Learn About 5 Car Beds for Frquent Night Drivers

Introduction to night Journey

You must be thinking what is the relation between car beds with driving? Let me answer this. The night drive is always a breeze as we hardly get any traffic, bikes, cyclists, dow, cow etc. I personally like night driving while going on a long drive.

But driving in the night also brings other side effects. As driving solely depends on the driver’s ability. It is important that the driver should/must get some rest. Drivers need to be always active and full of energy during the journey.

When fatigue accidents happen

The study says the below points about sleep-related accidents:

  • Accidents mostly happen late at night or in the early morning.
  • They involve high speed, uncontrolled driving due to the tired body of the driver.
  • Mostly the drivers travel alone.
  • Mostly no proper sign of braking during the accident.

Why do accidents happen in the night?

Sleepiness or drowsiness is the evil that brings the falling of asleep for the drivers. It is due to prolonged tiredness. It is very common to the drivers. The important point is when this occurs to the driver, the ability to control the car sharply diminishes.

The controlling also includes limited body movement(gear shifting), limited eye scanning (ability to judge). These factors increase the chance of accidents.

The accidents happen due to

  • Slower reaction time.
  • Impaired judgement.
  • More frequent eye blinking
  • Lack of cognitive performance.
  • Failure of attention.
  • Loss of visual awareness.

Will we stop driving at night?

Oh no. We will not We will continue to drive during the night but with precaution. We always tend to ignore the driver.

But hey, you can close your eyes, listen to music or even fold your legs for extra comfort. A driver can not do all these. If he/she does, in the blink of eyes, the car may crash.

The rule is driver must get sleep or adequate rest. Now the serious question is where does the driver get to rest?

Till date, we (drivers) rested in the parking lot of the hotel, toll plazas, oil pump stations by just stopping the car and by drinking tea, coffee or any energy drinks. We may have smoked and chewed to wake ourselves.

In this post, I am going to tell you a makeshift arrangement for drivers on how to rest (sleep).

Prepare your body clock for the journey

We need to prepare mentally and physically for the night drive if you think that your journey needs travelling in the night. We are not that category of mammal whos efficiency increase during the night.

So we need to adjust the body clock. So start preparing for 1 week. Sleep well for at least the last 2 days. During our night journey, I remain inactive and give myself enough rest. My wife takes care of all the things(starting from tea/coffee to all necessary arrangements).

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Role of Powernap during the long journey

During the journey in the night, you may feel sleepy, that is quite natural. You may not get adequate sleep before or could not spend a week to prepare the body clock. So you must take a power nap during the long journey.

The importance of a power nap is as follows:

  • It increases the concentration power and our alertness go high.
  • We can recall our memory better.
  • Since during the nap, our body parts get some rest, overall stress level reduces.
  • It significantly improves our stamina.
  • It increases motor skills.

How to get a power nap during the journey?

To get a proper power nap, you need to purchase a car bed. A car bed is specially designed for your comfort. The car bed can be ready-made or can be specially designed for your car.

Car beds can also be

  • Backseat car bed
  • Camping-car bed
Backseat car bed

Backseat car beds are kind of universal beds that fit into SUVsor 5 seater cars. The beds can be inflated with normal tyre inflator(Like –TUSA Digital Car Tyre Inflator or AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator with Carrying Case)

camping car bed

Camping-car beds are primarily for SUVs where the seats can be folded. This can help you to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset with your favourite drinks.

However, the backseat car beds are more versatile and provide more freedom for car drivers. It is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Car beds are available in different sizes, colours, designs. This will also help you to take rest even you are not travelling but just out of the office from a busy schedule.

5 Car Beds of My Choice

There are many different remarkable beds out there.  I tried to give you absolutely best ones.


