Bugzilla The New Solution for Bug Tracking


Bugzilla The New Solution for Bug Tracking


1. What is Bugzilla?

Bugzilla is a powerful bug tracking system which can make the reporting of bugs and responses run smoothly with our view in making our products better and more accessible for a large number of users. Through the use of Bugzilla, users can report their bugs, and receive feedback from a developer or an engineer. Bugzilla is not only for the real problem but also for new functionality or product updates.

2. Before you use Bugzilla

This Bugzilla handles all packages on Turbo Linux’s FTP site except followings. packages with the version being before their Beta. packages of commercial products packages included in companion CDs
Reported bugs will be closed when a bug is fixed. However, there are some cases that will be closed with the following reason.

3. Access to Bugzilla

You can access Bugzilla by https://www.bugzilla.org/

4.Getting your account

You need your own account in order to use Bugzilla. It is available from the website described above. You’ll receive your password by mail just after getting your accounts at that website. Bugzilla will permit you to log in with the email address you registered when you got the account and password you received by mail. Information of your accessing Bugzilla was saved as cookies so that you can use the Bugzilla without logging in when re-accessing Bugzilla as long as the cookies are remained available on disks.

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5. Your mail addresses to the public

You can choose whether you will have your email address is visible to the public or not. The word “the public” means that anyone who has the right to look over your bug report will know your email address because your email address is on the bug report. The benefit you have for presenting the address to the public is that every time any information is added to Bugzilla, it will be automatically sent to the address. In other words, you will not receive mail from Bugzilla if you don’t have your address be to the public. Because the system will assign a unique ID , and replace with your email address on the log field of the bug report if you don’t have the address be to the public, and no one can know your address from the bug report. In this case, you have to check the latest information manually. You can change your address’s publicity once after you reported the bug. Although information already described on the report will remain on the field, please take a note that the previous publicity setting will remain in the already reported bug.

6. Report / Search the bug :

This section covers how to report new bugs and search those bugs. Report a new bug At the site https://www.bugzilla.org// , click “Enter a new bug”. When asked to log in, log in the Bugzilla using your account (your email address) and password you registered when you got the account. Now you have the window for entering new bugs. In the window, you can see some fields to which you put some information.
○Product version
○Justification for P1
○Assigned to
○Defect Type

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