5 Points- How technology can help build a better team?

Build a Better Team with Technology


Technology is a part of our daily lives and we cannot imagine our lives without it.  From cooking to cleaning, from transportation to communication, technology has touched our lives in some form or the other and this technology has also simplified the businesses processes.

like automating difficult tasks, Agile way of development, testing and measuring the performance of the upcoming products and understanding the psychology of the customer.

Technology helps strengthen the business by simplifying the decision-making process and improving the business process at large. For example, using cloud-based solutions like HR tech, you can not only improve the overall efficiency of the business but also increase its operational capacity.

In this article, we are going to talk about various ways in which technology is helping us build a stronger organisation with strong employee support and better team-building activity.

Talent Management

Technology has changed the way we hire, recruit and onboard talents. In fact, because of technology, recruiters now have access to a large pool of talent to choose from. The world is like a big market and they now have access to talents from all over the world.

Job portals like indeed and Naukri, hiring tools like Social Hub, and social media channels like Linkedin are just a few clicks away. Candidates can connect with business leaders and access jobs in various fields, even when they live in a different part of the state or country.

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Due to COVID, remote hiring tools have made hiring top talents from around the world much easier and faster. Recruiters no longer have to worry about the cost of hiring a new employee.

Better Screening of employees

Thanks to tools like the applicant tracking system, screening has become easier and more accurate compared to the manual process. This tool collects and sorts resumes based on ATS algorithms and taps into potential employees depending on the score given and automates the ranking process.

There are companies that collect relevant and contextual data from candidates and will analyse this data to generate insights for the role.

These insights generated by the companies are useful in evaluating the candidate before the final hiring is done.

AI for Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence has permeated almost all the industries today and it is now a part of the recruitment process as well. AI is being used to tap into the wide talent pool to look for potential candidates on job portals, social media etc, conduct the initial screening, and help the HRs collect relevant data.

Unlike the general misconception, AI will not replace the hiring officers or the HR managers, but rather ease their task and free some of their time so they can focus on things that matter. With the implementation of artificial intelligence in recruitment, recruiters can focus on selecting the right candidates for the job.

Workplace Safety

Your HR department is responsible for ensuring workplace safety, whether this means offering seminars on workplace safety or creating a policy for ensuring all the employees feel safe in the workplace.

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Workplace safety can also refer to safety from falling objects, physical accidents or sexual harassment in the workplace, or even psychological safety, such as protecting employees from intimidation or workplace bullying.

An HR management software helps organisations capture important details of the employee like the emergency contact number for easy access in case of emergency, offers provision to raise a complaint against someone, assign a critical task like cleaning and sanitising and making face masks available while tracking the progress of each activity.

Compensation and Benefits

The HR department is responsible for the compensation and benefits policy in the organisation but with the introduction of HR tech, it has become easier for the HR to track commission, plan and assign performance metrics.

Additionally, with the help of the feedback feature, HRs can deploy 360-degree feedback and provide peer to peer recognition and also rewards for the task performed. This tool not only ensures unbiased decision making but also encourages the employee to take up more responsibility.


Technology is here to make our lives easier but at the end of the day, the humans operating those technologies are the ones behind building a better workplace and a strong organisation. You need to hire a qualified person for the job to be able to utilise this tech to its fullest.

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