7 Best Reasons Why Buy a Capsule Coffee Maker

Introduction to Capsule Coffee Maker

The biggest benefit you can have when buying one is comfort. If you are a serious coffee drinker but it bothers you, or you don’t have enough time to grind the coffee, and clean, all this work disappears with a capsule coffee maker. Easy, no mess, no hassle.

There really is no faster way to get a nice cup of coffee, but if you’re still not convinced, here are 7 reasons to buy a capsule coffee maker :

1. Speed.

If time runs against you every day, these coffee makers will give you in seconds, yes seconds, a rich coffee ready to drink thoroughly.

2. Simplicity to the maximum.

Its operation is designed so that you have to make the minimum effort, just place the capsule and press the button. It’s that simple, without grinding, or heating water, making adjustments, or weighing anything.

3. Impeccable cleaning.

Most have an automatic washing and descaling system. Of course, they also need maintenance, but certainly much less frequent than an espresso machine, for example.

4. Profitability.

If you compare a traditional coffee maker with a capsule one, the former will have everything to gain in reducing costs.

But, although these are more profitable, the dedication and work of preparing a coffee are greater than in a capsule coffee maker.

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Now, if you are one of those who frequent the cafeteria on the way to work to have your daily dose of caffeine, without a doubt, these coffee makers will be saving you a huge amount of money in the long run.

5. The flavor you want.

Manufacturers of coffee pods have undoubtedly gone out of their way to satisfy even their most demanding customers, including those who like these exotic drinks.

You will find that you can drink from traditional espresso to decaffeinated, cappuccino, caramel, vanilla, mixed drinks, infusions, and much more.

6. Aesthetics.

Something that we cannot deny about capsule coffee machines is the number of models, their beautiful designs, and bright colors, which fit into the kitchen style you have.

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7. Space.

Thongs or not with a small kitchen, these coffee makers are really compact so generally, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to fit them, you could even put them away after use.

What is a capsule coffee maker?

A capsule coffee maker ( also known as single-dose coffee makers ) is a device that uses concentrated ground coffee, sealed in a small piece of plastic (capsule), and that is generally intended to prepare a single dose of coffee.

This capsule is placed inside the coffee machine, which will then be pierced by the machine and hot water will pass through it, mixing water and coffee evenly, and then it will go out through the nozzle of the coffee machine straight into the cup.

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How to descale a capsule coffee maker

The main drawback of these coffee makers is the limestone that forms inside. This is obstructing the internal pipes causing the machine not to work as it should, and also, it gives an unpleasant taste to the coffee.

Fortunately, the problem is solved by using a small amount of descaling agent in the water tank (no matter the brand) and then letting the coffee maker do the procedure several times.

Then do the process again but this time with clean water, if you remove any remaining descaling agent, so your coffee will not have strange flavors.

Of course, this is a process we recommend doing every 3-4 months if you consume four or five cups a day. On the other hand, if you only limit yourself to consuming one capsule per day, this process could be extended to 18 months.

How to use a capsule coffee maker.

These coffee makers are designed to simplify and automate the entire process, so you only have to worry about enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

  • Make sure you have enough water in the tank.
  • Choose the capsule between the different flavor variants and place it inside the compartment of the coffee maker.
  • Press the button and wait for the extraction to finish.

It’s that simple, and in just a few steps, you will have a delicious cup of coffee in your hands in seconds. However, we want to give you some tips that will improve the experience with your capsule coffee maker :

Make use of filtered water. Good quality water ensures that your coffee will have all the flavor you expect, and helps prevent calcification in the brewer.

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Run a little water through the coffee pot before making coffee. This will help to expel any impurities inside the machine, and also to preheat the cup so that the coffee talks its temperature for a longer time.

Know well all the settings of your coffee machine, so you can perfectly adjust the coffee to your liking.

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