuffed with the most recent bestsellers, being on a primary name basis along with your favorite book characters, and wholly nerding-out over book-inspired something — which positively includes literary-themed candles.

Indulgent must-smells designed to try absolutely along with your latest must-reads, book-inspired candles area unit all the fad with readers immediately — and candlemakers have positively taken notice.

From scents that invoke the settings of classic books (Pemberley gardens or detective Holmes’ study, anyone?) to people who smell like aging pages themselves, you’ll be able to realize a literary candle for much each reading (and sniffing) preference.

Plus, there’s simply one thing comfortable a few candlelit book nooks. the sole factor higher than tucking in with an excellent browse has a candle (or, if you’re as candle-obsessed as Maine, a few dozen) to light-weight aboard it.

Whether you’re reading by visible radiation or infusing your house with scholarly aromas (or both!), here area unit 9 candles that may try absolutely along with your favorite books — and assist you to burn your manner through that TBR pile. Pun supposed.

1. Bookstagram

Bookstagram scented like soy candle. Infused with the scents of low, vanilla and after all book, this wholly gambles candle won’t solely look nice in your social media snaps, it’ll cause you to read nook look and smell wholly pleasing.

2. Antique Books

Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles
Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles

Antique books scented candle –

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you would possibly love the smell of antique books, however, does one grasp wherever that scent really comes from?

Infused with the redolent chemicals generated by the breakdown of fabric in the aged paper ( that distinct aroma you can’t get enough of) and increased with a refined note of animal skin, Werther & Gray’s Antique Books candle may be a should smell.

3. 1st Edition

First Edition Candle:

whereas we tend to ar on the topic of antique books, there’s nothing quite like paging through the primary edition of your favorite scan – particularly if it’s Associate in Nursing song. fireside & Hammer’s 1st Edition candle ( Indian wood, leather) can take you there.

4.Shop restaurant

Not for the under-caffeinated, Flick The Wick’s shop restaurant candle invokes the definitely scholarly aroma of freshly roast low.

5.The Restricted Section

Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles
Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles

whereas forbiddance books aren’t cool, most book lovers can agree that the Restricted Section of Hogwarts Library is each cool and irresistible.

Infused with animal skin and parchment ( and aspect of touch dirt and dark magic permanently measure) this candle by The Melting Library can cause you to suppose you latterly stepped off Platform nine & ¾.

6.Castle Library

Castle library scented soy candle jar –

From Beauty and therefore the Beast to Harry Potter, fiction has featured some fabulous castle libraries. whereas you may not ever get the keys to the castle( we tend to all can’t be Meghan Markle) Bubble and Geek’s castle library candle is that the next smartest thing.

In their words: “ the scent of a comfy fire encircled by antique woodwork and endless shelves of books, on a base of smoky vanilla.”Sigh.

The scent of a comfy fire encircled by antique woodwork and endless shelves of books, on a base of smoky vanilla.

Bubble and Geek’s soy candles are created by hand in tiny batches, and that we add the utmost quantity of fragrance oil the wax can permit.

Our candles feature clean, renewable soy wax made of soybeans grownup within the USA with naturally unleaded cotton wicks and therefore the highest-quality fragrance oils.

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Size: eight oz glass jar (contains about half-dozen oz of wax)

Height (with lid): about three.5 inches

Diameter: two.75 inches

Wax Color: Brown

(slight color variations are traditional thanks to the overhand nature of the merchandise.)

Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles
Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles


– Clean-burning, eco-friendly SOY wax (made from soybeans grownup within the USA)

– Natural cotton wick (lead-free)

– Superior fragrance oil

– Hand-poured in tiny batches the USA

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7.Ladies in Literature compendium

Anthologies- ladies in Literature Edition-

A 4-in-one deal, theNorth Ave Candles Anthologies scent series offer readers- and sniffers- themed sensory system expertise. Their ladies In Literature compendium celebrated authors Plath, Alice Malsenior Walker, Harper Lee, and writer.

Anthologies — themed box sets of 4 2oz candles and a marker written on vintage library checkout cards.

The Women in Literature Edition options a collection of candles that includes all feminine authors.

This box includes:

  • Fig Tree, impressed by Sylvia Plath’s The bell glass
  • Lavender + Lilac, impressed by Alice Walker’s TheColor Purple
  • Mint Sweet Tea, impressed by musician Lee’s To Kill an oscine
  • Gardens of Pemberley, impressed by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
  • “a good scan lady could be a dangerous creature” marker made of a vintage library investigate card.

Each candle tin is 2oz with a burn time of roughly twelve hours.

8.Jane Austen’s Writing table

Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles
Book Reading is Helping Sell Candles

You are a writer. The scent of crisp lilacs and sweet berries from the garden enters your window as you sit at your mahogany and animal skin writing table sipping a cupper. proceed and build your next literary masterpiece!

The Wick of your time wax is:

*made from pure 100% soybeans

*USA grown

*Kosher certified

*Cruelty-free (Fragrance oil as well)

*Pesticide, herbicide, and poisonfree

*Fragrance oils are paraben-free

Candle care is easy! simply make certain you are trimming your wick to 1/4 in. before you lightweight it anytime (yes, each time!) or pinch off the used black excess wick along with your fingers.

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Continually let the candle burn long enough that the entire high is liquefied to stop tunneling that wastes your candle. attempt to not burn for over a number of hours at a time. Enjoy!

This candle is during a nine oz jar with eight oz of product.

Recent Books Candle

We love the smell of recent books! however not the rotten, mildewy kind – the sweet, papery type. This soft, comforting scent causes you to need to curve up in your favorite reading chair and browse stacks of worn, well-loved stories. Vanilla overtones rework into a stunning, advanced aroma once thawed.


Aged Paper, unclean Shelves


  • Burn not than 2-3 hours at a time.
  • After use, cowl with a lid to cut back soot.


  • Burn close on a heat-resistant surface.
  • Keep removed from youngsters, pets and every one ignitable objects.
  • Don’t burn all the approach down – discontinue use once 1/2″ wax remains.
  • See our full list of safety tips!


Soy wax, leadless cotton wick, fragrance oil, dye chips.


Each item is poured by hand at our Minneapolis look. Soy wax is renewable, perishable, and vegan! The container area unit is reclaimable and reusable.

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