6 Best Techniques, Attitude & Field Set up to Bowl a Perfect Yorker

Introduction to Best Techniques, Attitude & Field Set up to Bowl a Perfect Yorker

A perfect yorker is a ball that usually binds over the entire length, usually around where the batsman’s legs are or near the popping crease. You will see the perfect yorker area next to the right-handed batsman is just beside the shoes.

The zone for left-handed batsmen has been moved to the right of the popping crease. Not enough for a Yorker batsman to hit it like a full toss, but not low enough for it to bounce and hit the batsman at a half volley.

It is a hazardous and challenging delivery for batsmen to play, especially when bowling at high speeds, and Often bats and cannons can lean on wickets or their pads on the floor.

Run-up doesn’t matter to deliver a perfect yorker. In this article, we discuss the different techniques, attitude – mindset, and Field set up to bowl a perfect yorker in the cricket field.

Now the question comes to your mind that how can you able to bowl a yorker

Accurate bowling comes down to excellent margins. When it comes to yorkers, the main reason for dropping the ball at the right time is because we have already discussed above, there is a field so small in which the delivery has to land. There are some things that I think bowlers need to be able to bowl good yorkers regularly. Let’s see them in detail.

Bowler’s Focus on The Pitch & Batsman

The eyes of a bowler are a crucially important part of bowling. Focusing on a specific object or specific part of the pitch can help you to the ball more accurately. Although not all bowlers do it, Australia’s Mitchell Starc, one of the deadliest death bowlers in modern games, once said in an interview that his approach to yorkers as soon as he reached the crease was to look at the stumps.

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If the Yorker he has bowled is too full, he will keep his eyes on the stumps next time, while if he bowls too short, he will keep his eyes on the stumps. Every cricketer is different. If you have that strategy, stick with it and don’t change! The more repetitive your methods and techniques, the more likely you will be able to bowl accurately.

Bowler’s Mentality And Attitude

Now here comes the most crucial part: you have to take a confident attitude in yourself. A big part of being a good yorker bowler comes in the bowler’s confidence. If you are free from worries like other parts of your game, such as no ball bowling, hitting for runs, or making sure your line and length are clear, you will be able to concentrate your best effort to get behind the ball and try to get the batsman out.

We have seen other people suggest that when you think of bowling a yorker, reduce your run a bit to make sure you get the goal. In my opinion, this is terrible advice. The Yorker is an effort ball. Similarly, a bouncer is an effort ball! It would help if you did not hold back when you choose to bowl.

When you come to the end of the run-up, remind yourself that you are the bowler and you are going to control this situation. The batsman can only respond to your work. He will play your terms. Believe in yourself and put all your efforts behind the ball. When bowling a yorker, that extra effort can give you that different speed to throw the ball under the bat and get the batsman out!

Practice until you Deliver perfect Yorker consistently

The only way to be a perfect bowler is to practice countless hours at home, on the net, or during games. Ideally, you should use three combinations! You will hear many professional bowlers say that bowling is about getting into a groove and a rhythm and achieving perfection through repetition.

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If you have nine months without practice, don’t expect to bowl correctly and achieve performance at the top. Bowling the Yorker is a matter of feeling. Once you get used to bowling them, you will naturally understand when the ball leaves your hand. 

Try to Swing the ball while delivering the Yorkers

  • If you are the type of bowler capable of swinging the ball, you need to consider this when bowling yorkers. Batsmen know the ball will travel in a straight line wherever they want to go. 
  • However, a swing bowler who moves the ball from left to right in the air has to aim outside the stump line to calculate this movement in the air. Bowler tries to deliver swinging a yorker from right to left also. 
  • The ball’s movement needs to be taken into consideration because if we fail to do it, it can lead us to bowl too far. 
  • If we start the ball in the wrong line, the ball swings and goes under the leg-side, it can run from our complete and make it much easier to keep the ball away from the batsman’s hand. He needs to clip the ball lightly and throw it behind the square on the leg side. 

Yorker bowling for cross-seam bowlers

In this section, I would like to mention the last word, how effective is cross-seam supply to fight against it. Bowlers who swing the ball naturally can use the cross-seam ball so that yorkers do not have to consider their swing when bowling.

Holding the ball cross-seam removes the possibility of the ball passing by in the air remove it effectively converts them into a seam bowler, who can only run and bowl in a straight line. If he gets used to seeing you swing the ball and then do a ball that doesn’t swing at all, it could mislead him about the ball line.

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Fielding set while delivering Yorker

Suppose the batsmen pick and manage your ball and play the perfect short for a boundary. We know that no one is perfect. So, to bowl the ideal Yorker, you need to determine the perfect fielding position. I’m sure nobody will ever tell you how to choose the perfect fielding position when planning the excellent yorker bowling.

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I won’t worry about my brother to you. If you are bowling to the yorkers batsman offside, what Field should you set up to take wickets or stop runs? I will suggest this. Long off, long on, short, mid-wicket or extra cover, mid-on, seal mid on/off depending on the ball’s speed, deep mid-wicket or different speed again depending on the speed and swing of the ball: deep extra cover, fine leg, silly point, the wicketkeeper, bowler. You can take a slip for protection or move your legside filder upwards to cover that side also.

Final Words 

If you have never bowled Yorker before or want to improve your accuracy while bowling them, I can only advise you to practice every day. Professional bowlers will spend hours practising their yorkers in the nets, and they have tried thousands of them in real game situations.

Spending these few hours practising yorkers means that you can get a better feeling for their bowling; this movement is bound up in your muscular memory. I hope this article improves your techniques, attitude, and Field setup while delivering a Yorker on the cricket field. You can find more cricket related tips at CricketBio.

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