Quick Facts on 9 Most Common WordPress Errors

Introduction to Common WordPress Errors

WordPress errors can be a frightening nightmare. Some errors cause little inconvenience while others cause massive disruptions.

Missing resources failed installations and updates, and downtime can prevent your users from accessing your website. Since many top ecommerce platforms use WordPress they must know about WordPress common errors.

This won’t only hurt your website’s credibility but will affect your monthly income.  Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to know everything about WordPress errors. However, there are few common errors that every website owner must know how to fix on its own.

To help you out in this post, we’ll be discussing some of the most common WordPress errors and how you can fix them.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Internal Server Error

One of the most common WordPress errors that perhaps every WordPress user faces once in a lifetime is Internal Server Error. This type of error usually occurs when there is something broken or wrong with the website, but the server is unable to detect it.

Since this error doesn’t indicate where the problem actually lies, you have to figure out on your own and fix it.

However you can still try doing a few things like,

  • Check for a corrupt .htaccess file.
  • Increase PHP memory limit.
  • Deactivate all WordPress plugins.
  • Re-upload the core WordPress files.
  • Take your hosting provider’s assistance.

This Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

WordPress in its new version 5.2 has introduced the advanced fatal error protection feature. The function of this feature is to indicate an error via an error message (This site is facing technical difficulties).

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However, it also sends an email to the WordPress admin. This email notification consists of a link that helps you to access the backend of your website so you can fix this error. This error can be caused because of various reasons.

Just make sure that your WordPress email address is in working order if this error occurs you can easily fix it.

Syntax WordPressError

This WordPress usually occurs when a user is adding code snippets and enters incorrect code as if forgets to add something.

If that happens it will result in a PHP parse error and your website will display a message like :

This message indicates that something is wrong with the code and the location of the code script where this error has occurred. If you want to resolve this issue then first check the syntax. You might have missed a character in the code snippets which might be causing this error.

Error Establishing a Database Connection

This error clearly indicates that your WordPress website is unable to connect with your database. However, for beginners, resolving this issue can be challenging.

This type of WordPress error usually occurs when you have modified or entered the wrong database credentials like database username, password, or host.

Your database server can become unresponsive at times, or your database may become compromised. Most of the time this error is caused because of entering incorrect database credentials.

You can resolve this error by taking the following steps:

  • Check the credential of your WordPress database.
  • Check the information of your database host.
  • Try to fix your database.
  • Check if your database server is working correctly.

WordPress Memory Exhausted Error

This error is indicated either through an error message or a white screen of death. The error message could be like this:

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When a WordPress script or plugin reaches the default memory size max, this error happens. there’s only one way to fix this error and that’s to increase the PHP memory limit.

White Screen of Death (WSOD) Error

One of the most cryptic WordPress errors you will ever come across is the White Screen of Death. Instead of displaying an error message, this error only shows a black-white screen, leaving the user confused.

Since it’s a blank screen error, it’s difficult to understand and find out what went wrong. However, there are several methods you can use to fix this dreadful WordPress error like:

  • Disable all your WordPress plugins and your theme.
  • Sweep out the cache.
  • Increase your PHP memory limit.
  • Activate the debug mode on your WordPress site.
  • If nothing works, contact your hosting provider for further assistance.

Some best WordPress books:

404 Error

We are quite familiar with this WordPress error as it happens quite frequently so don’t worry about it. There’s no possible reason that this error cannot be resolved. This error usually occurs when you change the URL of your website or there are broken links in your website.

This error is usually caused by .htaccess file as it also handles your website’s hyperlink structure. A user will need to reconfigure the permalinks settings or manually change the rewrite rules to resolve this problem.

Connection Timed Out Error

This could occur for a number of reasons, the most common of which is that your site lacks the resources it requires to run properly.

If you’re using shared hosting, for example, another site might be gobbling up your server’s resources. Alternatively, the site could have reached its bandwidth limit.

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If you see this error multiple times, we suggest you upgrade your web hosting plan. Choose a dedicated server for your website to avoid this issue in the future.

You can also try two other methods to fix this error.

If your website is putting too much strain on your web hosting server, then optimize your website’s page loading speed. Also, try increasing the PHP memory limit of your website.

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Common Images WordPress Error

If you’re new to WordPress then uploading images can be a bit tricky for you. You might face difficulties in aligning, cropping or resizing, or displaying images in a gallery format.

Basically, it’s not a WordPress issue, you simply ought to get acquainted with how to manage WordPress media.

Final thoughts

Problems with WordPress are very rare, but when they do occur, they can be extremely irritating. However, most of the challenges you’ll face are normally simpler to solve than they seem at first sight.

That’s just how it is; we hope this guide assisted you in locating and resolving the WordPress error that you were encountering.

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