10 Reasons Why You Must Introduce Coding to Kids and Coding Resources

Introduction to Coding to Kids

In this digital age, introducing coding to kids is as important as other academic subjects. As we know in the new education policy 2020, the government of India proposed to make coding a mandatory subject in India from grade 6th.

Should We Teach Coding to Kids?


Learning to code helps in improving not only technical skills but also many other general skills and abilities of an individual to a much higher level than non-coders. The need for coding and computer programming is definitely going to increase in the coming years.

Just to name a few, a child who is learning to code improvise following general skills:

  •         Develops Structural and computational thinking
  •         Problem-solving
  •         Analytical skills
  •         Algorithmic thinking
  •         Ability to think through a sequence of steps in the head
  •         Develops Mathematical Skills
  •         Ability to plan things in a specific order
  •         Critical and logical thinking

Coder vs. Non-Coder Individual:

A kid who can code has the upper hand when he seeks a job or career advancement. Coding provides a competitive edge to the individual because of the inherent benefits of coding.

A child knowing how to code has better calculations as he or she is used to mind jugglery. It needs excellent mental application and memory to crack the code. Eventually, a child tends to get used to a logical approach every time he/she sees a problem and hence develops better calculative skills.

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Coding is a result-based subject. A right result increases the self- satisfaction of an individual, and if the answer comes out to be wrong, he develops the zest to solve it anyhow. Hence, coding eventually increases the determination and enthusiasm to work better for development.

The skills that coding helps develop will become part of their identities as they develop the skills they want to master. With the right skills, kids can be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

 Resources to Introduce Coding to Kids:

Obviously, plenty of ways you can introduce coding to kids from a young age. There are many coding apps for kids that can be installed in mobile devices, there are board games and coding robot toys to introduce coding to kids, these options are discussed in Momsequation in detail. When you’re training the kids, Keep it fun and engaging; otherwise, kids won’t want to keep doing it, and their ability to learn how to program will be compromised.

And, monitor the skill continually and increase the level.

First, introduce with drag and drop type coding applications and then move to text-based coding languages. We have detailed some of the simple coding skills to start within the next section.

Coding languages that can be introduced to young kids and beginners.

Scratch 3.0: It is a free programming language basically tailored for kids for age groups 8 and 16. It is the most captivating language that bewitches children with its appeal! It works on easy to use visual blocks that saves your children from all those frustrating algorithms. It also allows children to express their creativity to their full extent.

Scratch 3.0
Scratch 3.0- Source: https://scratch.mit.edu/

Blocky: Similar to Scratch, uses almost identical block methods, but the stand out difference would be it is a real programming language made from several pre-existing languages. Primarily made for kids of age 8 and above that helps in creating and actually working android applications.

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Blocky- Source: https://developers.google.com/blockly

JavaScript: a great choice, because of its popularity, almost every other thing works on its code, learning this will help your child transform simple web documents into amazingly interactive interfaces.

Java Minecraft: it has proven to be more than just a game, even after java is not the preferred choice of kids, this has remained in the top lists of children to entertain them, gives children endless possibilities to learn and create stuff, giving wings to their creativity.

Python: More potent than the previous ones, text-based programming language used by kids of 8+ to express their thoughts, acts as a threshold to jump to the next level of coding and starting to code for something serious as web pages, applications, etc.

Can Kids Really Code?

This seems really a kind of contradiction between perceptions of parents and the quest of researchers who believe kids can code. Where parents underestimate the worthiness of their child, on another end, experts provide us numerous facts and figures which demonstrate that kids can learn just about anything wherein coding is not an exception.

Coding for kids need not be textual coding. As described earlier, kids can start with block-based coding, and they can create small stories or games with their creating thinking. Platforms like Scratch provide this block-based coding. This is the best way we can introduce coding without pressure.


A child’s mind is inquisitive and original. They do not confine their thoughts. They have no filters and often end up thinking out of the box. Hence, their hyperactive and creative mind helps them inculcate coding quicker than an ordinary adult.

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In our opening, kids can start learning to code as young as kindergarteners. Having discussed many benefits, we think that it’s essential to introduce coding to young children and help them to be in the first line in this growing technological world.

Today’s kids have been mobile savvy with video games, smartphones, tablets, and other electronics from a minimum age. Introducing coding apps, kids can have a smart screen time rather than just watching some cartoon videos.

They might also have initialized to express an interest in learning how to code and program their own games. But, is this a decent idea.

Even though some of the grownups cannot digest coding, young minds as young as 5 years, old kids can start learning to code. Coding is always thought to be a complex language. A language that cannot be done by everyone. However, if a child starts learning coding from a young age, it will help the child. It gives them a competitive advantage. Coding prepares them for the future and will help them excel in their workplace in the future.

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