5 Best Features of Camping Sink

Introduction to Camping Sink

Imagine yourself in a situation, You have just finished a frustrating and lengthy project at work and now you need some days off.

You have planned to camp away from the hustle-bustle of the city, in any national park with your friends. Everything is going smooth, You are grilling fish, cracking jokes at each other, smiling, enjoying your well-deserved break but suddenly your utensils, cutlery and hands require washing.

This situation will kill all the joy and humour as the rest of your hours will be spent lumping gallons of water for washing purposes and at the end of the day, you will be standing above the pile of mud and filth which will make it impossible to organise a campfire.

If you are a regular camper or planning a camping trip in a near then this article is going to protect you from a major buzzkill.


A camping sink is a portable, compact-sized washing sink that you can carry along with you anywhere you desire. You can strap it on your back, fold it into the car and much more.

It has separate portions for storing clean water and used water. It also has a foot pump that helps you refill the water supply with minimum energy. You don’t need plumbing, just place it and it is ready to use.

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  • Washing dishes,
  • Cooking,
  • Washing hands,
  • Washing clothes
  • And drinking

There are two main types of camping sink


It has batteries and motors instead of a foot pump for pumping up the water. Some models also have built-in geysers to supply hot water. But because of all the batteries and motors, It is quite heavy and is not recommended for camping.

It is mostly used in outdoor parties and meetups. It can store almost 4 – 8 gallons of water depending upon the model.


It has a foot pump for which you have to pedal to pump your water in the sink. Having a foot pump isn’t that much of a big deal. You are camping to observe mother nature in all its glory. I bet you can compromise on giving some jerks for the sake of the cause.

Manual camping sink is strongly recommended due to its low weight with respect to its electric counterpart. Depending upon the model, it can store 2 – 4 gallons of water. It also costs way less than the electric one and is more durable.


There are thousands of camping sinks to choose from and if you go into the market uninformed, you are bound to get confused.

So it is important to have your priorities in line to avoid any inconvenience. We have listed down some important elements to look out for.


Your biggest priority should be buying a sink that you can easily move around. Remember one thing, You are buying it to ease your trouble, don’t let it become a burden on yourself.

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Some camping sinks can be strapped to your back, Some have tyres, some can fit into your car. So choose the one that suits you most in the terrain you are going to camp in.


Your camping sink isn’t supposed to be flashy and sleek, things can get crazy in the wild. So opt for the one which is more durable rather than choosing a flamboyant one.

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Assembling a camp sink isn’t rocket science in most cases. But still, go for the one in which you won’t need any assistance whatsoever.

You don’t need plumbing and drilling, it is a bit complex for you to assemble it manually then it is better to keep your hands off it.


The table is the surface of the camping sink so it is necessary to put some thought into it. The most important thing to keep in mind that your table should be as small as it could be. The table is the constituent that requires the most space so it is recommended to get a smaller table.


If you are traveling via car then you can bear a large camp sink. But if you are trekking in a group then such flamboyance isn’t recommended. Opt for a camp sink that you have no problem hauling around.

It is recommended to go for smaller sinks as accommodation is the most important factor in any trip. Having a spare room in your car isn’t a bad thing.

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A camping sink is a must for any camping trip and it is worth every penny. It is going to save you from a lot of trouble so buy a manual camping sink that is easy for you to carry in your earliest convenience. We have provided you with all the necessary information so choose while keeping these parameters in your mind.

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