19 Excellent Cloud Computing Certifications to Boost Your Salary

Introduction to Cloud Computing Certifications

Besides being one of the top niches of interest for IT aspirants, cloud computing is rapidly becoming a field that promises job stability and quality future ahead.

With average base salaries around $120,707 for cloud engineers, statistics show that it is among the leading paychecks that IT positions can offer.

There’s no reason you should not consider going for an AWS certification or any other if you have been keenly inclined towards cloud computing. Such validatory programmes and documents can provide numerous perks to your IT career.

Therefore, to enhance your resume and add credibility to it, here are the top 19 cloud computing certifications that you can take up to pave the road towards success:

Foundational Level Certifications

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner 

Learn how to describe the AWS platform, its architecture, core services, value proposition, account management, pricing models, networking and cloud security, etc.

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 

Get a basic understanding of cloud computing, core services of Azure, security and networking features, etc.

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Associate Level Certifications

  • Microsoft Azure Administrative

The course strengthens your concepts of managing storage, virtual networking, compute resources, identities and governance, etc.

  • AWS Solutions Architect

This AWS certification course will help you learn how to create and implement secure, robust and reliable applications, describe solutions based on customer requirements, offer guidance to the organisation, etc.

  • Google Cloud Engineer

Brush up your skills at describing, sketching, implementing and monitoring cloud solutions, establishing security protocols, etc.

  • AWS Developer

This certificate will enhance your worth as an AWS cloud developer. It will test your skills of the core services of AWS and how to develop and deploy applications.

  • Microsoft Azure Stack Hub Operator

Learn to build, test, implement and monitor the Stack Hub infrastructure as SaaS and PaaS.

  • AWS SysOps

System administrator certification will help you identify AWS cloud services, estimate the usage cost, implement and manage scalable systems, etc.

Professional/Expert Level Certifications

  • Google Collaboration Engineer (Professional)

Become the best at explaining Google Workspace, managing resources, understanding the organisation’s mail routing and other operations, etc., with Google’s Collaboration Engineer Professional certificate training.

  • Google Cloud Security Engineer (Professional)

Understand the organisational structure and policies, train how to ensure data protection, compliance and network security, etc.

  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer (Expert)

Become proficient at building SRE, instrumentation and release management strategies, establishing communication and continuous integration, etc.

  • AWS DevOps Engineer (Expert)

AWS DevOps cloud certification validates your skills to implement security controls, governance procedures, continuous delivery systems, logging systems on AWS

  • Google Cloud Developer (Professional)

Plan, build, test, deploy and run reliable and robust applications. Integrate cloud services and monitor applications and their performances with this certification programme.

  • Google Machine Learning Engineer (Professional)

Identify ML problems, find ML solutions, architect and deploy them, build ML models, automate ML pipelines and monitor and optimise ML solutions for better working.

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  • Google Data Engineer (Professional)

Create data processing systems, automate and operate them, ML systems, enhance solution quality, ensure security and scalability of data processing systems, etc.

Speciality/Role-Based Level Certifications

  • AWS Advanced Networking (Speciality)

This AWS certification training will prepare you to develop solutions using AWS, deploy essential services, monitor networking and automate its tasks.

  • Microsoft Azure IoT Developer (Speciality)

Acquire knowledge of implementing IoT solutions like data storage, data analysis, data processing, etc. integrating businesses with data engineers’ help, managing data and devices, ensuring the system’s security, and troubleshooting.

  • AWS Alexa Skill Builder (Speciality)

Learn and describe the value of voice, sketch user experience, skill architecture. Build the skill, test and troubleshoot it, manage life cycles, etc.

  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 (Role-Based)

Get trained at building and deploying cloud services for organisations that prefer multi-cloud strategies as well.

The skills gained are configuration & deployment, management, maintenance, security and troubleshooting.

The best part about this certification programme is that it focuses on honing up the skills required for different cloud computing job profiles, be it any cloud platform.


With these powerful certificates in your hand, you can quickly and qualitatively complete your Azure, Google, or AWS training and certification preparation and get recognised for the respective skills.

Highly recommended for all job profiles existing under cloud computing services, with Koenig Solutions, you will be exposed to a rich learning environment with a practical and theoretical approach towards the subject-matters.

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