5 Amazing Characteristics And Health Issues Of Beagle

Introduction to Characteristics And Health Issues Of Beagle

They are the happiest and outgoing and charming dogs. They have hazel colored eyes, and they are originally bred as scent hounds to track small games and they are used for these purposes in many countries.

But most commonly, the beagle dog breed lives as companion dogs because of their loving and mingling abilities. They are little, cute, and active companions for kids and adults, but sometimes they get stubborn, and usually in that case you have to be very patient with them.

They are inquisitive by nature and determined for their goals. And the food is their biggest goal. They are avid to get their food no matter what happens.

Their nose is the most important part is they are scent hounds. Their heads are usually down to the ground which helps them in picking scents.

Therefore they are used at airports for security purposes. They can sense the smell of specific foods and can identify the ones smuggled.

Their sense of smell is strong enough to smell behaviors’ and because of this superpower, they keep themselves away from people who do not intimidate them or are frightened by them. Their charismatic eyes and pleading expressions make them loveable along with their soft nature.


Certain health issues can affect this breed and it is important to be aware of these medical conditions. They include:

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Cherry eye

This is usually affected by the gland lying under the third eyelid; this gland protrudes and forms the shape of cherry in the corner of the eye. Surgical removal of the gland is its only treatment.


In this medical condition, a fluid is draining constantly from their eyes due to raised intraocular pressure. Its treatment depends upon proper drainage of the fluid but unfortunately, if this is not done properly it can lead to permanent damage of their optic nerve which can lead to complete loss of vision in severe cases. Its symptoms include blue cloudiness, redness, pain, teary eyes. There are two types of glaucoma;

  1. PRIMARY GLAUCOMA: It is an inherited disease that is transferred through genetics.
  2. SECONDARY GLAUCOMA: It occurs due to underlying causes which include injury, tumor, and inflammation. If one of the eyes is affected it subsequently affects the other one.

Intervertebral disc disease

Spinal cord injury leads to the damage of the intervertebral disc which causes the protrusion of jelly this jelly-like substance. Spinal canals push them against the spinal cord and cause pressure on the disc.

Which as a result gets displaced and the dog is not able to do physical movements. Its symptoms include pain in the neck and back. Irreversible compression, lack of bowel and bladder control, loss of sensation, or paralysis. Surgery is the last option but I am not successful always.

check out this video to know more about it



In this condition, an extra row of eyelashes grows on the oil gland of the dog’s eye. It protrudes along the edge of the eyelid. It irritates and the dog might rub it again and again to overcome the itchiness.

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And this constant rubbing results in squinting. Its treatment is usually done by liquid nitrogen which freezes the eyelashes and makes its surgical removal easier. And this surgery is carried out under general anesthesia.

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Best Medicine For Dog:

Chinese Beagle Syndrome

This condition is characterized by enlargement of the skull bone and slanting of the eyes, but everything else is normal. Later on, when this disease progresses, the risk for heart problems increases and they are more prone to toe abnormalities.

Characteristics And Health Issues Of Beagle
Characteristics And Health Issues Of Beagle


Their characteristics include

  1. They love doing exercise as they are very active companions and if they are left alone they become bored and destructive. Also, they love to walk and you can keep them in your apartments as they capable of adjusting themselves in different conditions.
  2. Beagles are targeted by thieves and burglars. The steel to offer them to research laboratories to get extra money. And the research laboratories use them for experimental purposes. So, it is important to accompany them and not to leave them alone.
  3. Although they are very loving and gentle they are temperament issues as they are very stubborn. It I very important to give them obedience training in the early years to overcome their stubbornness. Early training will also let their trainer understand their hound personality.
  4. Beagles are in love with their food and sometimes they overeat because of their extreme love3 for food. When anybody tries to annoy them when they are busy with their food bowls or tries to tease them they get pretty serious and angry.
  5. They are too friendly to be the guard of the house. They cannot be the overprotective dog as they welcome everybody. They are more like a pet dog than a guard dog. Although they sense behaviors they do not react and stay coo even if some outsider is trying to invade.
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