9 Basic Causes Of Heart Disease In Children

Introduction to Causes Of Heart Disease In Children

Today, more youth and children are suffering from dangerous diseases than the old people And there are many reasons, as can see that many types of diseases are happening in children like Asthma, Anemia, and heart disease too Today many children are suffering from heart diseases so It is very important to know what is the reason behind it, and It is important to know whether it is due to parents or whether it is something else And getting treatment on time is also very important Here we are going to talk about the causes and symptoms of heart disease in children When the old person suffer from a disease so it is understood that the disease has surrounded them because of their age but when a child is suffering from a disease like heart disease so the whole family comes under stress
There are many types of heart disease  Heart disease is a deadly disease and it can make anyone a victim Many times we think that this happens due to stress or such diseases occur But when the child is small so he is not under any such stress yet he suffers from diseases like heart disease So there can be many reasons for any disease we cannot say that a disease has occurred due to any one reason

• Congenital heart disease

In most cases children have congenital heart disease this disease is known at birth  There are many reasons for this congenital disease they remain attached to the child’s parents So it would not be wrong to say that children are made parents despite not wanting the cause of this disease It is also important to know how the parents are the cause of the heart disease of the child

 • Smoking

Smoking is very harmful to health If the mother spends time in a highly smoking place or for some reason they have to do so or they smoke too much then the child is at risk of heart disease from birth Therefore pregnant women should stay away from things like alcohol and cigarettes this has a negative effect on the child’s health and one’s own health.

• Getting married at a young age

It is also a major cause of heart disease of the child In today’s time people are becoming very cautious in matters of marriage But in earlier times girls were married at an early age and used to become pregnant so for this reason, both women and children had to face many diseases and difficulties It is also a reason for the child to have heart disease

• Poor lifestyle

Many times women do not pay attention to their diet and do not use proper lifestyle due to which their body is surrounded by many diseases and when they are in pregnancy these things also affect the baby due to poor lifestyle the baby is likely to have heart disease from birth many such cases have been reported

• Heart diseases in children

Although any type of heart disease can be found in children most of the cases of heart holes have been reported, Cases of heart hole can be seen in children in childhood the signs of this are revealed at the time of the birth of the baby But many times this happens also when the child repeatedly coughs, colds or has difficulty in breathing then this disease is detected Sometimes problems associated with the wall are also seen in children These two common types of heart disease are mostly seen in children

• Symptoms of heart disease in children

Every disease first gives some symptoms or signs that we have to identify But many times we ignore these diseases and later we have to repent Today we are going to talk about what may be the symptoms of heart disease in children

• Cold cough

If the child has a problem of cold and cough since birth and is persistent or troublesome then this is a big sign of heart disease in the child when these symptoms appear at the time of the birth of a child the doctor examines it and tells it at the same time but in some cases, it is detected a little later

• Trouble drinking milk

When the baby is having a lot of difficulty in breastfeeding it means that the child is suffering from heart disease, it should be checked immediately It is very important

• Respiratory distress

If the child is not able to breathe properly along with cold, cold, and cough and the sound of the breath is coming very fast it means that the child may have heart disease In most cases this has also been proved during investigation, Therefore, be very cautious towards this.

• The treatment

Treatment of children who have heart disease is possible, In heart diseases, surgery is the only treatment If there is a hole in the heart then this is the only treatment And it should be done as soon as possible because in such cases the child’s life can also be lost Also, women should be vigilant and follow a balanced lifestyle.

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