9 Essential Points to Consider Before Buying a Tractor

Introduction to Consider Before Buying a Tractor

Every sensible person realizes the importance of using the right machinery to get the maximum returns. With time, tractors have become an integral part of a farmer’s routine.

However, before buying a tractor, it becomes imperative for farmers to understand a tractor’s functions and the benefits associated.

Several brands in India manufacture a variety of tractors to let farmers pick one best suited for them. We have derived some useful tips that buyers should follow to help them choose the right tractor.

How to Purchase the Right Tractor?

Consider Before Buying a Tractor
Consider Before Buying a Tractor

Buying a tractor is not something that farmers do every day. The costs involved make it a considerable investment.

As such, buyers must exercise extreme caution and take several factors into account before spending their money.

We have listed below some elements that buyers must ponder upon and research before making a decision. 

  • Cultivation Area 

The first and perhaps the most crucial aspect that farmers should look into is their farmlands’ size. A large farm requires powerful tractors with engine power ranging between 45HP – 70HP.

On the other hand, tractors with an engine power of around 35HP offer excellent results for a small farm. Besides, the type of soil also plays a vital role in determining which tractor to choose. 

  • Tractor Brands and Dealers

    Consider Before Buying a Tractor
    Consider Before Buying a Tractor


Another crucial point to consider while making a purchase is the tractor’s brand and the dealer from where you are buying it.

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In many cases, different brands might offer the same specifications, but at different prices. Similarly, choosing the best tractor dealer near you is essential so that you do not have to waste unnecessary time, money, and energy whenever your tractor needs repairs or maintenance. 

  • Budget 

Buying a tractor is a significant investment and needs proper consideration of the availability of funds.

It is necessary to define your budget beforehand to determine if you need access to more funds. Many farmers opt for tractor loans if they don’t want to pay a high amount upfront, or if the funds fall short. 

The availability of mini tractors has also reduced the financial burden on the farmers. They are highly efficient machines that are available at affordable prices. As such, they offer an excellent option to farmers operating on a strict budget. 

  • Engine Specifications 

The efficiency of tractors depends on the engines they use. Tractors are useless without robust engineering mechanisms within them.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to choose a tractor with a powerful engine capacity and superb mileage to handle demanding farm activities. 

  • New vs Old tractor 

Some farmers settle on buying a used tractor as they are available cheaply. Although old tractors are available at low costs, buying one may lead to compromising on results.

On the other hand, a new tractor is always a step above. Therefore, one should always analyze the pros and cons of both before deciding which one to buy.

  • Resale Value 

Buying a tractor that does not have a fair resale price is worthless. As such, buyers should ensure that they purchase high-quality tractors only from authentic dealers.

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It will ensure that buyers get the best productivity from the machine and a fair value at the time of its disposal.

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  • Safety and Comfort 

Nobody can and should compromise their safety and comfort. Tractor manufacturers too are aware of the same.

That is why tractors today are equipped with features like adjustable seats, adequate spacing between pedals, an easily accessible control panel, an excellent display unit, etc. to ensure farmers’ safety and comfort.

A Mahindra Tractor is the best example of a tractor that offers style and substance and provides maximum safety and comfort for drivers. 

  • Transmission

Modern-day tractors are available in two types of transmissions – mechanical and hydraulic. The former offers power efficiency, whereas the latter supports smooth operations. Buyers should choose wisely depending on their requirements.

  • Wheel Drive

Tractors are available in 2WD and 4WD options. A 2WD tractor uses only the rear wheels to pull the tractor forward, while a 4WD tractor uses all four tires to do the same. 4WD tractors are suitable for wet and rough terrains.

One may also consider certain other factors such as the tractor’s size and weight, although these are not as important.


We sincerely hope that this literature helped you learn about the useful tips to choose the right tractor.

If you religiously follow the information listed above, we are sure that you would not have to regret your purchase.

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