Cause and Symptoms of Hair Loss in Male and Female: Complete Guide in 5 Minutes

Introduction to Cause and Symptoms of Hair Loss

A huge number of men and women around the globe face the problem of hair loss at different points of time in their life. There various kinds of hair loss that are triggered by various causes such as tension, depression, stress, work pressure, overthinking, excessive use of hair products without checking scalp suitability.

One of the major reasons for hair fall is known as pattern baldness which is different in the case of males and females.

Here we are going to provide you with all the information related to the main cause & symptoms of hair loss in male and female and best hair loss treatment.

Male hair loss 

There are numerous causes of hair loss in men such as improper care, lack of healthy diet, no shampoo routine, stress, or over-medication in some cases.

There are some illnesses that cause hair loss in men too which include infections, nutritional deficiencies, or psychological condition.

Apart from the above-mentioned causes sometimes Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) also tends to harm the follicles of the hairs. This leads to miniaturizing of the follicles resulting in thinner and shorter hairs.

The signs of hair loss and hair conditions in men may include:

  • Thinning of the hair on top of the scalp
  • The crown of the head is exposed and leaving a horseshoe-type of pattern leaving hairs only on the side and back of the skull.
  • A receding hairline which keeps going backward with the time

To diagnose male hair loss doctors use a specialized system called the Norwood scale to differentiate male hair loss from general hair loss.

Sometimes doctors also use a device known as a densitometer which is used to view miniaturized hair follicles and the spaces between them.

Male hair loss treatment/How to stop hair fall immediately?

To treat male hair loss, doctors might prescribe medications that block DHT, such as Finasteride and some topical medications like Minoxidil. These medicines are considered as best hair loss treatment options.

Apart from this, scalp micro-pigmentation, numerous hair supplements, hair loss prevention shampoos containing Ketoconazole, Biotin, and Saw Palmetto are also useful in treating this kind of hair loss.

But if your hair loss has reached an advanced stage of hair fall then you might consider the option of hair transplant surgery to restore the lost hairs.

Female Hair loss

Female hair loss is commonly known as Androgenetic Alopecia which is a type of hair loss that generally affects women. This type of hair loss is generally found in women who have already reached their menopause.

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It has been found that female baldness can be caused due to hereditary reasons too. Apart from these high levels of male sex hormones are known to worsen this condition.

Female pattern baldness is generally characterized by the shrinkage of hair follicles which makes hair thinner and finer. Due to this, the growing phase of hair slows down significantly resulting in a long time to grow new hair.

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Diagnosis of female hair loss

Diagnosis of female hair loss pattern is considered the most crucial task before initiating the hair treatment of the female patient.

First, the doctor will examine the female patient’s head to assess the pattern of hair loss along with a blood test to check the levels of Thyroid Hormone, Iron, Androgens, or other substances that can affect the growth of hair.

How to stop the Hair loss problem?

Quintessential Day-To-Day Habits To Avoid Hair Thinning & Hair Loss

Hair, having even read this word drives you down through so many thoughts, insecurities, the love you have for it, and things you can or could have done with them. Hair occupies one of the sacrosanct, integral parts of your beauty. Put on any accessory or makeup, if you don’t have well-fabricated strands, you would feel incomplete, as if a part of you is missing. 

No matter how hard we try to console our vanguards regarding ‘beauty comes from within’ at the end of the day who are we fooling even? Of course, inner beauty takes over your external but somewhere it daunts you; right? That’s exactly where you need to think and work upon. Having hair thinning & urge to get voluminous hair makes you feel insecure and under-confident almost all the time. Be it you have to dress up for an annual event, marriage ceremony, birthday, farewell, seeing no sufficient hair on your scalp prickles your heart like anything.

While losing hair is akin to getting wrinkles due to aging, seeking professional assistance, and incorporating good habits can pace down your hair loss. A healthy hair regimen including nutritious diet, adequate sleep, and reduced daily stress can debunk hair loss myths and bless you with thick, strong hair that you’d go all gaga on.

Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair & Experience Full Hair Growth

Let Your Comb Wait for The Wet Hair

I’m sure you must have heard that combing your hair and tying them in a tight bun might give you the perfect shape and curls you desire even without using any sort of machine or curler.

Stop right here, right now. Untangling your strands right away after you have had a shower or oiling makes women and men lose their hair the most. When you wash or oil your hair, your follicles are in the active stage and quite loose from their roots due to constant massaging and shampooing.

