How To Know When To Buy A Chromebook in 2021

Introduction to Buy A Chromebook

Chromebooks have become a popular option for personal computing. Their ease of use accompanied by the power of the cloud offers the perfect solution for those looking for a laptop that does the basics and for those who are on a budget.

The following post reveals when a consumer should consider investing in a Chromebook. Some of the best Chromebooks on the market are certainly appealing not only for their price and functionality but also based on the user as we will reveal:

Calling all bloggers, college students, and light computer users, the best Chromebooks could become your new best friend!

  1. If you already use Google Chrome and have a Google account

If you are a regular user and supporter of Google’s apps like Gmail, Google Drive (used to create and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets), and Google Calendar, a Chromebook is a feasible option.

This is because Chromebooks are specifically tailored to Google’s apps. If you already have a Google account, this transfer will be easy for you as you can log onto a Chromebook using your existing Google account.

The use of Google Drive allows for Microsoft Office files to be imported into Drive and when a Google Drive document is saved or downloaded, it can be saved under the Microsoft Office format and as a result, be shared with non-Chromebook users.

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However, do assume that a Chromebook works only with integrated Google apps. For instance, the cloud version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Online can be used as apps on Chromebooks.

Finally, in terms of pictures and photos, a Chromebook has many photo editors for the Chrome OS such as the open-source GIMP image editor.

  1. If you know you will always have an internet connection where you need it

From chilling at home to working in a college or for your career, if you use a laptop within regular locations with strong internet connections, a Chromebook may well be a suitable option for you since everything is synced and saved when online.

If you tend to use a laptop without the need for the internet, then sticking to a standard laptop would be a wise move.

Although you can still edit documents on the best Chromebooks that require no internet connection, they are built to be used using the power of the internet.

If you are one of those individuals that like to use a laptop to surf the web, email, and keep tabs on social media then the Chromebook is the best option.

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  1. If you do not care about gaming!

Although you can still game on a Chromebook using the games that available on the Chrome Web Store, a Chromebook is ideal for those who are more interested in web browsing, using email, and/or creating and editing documents.

You can still listen to music and watch films of course, but the reality is if you do not mind using a laptop for the purposes of not gaming a Chromebook is the perfect solution. This is because more advanced games with superior graphics do not run well on a Chromebook!

  1. If you are tech-savvy!

The latest and best Chromebook for students is stocked with special features as Chrome OS has improved its offering. With voice controls, an on-screen keyboard design to enable touchscreen use plus the Google Now app (provides local news and weather updates on-screen), the Chromebooks are certainly impressive and highly accurate with their machine learning capability in terms of identifying and recognizing the users natural writing appearance.

  1. If you want a laptop with tremendous battery life, the Chromebook is for you!

One of the great unique selling points for the best Chromebooks is their long battery life. If you constantly get frustrated about the need to carry a charger and have interrupted browsing sessions, you should consider a Chromebook.

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Generally, they will last 8 hours straight after a long charge. The best Chromebooks can provide a battery life average of around 10 hours, a hands-down winner compared to general laptops!

  1. If you want to carry a light laptop

Chromebooks are light in weight (typically 2-4 pounds) making them ideal options for those who want to have a light laptop.

They are extremely portable making them great for carrying around class, the office, or even around your house.

The best Chromebooks as well as being light have considerable screen sizes ranging from 13 inches to 15 inches. The standard Chromebook screen would is 11.6 inches.

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