BK 10 IMPORT & EXPORT Inflatable Beds Car for Back Seat Mattress Air Back Seat Backseat Cushion Camping Travel Outdoor Rest (Multicolor)



  • Universal layout for over 90% cars(except microcar), can warranty the mattress physique and the best space.
  • Child safety is designed to stop teens from losing lower back to the front cab
  • Easy-to-use electric powered pump for full inflation and firmness in three minutes.
  • Easy to deflate & store
  • An automated deflate feature approves for speedy and environment-friendly deflation.
  • Ideal for Camping, journey and Car
  • A hundred per cent Brand New and High Quality
  • Manual air valve geared up for flexibility
  • Non-toxic and Tasteless, Anti-Seismic and Pressure Proof
  • Durable Material, Durable and strong, it is successful to assist up to 300kg weight
  • Bed floor with flocking fabrics, dry, breathable, convenient to wash and dry, suitable for all seasons.
  • Quick and handy to inflate and deflate
  • Elements interlocking rapid launch valve which permits you to deflate and pack away in no time.

It is outfitted with a devoted journey bag and is effortless to carry.

Package includes:

1x Car airbed, 1x Car air pump 1x Storage bag 2x Inflatable pillow 2x Repair patch and glue kits Note:

Dos and Donts

  • There are an air inlet, a black bung and a leak-proof cap in the airbed to keep away from leakage.
  • Please examine the education of electric powered inflator pump earlier than inflating the air bed.
  • Please do not make it contact cigarette or any sharp objects
  • It’s cannot avoidable that you will acquire the backpack with some smells from authentic cloth as it is a company new. The scent will be long gone if the area the backpack in freely circulating air for 2-5 days.
  • After 10 hours of inflation, a herbal leak is an ordinary phenomenon; please inflate it once more for cosy use.

HSR Inflatable Car Bed Mattress with Two Air Pillows, Car Air Pump and Repair Kit (multi-colour)


  • Robust and long-lasting – the presented auto SUV air mattress is made of excessive first-rate PVC, glossy black flocked cloth to it feels like gentle feather long-lasting and tear-resistant material to transforms your auto lower back seat into a relaxed and luxurious bed.
  • The multifunctional inflatable auto mattress is perfect for use in any mainstream fashions of sedans SUV and minivan to furnish blissful surroundings for a lengthy automobile day trip or create extra room for rest, sleep or playtime.
  • Super load-bearing ability – this inflatable mattress has the excessive load-bearing ability of up to 300kg that permits two adults to without problems share the area or you can create the area for more than one children as a play vicinity at some point of a long ride or your avenue trip.
  • Size : 85-90(W) x 115-130(L) x 42-45(H) cm

Soflin Car Bed Mattress with Two Air Pillows, Car Air Pump and Repair Kit – (Multicolor)


  • Multipurpose automobile inflatable mattress – AllExtreme multifunctional inflatable vehicle mattress is best for use in any mainstream fashions of sedans SUV and minivan to grant an at ease surroundings for a lengthy vehicle day trip or create extra room for rest, sleep or playtime.
  • Robust and long-lasting – the presented auto SUV air mattress is made of excessive exceptional PVC, glossy black flocked cloth to it feels like tender feather long-lasting and tear-resistant material to transforms your automobile lower back seat into a blissful and luxurious bed.
  • Super load-bearing capability – this inflatable mattress has the excessive load-bearing ability of up to 180kg that lets in two adults to effortlessly share the area or you can create the house for more than one children as a play location for the duration of a long ride or your street trip
    Easy to easy, Premium Finish and Plush Look.

Maharsh Car Bed with 3 Separate Compression Sacks, 2 Pillows, Puncture Kit & Powerful Pump(Multicolor))


  • Heavy obligation auto journey inflatable mattress Size-145x90cm.
  • Easy to gather and disassemble, Easy to elevate and store.
  • This transportable air mattress can be taken somewhere with its effortless carrying bag.
  • Inflation time -2 min
  • Fits most auto models, saloon car, SUV, MPV, barring for the extend Lincolns, vans and minibus, best for camping, travel, festivals, surf journeys and adventures.
  • Inflatable mattress flat, huge and comfortable
  • Package includes: 1 x vehicle air mattress two x pillow 1 x vehicle air pump 1 x restore patch and 1 x arrange bag

