Class IllegalComponentStateException in Java

Class IllegalComponentStateException in Java

An Exception indicating that a Component was not in an appropriate state to perform requested action.

IllegalComponentStateException is a child class of RunTimeException. Hence coders do not need to bother to use a try-catch block. Catching this exception is not a good practice.

IllegalComponentStateExceptio is also child class of IllegalStateException. This exception occurs when we try to do some inappropriate activities in a component.

In which scenario IllegalComponentStateException may occur. There can be three scenarios where IllegalComponentStateException occurs-

  • If coder calls setCaretPosition() to set a cursor position before the per component exists.
  • If coder calls getLocale() to get the locale of the component but neither the component the container has one.
  • If coder calls getLocationOnScreen() for a component that is not visible.

The Hierarchy of IllegalComponentStateException is as follows


The structure of the class IllegalComponentStateException is given by

public class java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException
extends java.lang.IllegalStateException {
// Constructors
public IllegalComponentStateException();//Constructs the exception object with no detail message.
public IllegalComponentStateException (String s);//Constructs the exception object with the given detail message.

Below is an example of IllegalComponentStateException. In this case, as the corresponding text field, peer does not exists and the coder tries to call setCaretPosition() method

import Java.awt.TextField;
public class IllegalCompoentStateExceptionTest{
public static void main(String ar[]){
new TextField().setCaretPosition(10);

 In this case the setCaretPosition() throws an IllegalComponentstateException.

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