Help Your Business Brand with Consistent App UX: Complete Guide In 5 Minutes

Introduction to Consistent App UX

UI and UX design consistency in apps make way for clear and predictable paths for user actions to follow. Naturally, design consistency is considered necessary for business conversion and user engagement. 

Thanks to design consistency, app users become more acquainted with the regular features, and they gradually become habituated to actions that make a business conversion. Consistent design of the mobile app UX subtly pushes business conversion. 

How to ensure optimum design consistency in your mobile app UX? Well, here, we explain some tested approaches. 

Understanding the Evolution of Brand Consistency

Earlier, across industries, it was the standardization or establishing technical standards that played a huge role in setting customer expectations and engaging customers.

This vision remains valid in respect of brand consistency, but the specific ways to make this happen have changed a lot.

Now brand strategists and designers work hand in hand to ensure that the customers don’t have any problem understanding the features and the corresponding actions they can take while using a solution or an interface.

One of the core areas of branding exercise concentrates on creating a simple, easy to use, and engaging design that leaves no confusion. 

That same ethos and principles of yesteryear’s branding consistency now are required to go through increasing challenges.

Instead of following the design cliches and catch lines that made their appearance in design all through the eighties and nineties, the digital design is far less self-obsessed and more focused on ease of use and smooth engagement. 

“It is the user experience that took Center stage in all the exercises and efforts corresponding to branding”, says Juned Ghanchi, CEO of IndianAppDevelopers a top mobile app development company in India; he also added, “It is focused on user experience that helped brands come out of their self-obsessed catchphrases and add lines and concentrate more on user demands,”

Today’s users are more restless and impatient since they have many apps and websites to get their desired things done.

On the other hand, the go use of mobile devices further aggravated their impatience. So, design now has to be more relevant and consistent to reduce the slightest scope of hesitation about taking any action. 

A Consistent Experience is Well Above the Brand 

As all of us in the design fraternity understand, consistency is highly important to ensure usability and user experience.

Thanks to the coherent design that looks and feels consistent across multiple devices and OS platforms, the learning curve can be reduced for the users to a minimum, promoting familiarity and close customer bonding. 

This ensures that the users don’t need to leave a brand unsatisfied and never turn back. Design consistency makes a considerable impact on the cognitive faculties and emotional aspects of a user.

A simple design change that makes their user journey difficult can hamper their experience and ruin a digital brand’s prospect. So, consistency is more important than branding itself.

The App Market is the New Branding Field 

An increasing number of businesses across all niches, sizes, and categories come with their mobile apps to represent their business brands and push sales.

On the other hand, thanks to easier access to online merchandise and services right through their mobile devices, users have more options in every category, making them less loyal to brands than ever before. 

The app market is so nail-bitingly competitive that every design consideration is important and can make or break the competitive standing of a brand.

Just a slight lag time, a slight confusion about the menu buttons, a difficult to access CTA button, or any drastic design change that makes things difficult for users can just put the entire app in a difficult position regarding the competition. 

If you want to fix your shortcomings regarding the app’s design consistency, consider the following areas. 

  • Ensure optimum visual consistency with simple and easy to understand design elements equipped with uniform fonts, colors, etc.
  • Ensure consistent behavioral attributes in design by incorporating tested and tried design patterns. 
  • Optimize design to help users carry out activities with design attributes that are commonly associated with certain actions. 
  • Make sure the overall app workflow remains smooth and follows a consistent pattern. 

Four Different Types of Design Consistency

Now that we have explained the importance and tips of design consistency let us briefly mention the four different design consistency types utilized by mobile apps.

Visual Consistency:

Using fonts, sizes, the appearance of buttons, labels, and layout by maintaining a consistent look and feel is visual consistency all about. Visually, the app design must ensure a design layout and other elements throughout the app. 

Functional Consistency:

Offering similar functional controls for in-app activities, ensuring optimum predictability is all about functional consistency. The buttons and in-app actionable elements should ensure consistent and coherent functioning.

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Internal Consistency:

The usability and design elements allowing easy learning for the app users is what internal consistency all about. The app user experience in overall measure should be coherent, whether in respect of functionality or visual elements.

External Consistency:

A business with multiple apps or interfaces can maintain a consistent design and look and feel to ensure external consistency. For example, all Google apps maintain several design elements that ensure external consistency. 


Maintaining a consistent branding through app design is of seminal importance for any business brand now. The design consistency ensures optimum ease of use, user engagement, and functional excellence of an app. 

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