4 Ways to Understand If Your Content Is Performing Well

Introduction to -How Content is Performing Well

In the time when every company is following a digital marketing approach and investing heavily on content creation to promote, you also can’t stay behind with your traditional marketing approach, right?

Hopefully, you’ve already started content marketing using social media or business blogging, to get ahead in the race.

But, the main question that arises after following content marketing is,  How can one find that their contents are performing well and actually worth investing in it? Well, If you’re following content marketing consultation, then you usually get your monthly content performance report ready from them as well.

But, talking about those who are performing content in-house and having a small team to handle for the same, things become quite difficult to understand, Are their content strategies delivering good outcomes or not?

Hence, Here sharing some reporting tools and suggestions indicate that your contents are doing well for your business and about to drive a better result.

Google analytics

GA is the first and foremost tool that every marketer should apply to find out their website performance. Apart from showing your overall website traffic stats, google analytics also provides better site reports that you can work on for marketing purposes.

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Remember, solely having traffic on site is not important, you better have the right traffic on your website to make your content performance worth measuring.

For that, you also need to find which source is sending you the right traffic, on-site, that is very well converting and interacting with your offers.

So what you can learn from your google analytics reports…

  • What is the age of your target audience
  • Location, the majority of your audience is at
  • Who are your active users and where they belong?
  • Your website conversion ratio
  • Demographics and geographic analysis of your audience
  • Traffic stats and changes in your traffic over-the-time
  • Which medium brings you the maximum site traffic

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Google search consoles

As google analytics informs you about your website traffic stats, webmaster/google search console informs you about your site performance on search engines. That stats help you to identify which keyword brings the traffic on your site and what your rank in the SERPs.

Undoubtedly search console is the first and foremost choice of almost every webmaster and digital marketers to figure out their website performance. And, why not, this is the best tool for them to analyze how their overall efforts are going and where they need to tweak their strategies.

What data do you better look for in the search console…

  • Keywords your content and web pages are ranking
  • Position of your web page on search results
  • Changes in your website position over time
  • Which keywords bring you more traffics
  • Which keywords also be a target in your strategies and work upon
  • Content ideas also can be found from keyword opportunities
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Marketing reports

The better way to evaluate your content efforts is to identify the reports from the marketing department itself. Marketing teams invest heavily on researching and evaluating the marketing potential and they can provide a better idea from where your business acquires leads.

Not only limited to online tools only, but you can also find your marketing department’s report as well. Just have a check on what impact your marketing performances showing after implementing the content strategies and processes last month.

What marketing reports inform…

  • No. of leads acquired per month and changes due to content marketing
  • Which medium your prospects are spending more time
  • Which medium brings mass brand attention
  • The ratio of overall business leads among the marketing means
  • Target audience and its demographic information

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Business growth charts

When it comes to content marketing analysis, your business reports can get complete insights into how all your content efforts are paid off. Average business profits, income movements and ROI reports are end results reflecting due to content implications.

Remember, content marketing is a long term process, and you can not see its impact the right way of the present-day or month. This process needs to add more segments and improvements in the process.

It takes time to show the actual impact, and that you can figure out by your long term’s business goal achievement report and market values you’ve increased by the time using contents.

So how to analyse the growth reports for content effectiveness…

  • Time of sales major movement in durations
  • What changes it reflects due to content marketing implementation
  • Duration of content marketing and its efforts
  • Content strategies and business promotion afterwards
  • What ROI changes it shows after content investments
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Final thought: 

Just like regular marketing, content marketing also provides significant information and marketing insight for you to take into consideration.

Market analysis and keywords research is somewhat like the same now, as every keyword reflects the intent of the audience and also the movement in the market. For marketers, it’s better to understand the purchase intent behind every keyword and what traffic it brings.

Content is written and optimized for the targeted keyword that brings mass attention and aims for specific product needs, ultimately can drive a profitable result to brands.

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