In this stage, they are most likely to separate from the scalp because their grip is not so tight to resist the force. So, avoid combing your hair or tying them right after you wash it. Also, don’t go so harsh in drying up your hair with a towel. For good 30 minutes, just leave your hair as it is.

Avoid Skipping Meals & Crashing Diet

Yes, dieting is in trend especially amid quarantine period where people are highly concerned and conscious about the upscaling weight. However, be it for your health or hair, starving yourself is not an option.

Cutting down on meals forces the body to direct its energy (the little it has) towards chief functions- like helping your heart and brain work rather than getting you voluminous and thick hair.

To save your precious trends, it is important to consume a balanced diet that is rich in protein like lentil, eggs, meat, etc. that help in nourishing one’s hair as our hair is primarily made up of proteins.

Take Your Hair Down

If you’re into high ponies influenced by Ariana Grande or in tight ones, you might want to reconsider your hairstyle and try lowering your hair. Constantly pulling your hair and ruffling them into top hair trends, tight ponytail or a bun can cause what experts call progressive hair thinning of the hairline.

If you practice them daily then it might even lead to permanent hair loss. The main reason that follows this is the nerves attached to your hair follicles. When you tie something so tight, it creates internal pressure which restricts the flow of nutrients and essential components you need for good hair growth.

So, switch your hairstyle and make sure you don’t suffocate your hair tying them in a claustrophobic ponytail or braids

Stress Away Your Stress

Stress is another factor that may contribute immensely to hair loss and finding ways to minimize stress is one of the ways you can reduce the effect it has on your hair.

Stress eventually means that your mind is occupied with something that is disturbing your cells and it is not yet ready to accept the good that is coming.

The good here means functioning of nutrients that seep in deep your follicles making the roots stronger. Try meditating, yoga, or opt for an intense workout, running, or simply jogging.

Say No To Hot Showers

No one is denying the glitters and comfort hot showers or steams leave down your spine but they may be the culprits for the clogged drains in the bathroom. Hot water or steam dehydrates strands leading to dry, brittle hair that is more prone to snap and fall out while washing or massing out the oils stripping the scalp of all nourishment which sends it into the overdrive to produce more of the oil pores which eventually leads to more shedding. You can opt for medium, room temperature water when you’re washing your hair.

Skip Hairstyling Products

Major brands that claim hair products keep the follicle locks intact for a long time can cause more harm than one can even imagine. Due to high spirit content and other acids, they can make hair dry and break apart. As one combs or brushes their hair, the residue will eventually cause the hair to break and fall. So, avoid applying setting sprays or other chemical concoctions that you are unsure of or can cause severe harm to the natural growth of your hair.

Save Yourself From Sun Exposure

You mustn’t have thought of this and probably you were just concerned about your skin but the UV rays are pretty toxic for your hair growth as well. A good way to go about it is to cover your hair with a hat or a cap when you step out of the house. Customized hats are available for UV protection which can help limit the damage or you can also move ahead with leave-in conditioners.

Female hair loss treatment/hair fall treatment

If the doctor finds out that a patient is suffering from significant hair loss then the doctor can provide her a topical medicine which enhances hair growth known as Minoxidil(Rogaine).

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Sometimes diuretic such as Spironolactone is also prescribed to the patients by doctors to block Androgen and regrow hairs.

After assessing the hair loss situation the doctor might prescribe some supplements which are known to facilitate hair growth such as Folic Acid, Iron, Biotin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Omega-6 Fatty Acids too.

Various types of Laser combs and helmets are also known to be used in treating this kind of pattern hair loss. These kinds of equipment utilize the energy of light to stimulate hair regrowth.

Besides these solutions, Platelet-rich plasma therapy has also emerged as a miraculous and proven way to treat female hair loss.

During this treatment a person’s blood is first drawn, processed, and re-injected into the scalp to stimulate the hair growth of the area affected by hair loss.

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Thus, we have provided the main causes related to hair loss in males and females, and how to treat them. However, the option of hair transplant is safe for everyone irrespective of gender and its benefits can be availed by males and females both.

It’s high time you let your hair control your self-confidence and grace that you carry. Live dauntlessly and welcome the ways of getting voluminous, thick and shiny hair that we’re longing for ever since. Having wholesome hair paths as a crowning glory, for both, men & women. Having bald patches & hair with thinning petrifies even worse than nightmares. It is vanity but we have to accept that having full mop of hair contributes remarkably to who we are. So incorporate these simple habits right from today and experience some magic your hair wands!

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