Let’s discuss some Christmas Party Games:

It’s so splendid to come up with such a festive feat. As we all know, Christmas is all about lively gaieties arriving merrily into our lives.

Christmas always brings about cheerful notions for people to celebrate it in a grand way irrespective of any kind of religious bar.

When it’s Christmas, it’s prevalent across the board to opt for some amazing games to make the party more entertaining as after all, we all long for entertainment…

So are you all excited to organize such pleasurable Christmas parties with humorous games that may amuse your pals?

If yes, then we are on the same page. Trust me it’s going to be much heavenly. So you must do try it and rather be a whimsical host to enjoy the upcoming Christmas festivities in better means…

As we all know, Christmastide is worth celebration and entertainment with family and buddies…

  • Here I am going to tell you all about some of my favorite hilarious Christmas party games which may turn out to be magnificent for you people too in the midst of forthcoming Christmas nights—–

Christmas Movie Trivia-

This game is mainly played to test who possesses the best Christmas movie trivia knowledge. It comes up with a quiz grabbing everyone’s attention.

The quiz covers interrogations regarding both timeless and exemplary Christmas movies as well as contemporary flicks.

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In order to win the quiz, you need to be informed about both the classic films and the newfangled snaps. The youth mostly prefer the modern flicks but that may tend him or her to lose the game. And if you lose the game then you are definitely going to be referred to as a scrooge or a penny-pincher…

The general Christmas party movie trivia quiz questions may be listed as-

  • What is the bestselling Christmas movie of all time?
  • What is the name of Ralphie’s father in a Christmas Story?
  • What is considered to be the first rule of The Code of Elves, in Elf?
  • Who can hear the bell ring, in the Polar Express?

Elf Drinking Game –

This game is a combination of Christmas movies and of course Christmas cocktails. You must turn on Elf, and play along, and indeed most importantly enjoy your drink.

Moreover, you need to be mindful of the fact that you must drink responsibly and not to be unsteady due to the effects of liquor as it may spoil the Elf Drinking Game and the Christmas party at large. There are certainly some rules to be followed while playing the game.

The usual rules while playing the Elf Drinking Game includes the following –

  • Take a sip, when your buddy shouts merrily saying Santa or Elf.
  • Take another sip, when the Christmas Spirit is mentioned.
  • Drink once, when your buddy eats something that he or she shouldn’t have.
  • Take a sip again, when the Santa appears.
  • Drink twice, when your buddy talks to an animated character.
  • Finish your drink, when a physical fight breaks out and your buddy gets hurt.
  • Finish your drink, even when everyone believes in Santa again…
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Christmas Version “Never Have I Ever” –

In this game, each participant usually comes up with any funny as well as witty attempts that they have never ever been through. And every time the other participants, who have done that hilarious activity, must either take a sip from his or their holiday cocktail drink or do a burpee.

The most eccentric deeds mentioned while playing the game are given below –

  • Never have I ever shared a cab seat sitting on Santa’s lap.
  • Never have I ever cut down a Christmas tree.
  • Never have I ever been awake the night before Christmas only to see whether it’s the Santa or my parents keeping gifts into the stockings.
  • Never have I ever been threatened by a cop on Christmas Eve.
  • Never have I ever done Christmas caroling.
  • Never have I ever kissed under any Mistletoe.
  • Never have I ever built a snowman…

The Santa Hat Game –

This game is a cunning one as you need to do your task silently.  As soon as the party starts, everyone is given a Santa hat and hence they all get distracted by being engaged in any conversation and usually forget about the game.

The host generally remains cautious and puts off the hat first and waits to see if any guest catches on and does the same thing. The last guest with his or her hat on is the loser and gets to start the next round of the game…

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Christmas Edition Truth or Dare –

Honestly speaking, this is my all-time favorite game. The rules are all the same for the Christmas edition but you all only need to put on the Santa hats and at the time of dares, you may either ask for Christmas gifts or ask to do witty dares.

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If someone chooses truth while playing the game, then he or she is asked about Santa Claus, hanging stockings, Christmas gifts, or beliefs regarding Christmas traditions.

If someone chooses dare at the party then he or she is asked to do the following –

  • Dance to the rock version of the Jingle Bell song.
  • Bid goodbye to the frosty Snowman dramatically as you know he melts before you.
  • Carry the person sitting to your immediate left just like the way Santa carries his bag full of gifts.
  • Sit on everyone’s lap around the circle and hug each one and tell them what you want for Christmas.
  • Drink a cup of spiked eggnog…

So in this way, the Christmas party hosted by you, may turn out to be super entertaining and last but not least, don’t forget to exchange gifts…..

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