How Does a Busy Line Affect your Business and How to Prevent it in 2020?

How Does a Busy Line Affect your Business

Have you ever considered how do the busy signals affect your customers? – If you ask me, I would think a hundred times before calling a company whose number goes busy. A company that genuinely regards its customers and is serious about business would never leave his phones on that annoying busy beep. It’s a way of compelling the other person to hang up and never call back. The people today expect an organized and pleasant call holding experience.

Before the advent of VoIP phones, the phone line was considered as the proper copper wire. However, VoIP has changed the definition of the “phone line.” Today, a phone line can also be a virtual phone line somewhere in the cloud. The conventional phones that worked on the copper wires could take only one call per line or cable. The other person calling the same number would get a busy tone. This is the reason why VoIP business is flourishing so much. It does not let you lose the customers by giving them a beep that almost leaves them frustrated.

No More Busy Beeps!

Firstly, VoIP phones consist of multiple lines in the cloud that work by an IP PBX. It is a Private Branch Exchange – that works on the same internet connection as does your VoIP system. The SIP trunking initiates the calls, and the PBX routes them on different lines on your extension so that the caller does not experience the busy tone. It allows simultaneous calling effectively and efficiently.

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The traditional phones also had PBX, which allowed simultaneous calls. However, it was confined only to larger businesses. Small teams could not even think of having one. On the other hand, VoIP has significantly increased the capacity of simultaneous calling. You can easily add or remove lines on your IP PBX. The process is called scalability, which helps adjust according to the requirement and need of the hour. This is what makes VoIP business flexible and user-friendly.

The possibility of your number being busy is substantially reduced – yet again, under some circumstances, if all the extensions are busy, VoIP has it covered for you!

Smarter Solutions to Replace Busy Signals

The key is to accelerate the waiting time and engage the customer as he waits for the representatives to respond. This allows you to retain calls by preventing them from dropping due to the annoying busy beep.

Entice the Callers by Playing Background Music

Alfred Levy was the first businessman to discover the science of “music on hold accidentally.” In his factory, the phone systems picked up a radio signal and started playing it out of the blue. He suddenly realized that their callers stayed longer on lines that they did otherwise. Hence, all hail to Mr Levy!

Keeping it in view, the businesses then employed this technique and it in use ever since.

Make small groups of people to Ring them Simultaneously

Perhaps not everyone’s taking the call if one or two members of the department are. Making ring groups will make calls to multiple people on the group, and whoever receives the call first will be able to communicate. This way, the VoIP phones ensure that all your calls are answered. Thus, your availability does not depend on the availability of one person but the group’s availability.

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Make Hunt groups to Ensure Availability

If you go by the hunt group principle, specific callers are called in an order, and their phones ring one by one. Each member is provided with a particular time frame in which he has to answer the call if he does not – the call goes to the next line, continuing until it is attended. If, however, nobody is available to take the call, the call either goes to voicemail or revert to IVR.

Queue the customers to minimize their frustration

Call queues are so configured that they automatically put the customer who has waited for the maximum amount of time online with the available agent as soon as he gets free. In this way, human error is reduced because one does not have to keep track of who called first and vice versa.

During the busy time of the day, the call queues instead of routing calls and making them wait for an indefinite period of time route them to the voicemail or secondary line.  Thus, VoIP business has eliminated the possibility of dropping your business calls!


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