How To Build A Perfect Home Gym in 2021

Introduction to Build A Perfect Home Gym

 If you are an average gymaholic, then your day might look like this. Coming back from work, entering the home, changing into shorts, getting into the car, getting stuck into traffic, entering the gym, feeling irritated by the music choice, waiting for the dumbbells, getting scolded by the self-proclaimed pro, getting back to the car, getting stuck in the traffic again, entering the house, hating the most unproductive past two hours, going to sleep.

If you can relate to this then we have a solution for you. Building a home gym has never been this easy.

I know everyone has heard that you need tens of thousand dollars to build a home gym, and this is true to some extent. If you want to build a full-fledged, extravagant gym, then it can cost you this much.

But if you are not into building muscles and just want to exercise for the sake of remaining healthy and fresh, then you can easily build a home gym for under $500 which is way cheaper than obtaining a membership at any local gym.

Following is the step by step guide about how to build the perfect home gym.


Finding the right place is extremely important. But make sure that the room has adequate space. You don’t want to workout in a congested place.

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Put the available sound system there if required. Most people use the garage for this purpose. Once determined, dedicate that space completely for fitness purposes and make sure to tidy up the place.


If you have any know-how about cardio exercises then it is well and good, otherwise, we will recommend finding an online instructor or an exercise plan.

But don’t forget to do some digging on your online instructor, just to ensure that you are in safe hands. 


This can be a little tricky because you will require a lot of research upon what equipment to buy and from where to buy but we have simplified it for you.

Since you aren’t after building muscles and your sole purpose is Cardio so we have designed a complete guide to help you fulfill all of your cardio requirements.


A treadmill is the most fundamental machine for cardio. No one has the time nowadays to go to the park for jogging.

So Treadmill is the most crucial accessory for your cardio workout. You can easily buy a treadmill for under $200. But you will have to take certain factors into account while buying.

First, make up your mind whether you want to jog or dash on your treadmill. If you want to jog then buy a treadmill with a 1.5 horsepower power supply and 3.5 to 4 feet long and 18 to 20 inches wide belt.

But if you want a treadmill for running purposes then buying a 4.5 to 5 feet long with width ranging above than 20 and having a power supply of 2 horsepower will be more suitable.

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A rowing machine is also a necessity for a home gym. Whether you want to shed your fat, gain some muscles, or some good old fashioned cardio. You can buy an efficient rowing machine for $150 almost.

Rowing machines usually come with tires to ease maneuverability. And don’t forget to look for comfort according to your body type while buying the machine.

Usually, rowing machines come in pieces and you will have to assemble them yourself, but it is not that much of rocket science.

Every rowing machine comes with a monitor on its screen which demonstrates the calories burnt, stamina, etc. Expensive ones tend to show more in-depth data.


Ellipticals are advanced alternatives for Bicycles. It can target both your upper and lower limbs because of its dumbbells and pedals. You can perform intense interval training and steady-state workouts at the same time.

If you buy an elliptical for $250, you can get built-in levels of resistance. A moderate Elliptical contains 6 to 8 levels of resistance to aid you in your workout. They can also read your pulse from the sensors instituted in the handles.

But the most important factor to keep in mind is weight. Opt for the heaviest machine you could afford.

As the weight of the machine itself demonstrates its strength and durability. If you are going for a bike shaped elliptical then we recommend buying one with a 45-pound flywheel.

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You can easily make a functional gym from these three machines. You can increase your equipment step by step if you want or keep working out with these, it is your choice but your goal of a perfect home gym is accomplished.

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It is the step that matters the most. Once you have arranged everything, workout like your life depends upon it.

Make someone accountable for your workout who will remind and motivate you every day. Make daily and weekly weeks and put some effort into it. Sacrifice your leisure time for the sake of better health and physique and I bet you won’t regret it.

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