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This is a method of generating ideas or suggestion very quickly,creatively and collectively.
Generally some of the member of the team contributes to the idea generation.
Component required is a room ,pen,marker and a flip chart.
Generally we use this technique when the problem is being identified and defined.

Step1-Gather is a room with Flip chart,pen,post it,Marker.
Step-2-Decide the team
Step-3-write the problem and it’s present condition.
Step-4-Distribute the post it among the team member
Step-5-Think about the problem and solve for 5-10 mins
Step-6-Write all the solutions to the post it(One idea/post it) and paste them on the flip chart
Step-7-Check if any new idea has come up
Step-8-Take each idea and discuss if that idea is ok with the team and it’s effectiveness.
Step-9-Priorities the idea using Impact diagram
Step-If the team can not decide involve a third party to decide the best idea and then implement it.

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