Amazing Changes In The Smartphone In The Last 10 Years

Introduction to Changes In The Smartphone

In the world of rapidly changing technology, changes are being taken place every single day. If we take a look at smartphones 10 years ago and now then we will see a lot of things in the smartphone industry have changed so rapidly.

From Normal Smartphones To Bezel-less Smartphones-

If we take a look closely then we find that a decade ago we have normal smartphones and now we are seeing bezel-less display phones.

The rising competition among smartphone manufacturers has created so many good things for us and now we can buy some of the best phone under 30000 offering flagship smartphone-like features.

Smartphone companies are doing every single thing to overtake its competitors. Companies are launching some of the best budget phones to cover up the maximum number of people.

  • From 2G To 3G To 4G To 5G-

Two decades ago we had very limited connectivity and now in the last decade, we are seeing that 3G technology has been reached among millions of people then 4G and now 5G.

Earlier phones were not smart enough but after 3G smartphones got much smarter and now it’s all about 4G. We see that most of the people are now using 4G networks and 3G has been the past thing for us.

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If we talk about the latest technology then we are already seeing that a lot of smartphone companies are launching 5G phones.

It’s a totally different thing that it will take a few years for proper 5G connectivity in India. Apart from it, a few smartphone manufacturers have already started making affordable 5G phones.

As of now 5G phones, as well as 5G network, is not affordable in comparison to 4G phones and networks. But once these things will be affordable enough for everybody then we will see a major change.

  • Smartphones Replacing DSLRs-

As of now we are seeing that a lot of smartphone companies are launching camera-specific phones and now we are seeing that even mobiles under 20000 offer great cameras.

If we talk about flagship smartphones then we see that the camera quality of flagship smartphones is near to DSLR like quality.

Earlier people were buying DSLR cameras to record the amazing photos and beautiful videos. But after smartphone innovation, we are seeing that smartphone manufacturers are launching so many smartphone models that offer great cameras. You can take stunning photos with these phones. These things have never been so easy in the past.

Now only professional video makers or those who are in the videography or photography file only these people go for the DSLRs and the rest of the people are going for phones that offer stunning cameras. So now you don’t need to buy costly cameras to get yourself clicked.

  • Normal Smartphones To Foldable Smartphones-

So many things have drastically changed. From normal smartphones to curved edges and now we are seeing foldable smartphones.

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A few years back we saw curved edges in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and now Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, foldable smartphones.

So many things have been changed over the years and every one among us has witnessed these changes. From normal calling phones to smartphones to bezel-less display phones to curved edge to dot notch and now its foldable phones. So many many changes have taken place.

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  • Changes In The Smartphones Cameras-

Apart from its companies are up

From single camera to double camera to triple camera and now its quad-camera phones. A decade ago we had only single-camera phones, then a few years later companies introduced, double camera phones, then triple camera phones, and now we are seeing quad cameras in smartphones. grading phone cameras like using Carl Zeiss optics in high-end smartphones to provide great photography experience to users. From a few megapixels to 48-megapixel camera phones and so on.

Earlier we don’t have so many options in the smartphone cameras but now we have a number of options to choose from.

So these were some major changes that I have discussed over here but I dig deeper into this topic then I can go and on.

Now you have an idea of how many changes have taken place in the last decade in the smartphone industry. Now think about future phones and wonder how future phones will look like.

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