6 Secrets to Brighten Sunny Spots at Home

Introduction to Brighten Sunny Spots at Home

A well-lit, warm shiny home with bright interiors and natural light flowing from all corners is something we all want to wake up to every morning. Indeed yes! But many times the cramped spaces in the urban jungles do not permit so.

Chucking that apart what we can do is to give those warm touch-ups to the already sunny spots of our home, giving the entire house a fresh lease of life by brightening the spaces.

Not just these few spots, the weather also brings along darkness into the house example a typical winter day where days are shorter and darker or a gloomy rainy day- they not only get along with them moisture but dullness too into the houses.

Texture paints are one way to enhance the entire house, choosing a bright texture paint that illuminates and radiates places is something you should opt for if you want that extra lightening effect. Asian paint textures are surely something you should look at for the wide variety they offer.

Here are a few hacks that can very well bring in a flow of light along with them:

Choosing natural light bulbs

Whether a tube light or a handing LED  bulb, buy a shade that mimics the natural light instead of hues of white. Daylight white instead of soft white- there is a lot of difference you can sense when you start using them. This way you can simply choreograph natural light into your living spaces, dining areas effortlessly.

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Use of lighter paint shades

Neutral wall colors, Pearl white, soft white, silvery-white, metallic white, tinted white and similar hues of white can be your best bet when it comes to pumping in more light.

They also help in toning the interiors giving serene pleasantness even with limited sunshine. Berger paints have some amazing traces of whites that you can look at.

Décor and drapes

Flowing natural light can be improved to a great extent by laying down white or carpets in the hues of white. The little light that falls on them reflects within the area brightening the area instantly.

Window curtains, blinds, and other drapes used within the home can be limited to softer tones to reflect light from all corners.  Avoid heavy curtains at all times, replace them with sheers to get let the light flow in.

Decorating dark walls

Decorating dark walls of the house with white photo frames, adding focus light on the artwork, using scones on artwork- this way you eliminate the dark spots adding depth to the room. This is one designer tip you can implement for low or no light rooms.

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Adding mirrors

Adding mirrors in the sunniest spots of your home can stream the sunlight in, if you want to avoid unnecessary mirrors, you can choose to decorate these sunny areas with reflective furniture that has a stell or glass finish, that are glossy, etc. This will ensure the light is protracted in all directions.

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Dividing spaces

If your house needs a partition curtain or wall between the living room and sitting area or dining and kitchen, ideate a partition with plants like succulents, or divide the spaces by blinds or white sheets or a perforated wall instead to allow the light to filter through. This way you can also add anew dimension giving a rich exotic look.

Taking time to personally plan and design our homes is something each one of us should do, for those of you who need extra expertise over and above, seek an interior expert opinion too.

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