7 Most Common Causes Of UPS Failure

Introduction to Causes Of UPS Failure

There is no lack of possible culprits when it comes to UPS malfunctions. In reality, UPS device failure is said to be the most frequent cause of unplanned data centre shutdowns, which could cost companies a massive $740,357.

As the first line of protection to secure your vital facilities, the last thing you want to do is to unknowingly undermine part of your UPS scheme.

There are indeed a lot of risks that could theoretically cause your UPS to crash. Luckily, all of them are escapable as long as you manage to maintain the system. Here are some of the most common problems that trigger UPS failure.

  1. Batteries –As the heart of every UPS scheme, batteries need routine check-ups to ensure that vital devices stay in operation.

Irrespective of their age, batteries should be tested semi-annually as part of a PM visit that involves impedance or conductance checking, as well as an evaluation of efficiency and any possible vulnerabilities.

  1. Capacitors –A fairly basic system that holds and releases electrical energy, a variety of capacitors in size and form, and usually needs to be changed every 5 to 7 years.

Typical UPS includes a dozen or so capacitors that are accountable for smoothing out and sifting voltage variations.

However, as the capacitors fail over time, the annual inspection helps to improve their operation and prolong their lifespan.

  1. Fans –Sometimes the UPS fans may work well for 10 years of continuous usage, while others may run for only a short period before locking up or fading.
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Electrical or mechanical deficiencies and dry ball bearings are typical problems that can lead to failure of the ventilator and resulting in overheating.

  1. Filters –UPS is also vulnerable to overheating (and shutting down) as dust or other coatings obstruct air filters.

As filter replacement is a cost-efficient aspect of an effective UPS maintenance program, it should be reviewed on a monthly basis and updated as appropriate.

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  1. Connections –The annual tour of the PM provides a qualified service technician the ability to check the UPS and the battery cabinets for loose internal ties, which may arise from devices located in the vicinity of the device or from building vibrations.
  2. Power supplies –Also redundant power supplies can be affected by input voltage spikes, which can lead to strain and overheating. However, routine inspection will detect possible problems before they become the reason for downtime.
  3. Contactors –UPS contractors, which are often prone to pollen, should be examined and washed periodically.

Though it’s obvious that UPS components are vulnerable to malfunction for a number of causes, engaging in proactive maintenance with a knowledgeable and qualified service provider would dramatically mitigate the chance of downtime—and possible catastrophe.

Want to extend UPS Battery? Here is a  great infographics

Tips and Tricks to extend the UPS battery life
Tips and Tricks to extend the UPS battery life


There are many factors that can lead to the failure of the UPS, which may result in a substantial loss of time and resources for your company.

Instead of waiting for UPS breakdown and the resulting loss, it is easier to perform regular checks and replacements during maintenance visits.

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Secure the company from downtime due to UPS malfunction by arranging a scheduled UPS inspection.

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With regular UPS protection and repair inspections, our team of UPS Master Electricians will test and track all systems to ensure that the company is ready to face all challenges.

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