Cleaning Pet Hair In Your Vehicle – 4 Important Tips

Introduce to Cleaning Pet Hair In Your Vehicle

Today, I’m going to be showing you guys at home something that could potentially change your life forever. Now, we all know about the Lilly brush is a great tool. It’s fantastic at removing Perez. But what if I told you that I can show you a tool right here, right now? I can show you something that would do exactly the same job, but it cost just one pound. Stick around. You don’t want to miss it.

Someone even messaged the other day and goes, it was on Facebook. And if someone even emailed me saying, Have you got Lady Prush, for God’s sake? So first of all, let’s look at the facts. They will set you back around 15 pounds. Now, that is just an average no bang start coming in saying it’s going to cost ninety nine or 1799 or you’ve got it wrong. What are you talking about? You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re a detailer. You’re supposed to know how much these things cost.

It’s just an average price of Koeberg warriors. Seriously, I’m just going to block you anyway. Stop wasting my time. Yes, they will cost you about 15 pounds on average. And before you say, am I hate for the lady?

No, I’m not. It’s one of the greatest tools out for animal hair removal. But the way people go on is if it’s bloody going to cure cancer or something, it’s not. It’s just a potato. And I’ll tell you what, they got their idea from somewhere else. And before you think, oh, it’s a revolutionary invention, I’m sorry.

It’s not because I’ve been using one of these. Now, this is a wiper blade, and this will cost you just £1 from your local pawn shop. If you haven’t got the money, go to the 99p store and save yourself a penny. I think they’re absolutely brilliant. And I’ll tell you why, because it’s got exactly the same rubber it’s reinforced.

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So you can put a lot of pressure on it and you can also cover a greater amount of distance in a shorter time. So just remember that if you got hairs in your boat, this will do it a lot quicker. And is a few modifications as well that you can do with this if you’ve got the money and you can afford to. Fantastic,

because what I’ve done is I’ve chop one up. So now I’ve got the hand-held one and we’re now going to go outside and I’m going to show you just how good this bad boy right here really is.

Let’s get started. And this isn’t too hairy because this was the only car I could find on the same day for filming. So I’m rolling with it anyway. Just to give you guys an idea behind the madness. Now, normally October first before attempting the brush, but I wanted to do it this way just to prove a point that this, in fact, does work. And I do want to show you exactly how much hair one of these will pick up. And this is just a cheap one.

Handheld one is absolutely incredible, and it’s just so good at getting in all the little tight areas, it’s nothing it can’t do. And check this out. This is something that you can also do if you keep the other end, which you will do. You’ve got has all down the side in between, like the center console and the seat.

You can actually start pulling away like that. And it will start taking a hands-off as well, so you sort of getting two for the price of one, bearing in mind this is just one pound to pound if you go for that as well. It’s a fantastic tool if you’re starting out. And honestly, this is this will please everybody.

If you turn up to someone’s house and like, I can’t clean the pears. Oh, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? Just pull it out. Whip it out. Like James Bond. Not like that. They will love it. Honestly, your customers will be like, oh, my God, you’re intelligent. So you really are. People be blown away when you say, right. This is how you get rid of us. We don’t need special tools because we got a brain. We can do it ourselves.

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Will it remove 100 percent of her? No, probably not, but will it make your life so much easier for very little money? Yes, it will. There are a few really bad ones out there that may not be up to the job, but the ones I’ve been using to find in the rubble do gradually wear out. But for one, it’s a real money saver. And I hope you guys can take something on board from this top tip.

So I just want to clear something up right now, I’m not anti-Lady Bush whatsoever. I think they’re brilliant. I just don’t use one because I don’t need one. I’m happy with what I got. And, you know, I do luxury cars. I do all sorts of vehicles. I don’t need a little brush. I don’t need one. This does the job for me. And if we want to make it even better, what you can do is take the rubber out and start getting some scissors and cut into the bits of rubber, because what it would do is sort of giving you some sort of teeth.

And what it would do is actually grab on even more. So when you got the crappy fibers like the Persian carpets and the VW carpets and stuff like that, it will actually give you a better chance of getting them all out. You cannot go wrong with that. Give it a go. But please let me know in the comments section. Just let me know how you got on with it. Do you think I’m talking out my ass or do you think this is an absolute genius maneuver for the car?

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VALETTA So if you want to see more tips and tricks like this, get ready because we’ve got loads more. I’ve got a fantastic article and I haven’t uploaded it yet because I’m holding off because I’m trying to find the right sort of time to do it. And it’s all about going to the pawnshop, buying as many detailing products as possible.

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So it’s going to be one big Poundland extravaganza. And I can’t wait to do it. I can’t wait. So it’s going to be a two-part special. Part one is going to be all about the products I’m going to be buying. I’m going to go through what’s great for the exterior, what’s great for the interior. And this is going to be fantastic for those of you starting out who like or what I do. I’ve got no money. I can’t afford this. I can’t afford that. I’m going to try and give you every single possible hack you can imagine. So let’s get ready for that one.

Also, part two is going to be an interesting one. I find someone who’s going to let me use Poundland products on their vehicle, so stay tuned for that one. But part one is coming very soon. I’ve just got to get a few more bits, because every time I get stuff there, I’m like, oh, what else can I do? How can I make things better? So there’s going to be loads of tips and tricks coming up very soon to make sure we hit the subscriber and turn on both notifications.

Give us a thumbs up and leave your comments below because I will be reading them and going through them. So best comments will get mentioned in that Poundland article. So I would love you leave and I see very soon for another article. Bye bye.

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