BK 10 IMPORT & EXPORT Travel Bed Sofa with 2 Inflatable Pillows and Air Pump for Car Back Seat (Cream)


  • The multipurpose foldable mattress is an auto inflatable journey mattress which is convenient to gather and disassemble.
  • It is a graph to relaxation and loosens up in your car.
  • Car Camping Mattress is the fine desire when taking a long time out or outside tenting & hiking, specifically with kids, parents, fans even with the pets.
  • This inflatable mattress is made of the compound, breathable and eco-friendly polymerized PVC material, which is non-toxic, smell-less, protected and hold warm at 25 diploma centigrade beneath zero.
  • It is light, durable, satisfied and environment-friendly.


What are the other advantages of a car bed?

  • More Savings and convenience-  A permanent asset as the bed will save tons of money from checking in a hotel if you are a solo driver. It will give you more freedom to get sufficient rest before hitting the road.
  • Easy Camping- Want to enjoy a nature’s beauty with a ship of coffee or tea, while your legs and other body parts get some rest. The car bad can provide you with this freedom.
  • Must for Kids- Kids can easily enjoy their favourite show during miles of your journey. They can also do necessary stretching during the long tour. You can surely hear the snoring sound of the kids.
  • Happy Pets-Do you travel with your pets? If your answer is yes. Then this is another point to have bed in the car. This will give them all the minimum comfort for your happiness.
  • Fragile friendly- As inflated car beds can withstand the small bumpy roads, you can carry/transfer small fragile items at ease.

Rule of power nap during the journey

Now as you are equipped with a car bed, let us use it in the long night drive. Remember, a power nap is not an alternative for your actual sleep. However, this can give the necessary boost to your journey at night.

The rules of power nap as follows:

  • Power nap should be short and sweet, maximum 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • Find a great napping spot like petrol pump, toll plaza, parking of a highway dhaba(if you feel safe.)
  • Lock the car from inside and put the key with you.
  • Turn the Air condition of the car or you can use a battery-operated fan (like Bajaj, Mr Right, Rico)to create a microenvironment to sleep.
  • Try coffee or energy drink before sleeping. They will get enough time to react when you will awake.
  • Maintain safety first. It still you are sleepy after a power nap, you are really tired. So I suggest take one more nap before you start the journey. Dizziness is very dangerous during the night drive.
  • You can open the car window but that will be very small in size. Be very careful, the open window should not allow any insect or human to get access to your car. I prefer to use a mess.

Getting ready after a power nap

This section is the best practices to follow before you start for the next course of the journey.

  • Judge yourself for your tiredness.
  • Take a cup of coffee or tea or some health drink.
  • Slash water to your face especially to the eyes.
  • Jump a couple of times.
  • Walk for 2-3 minutes.
  • After starting the journey, listen to the music with a high volume.
  • Take plenty of water during your journey.
  • You can optionally turn the Air condition vents to fresh air mode from time to time.


The automobile air mattress offers comfy surroundings for you and the inflatable elastic can minimize the vibration and bumpy for the duration of driving. Car bed will surely reduce the “lack of sleep” or “lack of rest” during your journey.

The interior waft can block the noise at the backside of the car effectively, which will make you have a candy night. The mattress has two separate sections to healthy most sedans and SUV, which you can blow up one area you want to fill auto backseat or cargo region when travelling.

Car beds are perfect for camping, travel, out of doors activities, home, fairs and so on. The floor of the air mattress is made of glossy black flocked fabric and it feels like a gentle feather, remodelling your auto backseat into a comfy and luxurious bed.

The backside is made of fabric, waterproof, anti-dust, convenient to clean. (with two air pillows) The accurate mendacity relief of the air mattress which makes it come to be a lifesaver for a long-distance auto trip. And it additionally creates extra room for adults to do some romantic intimate action in the car.

The multifunctional inflatable auto mattress is perfect for use in any mainstream fashions of sedans SUV and minivan to grant cosy surroundings for a lengthy automobile time out or create greater room for rest, sleep or playtime

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