Safety Measures to Take During Celebration of Christmas 2021

Introduction to Celebration of Christmas 2020

A lot of people are thinking that in this pandemic situation how can Christmas be celebrated safely? Is it possible that on this thanksgiving the friends, family or relatives can be invited?

This year, there will be a different type of holiday gathering because of the COVID-19 pandemic and it has been said by the experts.

There are a lot of chances of exposure during this situation if more and more people will be present to celebrate with you.

Experts have suggested not to travel more and restrict yourself from going to the houses of other people during this time. Now I am going to tell you how to safely celebrate Christmas 2020 during Coronavirus.

1.You should make a change in the holiday meal

(a) The holiday meals should be taken with the individuals present at home only – All the grocery shopping should be done online during the holidays. Don’t try to purchase it by going to shop physically. This year, during Christmas and Thanksgiving, there is an increased risk of getting infected with Corona if you go to grocery stores that are crowded. For celebrating the holiday, it is suggested to quarantine friends and family a few days before the day of celebration so that they can safely celebrate it together. There will be much fewer chances of COVID-19 transmission if before gathering they are quarantined for 14 days.

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(b) You should virtually dine together – By using platforms of phone video or online meeting you can virtually celebrate the holiday. Without coming in contact with any other person you can deliver the food to friends and family. But how will you do this? From a very good restaurant that is most liked by your family, you can order food and deliver it to your friends and family.

(c) A small dinner can be hosted at an outdoor place – When you are not eating, you can wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and maintain social distancing. In addition to this when you gather at the outdoors then there is a moderate risk and you have to maintain some other key components:

  • Organize the dinner for a minimum possible time and very few guests should be present at the dinner – A 2 hours celebration is good and 3 or less than this family households must gather at the celebration.
  • Staying within the “pod” is suggested at the celebration – It is suggested to stay 6 feet away from every other attendee when sitting with them. The attendees should eat within the household only.
  • Disposable dinnerware should be used after skipping the potluck – The beverages and food should be brought by households themselves. If the food is prepared by the host then a person who can serve the food must be designated. He has to sanitize his hands and always use a mask for covering the face. Then he can serve the food to the attendees.
  • Each used item or area should be disinfected after use and separate bathrooms should also be used – Separate bathrooms should be used by households, if possible. For cleaning used items or areas a disinfectant should be used. A disinfectant must be present in the bathroom also.
  • Common touchpoints must be disinfected – Door handles should be wiped down after the celebration. For your guests, the sanitizer must be present in sufficient quantity.
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(d)For attending small celebrations going to the farther places must be avoided – Guests living in the same location do not risk too much to others. But the risk increases when people from different regions come to the gatherings.

2.Holiday gatherings should be avoided by certain groups

Group gatherings must be avoided by the people who are suffering from COVID-19 infection or are sick of any other disease. In-person celebrations should be avoided by people who have more chances of developing serious issues.

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3.While gathering the outdoors social distancing should be maintained by the guests

There are various ways of minimizing exposure at outdoor gatherings.

    • Welcome hugs should be skipped – It is suggested to do elbow bumps if you want to hug the guests. But hugging must always be avoided and always wear a facemask.
    • Surface exposure should be limited – Allow the attendees to touch the limited surfaces only. Tables must be wiped down.
    • Personal items must be separated – If possible, separate the personal items like bags and coats.
    • Linens should be washed by you – Disposable napkins that are hassle-free must be used and after the meal reusable linens should be washed by you.

4.If you miss out on tradition then it doesn’t mean that festivities are skipped-

New meaning can be added to the day of celebration in some other ways if you have not attended the party. A platform of video calling can be used for playing music or singing carols of Christmas. In addition to this several games can be played, and cookies can be made by you.

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