Carpets Cleaning: Know Which 3 Seasons are Excellent and Why

Introduction to Carpets Cleaning

If you are thinking about cleaning your carpets, you may have questioned yourself if this is the best time to clean them or not.

The truth is, it depends on where you live and the climate in your area, as well as who lives in your home.

Some people think that their carpets need to be cleaned when they look dirty and it makes sense because your carpets often contain dirt and allergens that you cannot see and any delay in cleaning carpets can cause a ticket to the hospital.

To solve this problem, you should consider cleaning your carpets after every season or after the season that brings the most dirt into your home.

Here are some expert tips by carpet cleaners in Montgomery AL, on which season is best for carpet cleaning.

How To Decide The Best Time For Carpet Cleaning?

Let’s think about it a bit. If you plan to clean your carpets once a year, when is the best season to clean them? is it Spring, Summer, or Winter?

Many people just want to wait until the winter season ends. The whole winter season they get all the salt, dirt, and everything in the house mostly because of the snowshoes.

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If you’re the type to wear snowshoes and boots all over the house or you have kids who love playing in the snow, you would surely have dirty carpets during winters.

So, if you are living in a very snowy environment, it is good to wait for the winter to pass and let the summer come.

As soon as the season ends, remove the dirt off your carpets, give them a detailed wash and be ready for the rest of the year.

Carpet Winter Cleaning

Folks devote most of their time indoors during the winter season. The house is closed, the windows are closed and the heating continues to work.

Winter has shorter days and people like to stay indoors. That is why now is the right time to clean your carpets.

You can hire the best cleaning service in Montgomery AL to remove all the debris and allergens that have accumulated on your carpet during the fall.

Though people have different preferences when it comes to the best season to clean carpets, most people prefer to clean their carpets during the winter for these two reasons.

Faster drying time:

You may think that your carpet will take a long time to dry in the winter compared to the warmer months due to the cold weather, but it doesn’t.

In winter, the outside air is generally cold and dry. This allows the warm air inside to absorb moisture more quickly.

Cleaner air:

Studies show that cleaning your carpet can improve indoor air quality. It makes sense to clean your carpet in the winter because it stays indoors most of the time which means the air that dries your carpet is comparatively cleaner. This is the reason most people opt for winter carpet cleaning.

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Spring Is The Best If It Snowing Outside

If you stay in a region that experiences harsh winters, you should consider cleaning your carpet in the spring. Harsh winters typically consist of high humidity, rain, and snow.

During this time, a lot of dirt, dirty moisture, and debris gets into your home and can stick to your carpet. Therefore, cleaning the carpet after the season and spring is a good idea.

Spring is normally one of the most popular seasons for professional carpet cleaning. You’re finally starting to let fresh air into your home and you want to remove the salt, dirt, and debris that creeps all winter long to start your spring cleaning.

A deep cleaning will also leave room in your carpet to trap spring allergens and prevent you from inhaling them.

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Cleaning in Summers

Here comes summer. We spend a lot more time outdoors in the summer and most of us take a summer vacation away from home for a week or two.

This would be a good time to clean the carpets, however, that depends on your preference. Remember, you don’t spend as much time indoors this time of year.

Summer is considered a favorable season for many people. Because folks love to go out and enjoy the warm weather.

Most people go to the beach, take vacations, spend time in the pool, and do whatever it takes to be outdoors.

Cleaning your carpets during the summer is a good idea, as you won’t get interrupted and people won’t use the carpet much.

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The Fall

Fall is considered by many to be the best season for carpet cleaning because you spend more and more time indoors, which means dirt and debris will start to build up faster.

Before it disrupts your health, it is good to get rid of it.  A professional cleaning will prepare your carpets for increased foot traffic and it will also take care of summer debris while the kids are busy at school.

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