14 Best Career Options for MBA Students: 2020 And Beyond

Introduction to Career options for MBA Students

One of the biggest benefits of an MBA degree is flexibility. The business curriculum that covers a broad spectrum, along with specialization in fields such as marketing, finance or entrepreneurship among others, allow the student to develop the kind of skills which can be applicable across various industries.

Once you have acquired the diploma there are many career paths you can follow, that have a potential for job and salary growth. We have selected 14 of the best options when choosing a career after your MBA.

Management Consultant

As a management consultant, you will have to give advice to companies about management practices in business and identify the problems that are withholding their true potential towards being successful. Management consultants can either work privately or be a part of a consulting company. It is ideal for MBA professionals as there as considerable flexibility in this career along with a good earning.  

Manager in Marketing

A marketing manager plans and executes the marketing plans of an organization in order to assist its growth. Establishing budgets, planning marketing campaigns, providing the marketing team staff management to handle marketing research and analyzing collected data from researches and campaigns are some of the responsibilities of a marketing manager. 

Their ultimate goal is to create brand awareness and boost sales through organic marketing channels such as search engine optimisation or through paid marketing channels such as Google Ads.

However, an MBA graduate with marketing or any other specialization can also provide HND assignment help or his expert assistance with BTEC papers to struggling students.

Finance Advisor

A financial advisor helps people in planning major goals for their future, like saving for further studies and retirement. They seek ways for their client to increase their wealth by availing opportunities in investment and creating long terms plans for building a strong financial background. Although the salary range is a bit less when you begin, it can rise to over $100,000 annually if you keep at it.    

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Operations Management

Operations management consists of managing the operations that happen on daily basis within an organization such as inventory, purchasing, coordination between different departments and creating policies, or help their staff with essays on technology Other responsibilities include hiring staff and negotiation of contracts. This is a profession that has seen rapid growth recently due to many companies spreading their operation globally.    

Investment Banker

As an investment banker, you will need to assist organizations to invest and develop capital through smart purchasing of debt and equity. An investment banker also has to offer in-depth advice for the financial transaction which include mergers and acquisitions. The salary range can rise up to $200,000 in this career within a few years in the field.

Health Service Management

Healthcare industry is growing rapidly, especially during the current pandemic, and it needs skilled managers to oversee that all healthcare operations are running smoothly. It is the job of a health service manager to make sure that the company is sticking to federal and state government reports when delivering healthcare services. They supervise doctors, technicians, nurses and clerical staff.   

Director of IT

An IT director manages the technological resources of an organization belonging to any industry. They need to assure the company’s information tech is available constantly and is safe from the reach of hackers. They also oversee the strategy, management and implementation of an IT infrastructure within the organization. 

Finance Management

In this profession, one needs to oversee any financial transactions and activities of an organization. A finance manager also manages the cash and investment operations, along with devising finance procedures and providing oversight of the budget. They help a company to forge financial targets that are both long term and short term.    

Computer and Information System Management

An information systems manager is good at managing and planning every activity in a company that is computer related. Installing and upgrading hardware and software, implementing intranet and internet sites and development of networks are some of their duties.

Chief  Technical Officer

A CTO or chief technology officer creates a company’s technical program and vision and oversees its technology development. Management of the technology team and research and development is also their job. They need to manage special projects too from time to time.    

Product Management

Product managers ensure that a business is capable of achieving growth in the market and stays profitable, and they often do that by strictly focusing on a single product. They work in tandem with other department managers such as advertising, sales and public relations to enter new products in the market at the right time.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analyst has to be involved in the daily activities of a corporation. They assist managers in allocating the resources of the company in the best way possible, plan effective schedules for production, handle supply chains and form strong price structures.

Business Operations Management

Professionals on this career path use their skills of supply chain management to help companies overcome serious challenges that arise in business. They basically aim to effectively manage the supply chain consequently reducing costs within the organization.   

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst has to analyze the conditions of the market and perceive how the prospective sales would be of a new service or product. Their main function is to help companies make products that are wanted by the customers. They also have an insight into who the target audience will be and what price the product should go for.   

Concussion-Is the MBA really worth doing in 2020? 

An MBA degree opens up various lucrative career paths for you that are not at all limited to one field. However, in the light of recent events concerning the pandemic, this has also been affected like every other sector. 

The degree takes a fortune to attain and under the current circumstances this profession has changed from the hands-on experience it is supposed to be inside the business world, to meetings and events that are being held virtually.

Priorities and requirements have changed in the past few months to address entirely new angles and for MBA the future seems to be uncertain. For the best MBA essays, you can contact Essay Done UK for top quality is written content in the most affordable prices.              

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