7 Lucrative Content Writing Jobs in 2021!

Introduction to Content Writing Jobs

Content is the king,’ this phrase has been proved right countless times till now. As a result, content writers are in huge demand.

If you have a knack for writing, then 2021 can be a lucky year for you. Why is this so? Well, you will get to know the answer as you scroll the write-up further.

Here are 7 content writing jobs that are going to be lucrative for writers in the next year.

What are these jobs, and how will they be on rising in the year 2021? For this, read the further section!

  1. Work From Home Job: 2020 has been the year in which several people started to work from home due to the pandemic. This can be continued in the year 2021 also. If you are a writer, then this can be the best job option for you because you can easily work from home as a full-time or freelancer. In the coming years, there can be a deficiency of jobs, and businesses may suffer huge losses; in this situation, business owners will think to cut the human resource; as a result, many full-time employees will lose their jobs. Being a writer, you will only need good writing skills to work for any company from home. So, this convenience can make content writing a lucrative job in the year 2021.
  1. Web Content Writer Job: Everybody is aware of the turbulent events of 2020. Several people suffered a huge loss in their businesses. People who are doing business or the ones who wish to start have realized one thing that making the business completely online-dependent can be a wise choice. More firms will be active on the websites to run their business online in 2021. And to sell their services online, they will need website content writers. When a customer visits a website, he reads the content written on it and understands what service this site offers. Today itself, website writers are getting a handsome salary, so you can understand how 2021 will also be the year of writers.
  1. Writer for Translator Job: If you enjoy writing, then you can do a translator job, where you will be given different types of documents to translate. These documents can be books, journals, magazines, newspapers, novels, and many more. Globalization has brought people together to know more about different countries’ history, work culture, movies, fictional stories, and this is possible when people get these documents in their language. For this, translators are required. Every year, people are becoming more curious to reading and knowing more, so the next year will observe the same trend, and being a writer, you will get a profitable job in the year 2021 in the field of writing.
  1. Content Marketing Job: Marketing is the core of a successful business, and with the changing time, online marketing is taking over everything. The traditional way of marketing is becoming less effective with time. Businesses are moving to sustainable marketing because by doing so, they can reduce the expenses of the company. Not only this, but they can get more leads also. Content writers are required for this type of marketing, as they can engage people with catchy and informative content. Social media marketing is the example where you must have seen how people are getting knowledge and at the same time unmatchable services, and for this, writers are hired. This trend is going to be the same or even become more prevalent in 2021. So, become the content marketer and contribute to making your company successful.
  1. Academic Writer Job: These types of writers help students in the dissertation, research paper, essay help, thesis, and more. Students life has become more challenging these days as they have to be good at extracurricular and co-curricular activities, along with excelling in studies. Thus, students sometimes do not have time to complete the academic paper and seek online academic paper writing help. If you can help the students in writing, then this is a perfect job for you. In the year 2021, the student ratio can increase for those who take this type of service, and the requirement for academic writers will rise too.
  2. Technical Writers Job: If you are a writer who has a technical aptitude, then you can receive a lucrative amount from the company. There is always a boom for this type of writer because every technology company needs an information communicator for its devices and gadgets. In the year 2021, companies will need more writers who can explain the features of their devices in a simple language so that people can understand and buy their devices and services. Although it is not easy being a technical writer, you have to understand the technical functioning of the gadgets. But this is a prestigious and lucrative-salary job.
  1. Blogger: Today, almost everyone is using phones and computers through which people are gaining knowledge, which was not easily accessible earlier. Through blogging, you can earn a good amount of money. You can create your identity as a top blogger or work as a blogger for a company. If you do not want to take the work pressure of the company, then you can start writing for your website also. There are many people who are already writing for their own websites and receiving good traffic. You can go to this field in the coming year.
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If you have a flair for writing, then the above-mentioned jobs are for you. Make an amazing career in the year 2021. Prepare the foundation of your content writing career from today onwards as only a few days are left for this year. Forget all the difficulties you had to face this year and move ahead by putting your best foot forward.

Good luck!


The write-up presents the 7 content writing jobs that can be lucrative job options in the year 2021. You can make an excellent career in the content writing field.

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