How Bug Tracking Can Help you With an Effective Testing Process Beyond 2020

Introduction to Bug Tracking

Once you start with testing and run the test cases you might see that some test cases are failed which means that there is some issue that needs to be fixed and you need to communicate it to the right person.

At this point, the need for an organized process and tool is required with which transparent communication is developed and issues can be monitored by the developer, tester, and higher management.

If you do not know about bug management tools and have been reporting issues through the traditional way via incorporating excel sheets then you are not only wasting your time but also your resources are busy carrying out these insignificant tasks rather than focusing on the main goal. 

With the help of a bug tracking tool, a simple ticket would be generated regarding the issue and the whole team would be notified about the error and the reason due to which it occurred.

It also allows you to assign the task to a specific person through a single click and you won’t have to generate email threads for task assignment again and again.

Since testers are always preoccupied with different aspects of testing so they need to work around the right tools to make things manageable.

How powerful bug management speeds up the testing and development process?

Most of the successful software development companies rely on project management and testing tools to perform their day-to-day tasks as these tools help them to achieve their desired efficiency and issues can be recorded and updated in real-time which are accessible by the entire department. 

If businesses stick to manual ways of transferring data then the chances of errors would increase as it would involve numerous steps and a specific resource would be required to manage the issues and update their status, time, and again.

With proper bug management and integration of the right tools, one can easily export issues from other platforms and vet them as per your current requirement. 

One can also integrate the tool with the project management tool which they were already using, for instance, if you use Jira to manage the whole project then you can easily integrate a bug management tool with it which eliminates most of the manual work as it proves to be tedious and consumes your time. It empowers the team and is best suitable for the Agile teams. 

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Since you can test at a fast pace now and revisions are being suggested through a proper channel, the velocity of the development process is also increased as clear errors or issues are communicated to the developers.

Unnecessary manual steps are removed from the whole process and the team can enjoy additional benefits of using integrated tools.

  • The testing process not only speeds up but also helps to maintain transparency.
  • Chances of human errors are minimized.
  • A productive reporting strategy can be developed 
  • Testing strategy can be implemented easily which helps to achieve targets
  • Report and resolve the issue using a single dashboard
  • Visually appealing format to record issues
  • Speed up quality assurance process
  • Privacy and security is increased
  • Files are properly organized and can be tracked easily

These tools have become an integral part of the software house tools stack as they allow you to achieve the quality you were aiming for.

It has become vital for companies to plan their testing strategies intelligently and incorporate smart analytics for quick and reliable decisions that can be validated too.

These tools help with mindful testing as this practice can’t be performed while being on autopilot and testers need to act intelligently while running the tests. It provides a clear view of the test cases performed and the areas which require instant attention by the team. 


Bug management tools make your testing process efficient and speed up the whole testing process. Required and purposeful reports can be created instantly which proves to be beneficial for the testing strategy.

If all failed tests are recorded properly, they can surely help you to create an effective strategy for the future. While choosing among the smart platforms for bug management or test automation, always consider the lifecycle of your product which can be adjusted with the consumer technologies landscape. 

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