7 Best Career Paths for SEO Experts in 2021

Introduction to Career Paths for SEO Experts

It’s been less than two decades since the concept of SEO first became a thing. Within such a short time, it encouraged millions of jobs around the world and continues to do so.

In this post, we look at 7 career trends in SEO that are likely to go nowhere anytime soon; especially in 2021.

Search Engine Marketer

It’s a common mistake to often pair SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and search engine optimization together. In reality, there’s a huge difference between them. SEO is a subset of SEM.

The latter is much more encompassing in that it covers a lot of expertise such as advertising and PPC (Pay Per Click). It also requires some degree of Customer Relationship Management skill as you often have to work with clients to understand their optimization needs, goals, and budget.

There are many SEM professionals who work solely with paid search. But, you can branch out in both SEM and SEO. Based on the expertise you develop as you go, you can handle anything that appeals to you.

To handle the job requirements of a search engine marketer, you would need to master Bing AdWords, Google AdWords, and myriad other web analytics.

Business Marketing Consultant

Often, once you have had a substantial amount of experience on your hands, you can become a professional business consultant, marketing consultant, and public speaker. Often, for this position, it’s required to have a stellar past performance and major success handling someone else’s or your own business.

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The upside of this position is that you get to work with clients and businesses on a personal basis. You get to offer suggestions in terms of what strategies to implement, what kind of changes are needed in their optimization approach, etc. You also have to help with strategic planning and find any shortcomings in the marketing department.

Mostly, the job of a consultant is to find solutions to specific problems, set up agency management tools, measure the performance of multiple strategies, take necessary initiatives, provide long-term support, etc.

This is a highly trending SEO job in 2021. The profile is ideal for anyone who is driven by ideas and strategies.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a rather easy way to put your SEO experience to some good use. It also allows you to gain a lot of new experiences and broaden your horizon. It’s a great way to learn new skills and also improve your salary profile. The typical job of a digital marketer includes handling –

  • SEO
  • Pay per click
  • Social media management
  • Overall online marketing performance

As a digital marketer, you must know how to utilize social media, plan content, and understand current and future requirements using data management and analytics. You should also know how to use various advertisement platforms to drive traffic.

Marketing Analyst

If you are someone who enjoys crunching numbers and can derive meaningful conclusions from data and analytics, this is the right job profile for you. Data happens to be a huge part of search engine optimization. Anyone who has been part of the online marketing world would know that.

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So, the typical day of a marketing analyst involves tracking progress, taking initiatives, and identifying new opportunities using data and reports. They also make forecasts and predictions based on the information available.

Certification in market research, SQL, and business analyst is good for securing a job as a marketing analyst.

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Content Marketer

The role of a content marketer is ideal for people who want to work with content to boost the rankings rather than crunching numbers or spending hours building links. It’s important to have knowledge of keywords and other essential SEO skills to become a successful content marketer.

Typical job responsibilities include creating blogs, web content, graphics, videos, reports, and other outreach material. The exact nature of responsibilities varies from company to company. But, most of them will act as a part of the entire marketing team and take decisions regarding content marketing plans. In comparison with SEO alone; content marketing pays a lot more.

SEO Manager

SEO teams are typically made of data managers, analytics, content strategies, SEO specialists, technology experts, etc. The size of the team varies based on the size of the company.

A large company will usually have a larger number of specialists working. So, to oversee the efforts of such a team, companies often benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a manager.

SEO managers must know the inner workings of search engine marketing and optimization. However, they don’t directly work on the everyday tasks of link building, analysis, and other mundane activities.

Rather they are supposed to guide the efforts of the entire team and keep them moving in the right direction. Ideally, someone who likes working with people would find the profile of an SEO manager rewarding.

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Once you have worked with organizations for a long time, you can then put your skills to launching and running your own business. This option is good for people with an entrepreneurial drive.

Because the size and the success of running a company can vary from person to person, it’s hard to predict how much you might make in a year as an entrepreneur.

Your typical responsibilities will include finding clients and working with them on a contract basis. Becoming a freelance B2B SEO consultant can be highly profitable and rewarding if done rightly.

Bottom Line

All of these job profiles are likely to hold up for a long time. 2021 is likely to see a lot of trending job opportunities for all of them.

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